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Gardenia Tree I got at Whole Foods This Week

Snap from the basketball game!

We are nearing April. I truly cannot believe it! Time is absolutely flying by. This past weekend we went to Cleveland on Sunday for a Cavaliers basketball game. It was lots of fun and the stadium was so nice! I've been to Cleveland one other time and it's such a great city. I want to make a longer trip back soon. 

I've been continuing to stick with my workout routine. It's been a solid 3 months back after taking 3 months off (Oct, Nov, Dec) and I feel so much better both physically and mentally. I've also found that my body takes about 3 full months to get in shape after time off. I remember back when I first started regularly attending Orange Theory classes in 2019, I started to see a big difference in my body composition after 3 months of routinely going to the classes. Now, I've noticed it took me about 3 months to get fully back in good shape and be able to run as long and as fast and lift as heavy as I was able to before I took the time off. I'm just really happy with this routine I have going! 

This weekend we are getting together with some friends for dinner and I need to catch up on some housework. We had a housekeeper pre-pandemic and then once the pandemic happened, they obviously stopped coming. I never felt like I needed to rehire them. I like to clean but lately I've been considering hiring someone again because I'm starting to not have enough time to devote to cleaning as I would like! My husband is a huge help and does a ton around the house and I'm really thankful for that! 

Wearing: This dress is a good one and currently 60% off! I sized down to XS as I think it runs a big big! It could be a cute Easter option! The pink heeled sandals are currently on sale under $90! They are so comfortable and I love the bright pop of color they add to outfits! 

Wearing II: Snapped this on my way out of Orange Theory last week because I was wearing all blue- literally down to my water bottle, shoes, and even socks, ha!! AB sent me this striped pullover and I have been wearing it so much lately. It's lightweight and super soft. I got a size small, it runs true to size and it's roomy!
Eating:  These are two snacks I always have on hand for when I am on-the-go! The Solely is pineapple fruit jerky. Pineapple is the only ingredient and it's a nice little sweet treat. The Lorissa's is a beef stick that has SO much flavor. It's so delicious. 

Drinking: This weekend we made the best margaritas. There is a margarita at 167 Raw in Charleston and that is what we were trying to recreat and we got it pretty darn close! I am perfecting the recipe but once I do, I will share the exact recipe! 

 We started watching the Night Agent on Netflix the other evening. We are only one episode in but so far so good! We also randomly watched Scent of A Woman, a movie from 1992 with Al Pacino. The main young man in the film is so handsome and I kept thinking he looked somewhat familiar but I couldn't place him. I googled the movie and realized that the actor, Chris O'Donnell was the veterinarian that Meredith Gray briefly dated in Grey's Anatomy! Anyway, the movie was really good and worth the watch. 

Listening: This Spotify playlist called 'Grandma's Home' is a great easy listening option. I like to listen to it while I work. It's mostly upbeat and has a lot of songs I know but a lot I don't know! 

Loving: I am so excited about these pillow covers I just ordered! Many years ago, I splurged on Ralph Lauren custom pillows for the living room that are for fall/winter. I got random blue and white throw pillows from Pier 1 when it was closing on major sale for spring/summer and while I like them, I don't exactly feel that they work with the room as much as I'd liked. Before I buy something for a room, I typically like to mock it up quickly to make sure it works within the space. For the pillow, I wanted to make sure it would work with both my leather couch and the ticking stripe chaises that we have! I love how it looks. We have some red in our area rud so I think the pink color ties in with the rug nicely! I didn't want anything overly blue since we have blue and white curtains and the ticking stripe chairs already in the space! 
Wanting: Not a ton on my radar this week! 


Amazon Rec: Tried on these dresses on my Instagram stories this week. They're all from Amazon and all under $100! I sized up in both crochet dresses, otherwise the other 3 are TTS! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Quoting: 'Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.' – Rumi // See more of my favorites, here.

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