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Thanksgiving family photo!

Pittsburgh's Beautiul Benedum Center

Thanksgiving Dinner

1 of 2 Thanksgiving tables at my parent's house

Sunbathing as always! 

Yummy charcuterie board I made this past Saturday

Happy December!!! Are you all having a nice week? I cannot believe this is the last month of 2022. I saw something the other day that said soon, 2019 is going to be 4 years ago. WHAT?! I definitely think 2020 messed up my sense of time so there's that, but I truly cannot believe that. Henry's gotcha day is coming up in a few weeks and just thinking about timing there, I got him almost 5 years ago and met my husband almost 6 years ago at the end of this month. Time is weird! 

I feel like Monday really came in HOT after the long Thanksgiving weekend! Though, I was working a lot of that time so it was a weird feeling to start the week feeling burned out! Anyway, I hope you all snagged some great deals and hopefully I was somewhat helpful in your shopping endeavors! I will say, I am glad to have a breather from all of that, though with the economy how it is and the state of retail with an influx of inventory, I suspect we will be seeing more sales as we get nearer to Christmas. So if you didn't snag anything on sale, keep an eye out, I really think there will be more incentives from retailers to get people to shop.

We were actually supposed to go to Ohio Friday for a baby shower but that had to get moved around so we ended up having the absolute LAZIEST day on Friday. I literally stayed in my pajamas all day long and just worked on my computer basically all day and into the evening. We got takeout and watched a movie and I just cannot remember a time I was that lazy, haha! It felt good!

This week was busy as we had a fun night out on Tuesday! We went out to dinner and then saw Harry Connick Jr. in concert! He did all of his Christmas songs at the Benedum plus some other great ones and it was so much fun. I was beyond thrilled he played 'It Had To Be You' from When Harry Met Sally. He is one of those rare musicians who sounds even better in person. He put on a great show and he really is so talented as were his musicians and the Pittsburgh string players. I often feel like I need something to get myself into the holiday spirit as an adult and this was such a good way to do it! If you have the chance to see him, definitely do it!!
Wearing: I wore thise navy dress to the Harry Connick show! I was definitely one of the more dressed up attendees but I love dressing up!
Eating: My husband ordered this olive oil and WOW is it delicious. We only cook with olive oil, and I even bake with olive oil (though I wouldn't bake with this, it's too strong). This one is so flavorful so it is the perfect finishing touch to a dish or as a salad dressing or dip. My husband drizzles olive oil on his Ooni pizzas as a finishing touch and this is perfect for that. This is probably one of the best olive oils I've ever had. It would make a nice gift for the holidays for someone who loves to cook!

Watching: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer airing details
. It's not available to stream anywhere and it's one of my very favorite Christmas movies. I really love all of the Rankin Bass movies. So nostalgic even though I hadn't even been born yet when they came out... 1960s which is also the Samantha Stevens era that I love so much. Anyway, I set up my cable to record it- something I haven't done in ages! You could, of course buy it, but I'm old school/set in my ways and actually *want* to watch it with commercials.

Listening: My Christmas Playlist on repeat!

Sweater// Jeans (also here and here)
Loving: I just LOVE these jeans. They are high waisted and so stretchy but flattering at the same time. I haven't loved a pair of jeans as much as these in a long time!
Wanting: I think this is one of the prettiest cocktail dresses I have seen recently and it's just under $250! 
Pittsburgh:  Ever since we went to France this past summer, my husband only wants to go to La Gourmandine in Pittsburgh because they have the best French pastries and sandwiches. One of the only places in Pittsburgh where you can get a butter, prosciutto, and cornichon sandwich and wow is it good!

Pittsburgh II: The night before Thanksgiving, we had ourselves a fun little date night. We went to Phipps Botanical Garden to see their holiday light display. It was beautiful and fun and festive! We went to Pusadee's Garden for dinner afterward which is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Pittsburgh. The food is just SO good and it has such a chic atmosphere!

Amazon Rec: I got this swag for our light post outside. It was honestly a little more $ than I wanted to spend but I ended up being really pleased with it once it arrived. It has battery powered lights on a timer which is great and looks really full and substantial. You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: I am a new fan of Noteworthy fragrances. You can take a quiz and they will find 4 scents for your to love! I did it and was amazed at how spot on the quiz results were. I did a sponsored post with the brand on Instagram but thought it was worth sharing here, too, though this is not part of the sponsorship! My code is SYDNEY30 for 30% off! I got the full size of n.841 and it smells incredible and very high end!

Traveling: Off to Savannah soon! Can't wait as I have never been! 

Quoting: 'The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.'- William James // See more of my favorites, here.

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Susan R said...

Ha! Harry Connick Jr. does such a fabulous show. He was the very first concert my husband and I went to when we were newly married. He wasn't even that well known back then. Geez! I've just dated myself a bit.


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