Monday, February 5, 2024

A note about having fun...

Today's post doesn't have much to do with these photos; these are just two outfits I wore on our little mountain weekend getaway with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law! This Navy Blue Lounge Set is finally back in stock! I'm wearing a medium! I wear this flag Sweater SO often. It's cotton, so it's great for year-round wear!

My parents have been retired for several years now, and it has been so great for me to spend so much time with them. I live only about 10-15 minutes from them, so I sometimes see them several times weekly. They greatly help me with my job, and I am forever grateful for it! 

I have a long way until retirement; however, seeing them live their best life is inspiring and brings me joy. One of the things my mom coined is 'Susie Thursdays.' It's just a fun name for them starting their weekend on Thursdays instead of the traditional, Friday. Basically, they think of it as having a long weekend every week. They're always out and about doing something fun and if they have no plans with their friends, they create their own plans together and make their own fun. 

I've always been pretty rigid. I have always worked on being more 'go-with-the-flow.' As I have gotten older, I have definitely improved, but I will admit that I thrive on routine and a schedule. I like an early weeknight bedtime, my weekly workouts, and even a weekend night with pajamas and takeout. 

There is nothing wrong with that. I actually love my life and my schedule. 

Sometimes, though, I can be persuaded to kick the routine for the night or go out on a whim. It truly ruffles my feathers a bit, but you know what? At the end of the day, I never regret going out and having fun. 

The older I get, though, the more I have learned from my parents (and my husband because he is similar to them in that sense) that life can feel mundane if you are not spontaneous and open to things that may interrupt your 'normalcy.'

A few weeks ago, my parents had no big plans for their weekly Susie Thursday, so they came to our house for dinner. We opened a few bottles of wine to taste, we played games, and I set a pretty tablescape, which I usually reserve for weekends. 

The week before that, we went to my mom's old neighborhood bar when she was in her 20s, and while it was divey, we had fun and capped off the night with Aiello's pizza. I got home later than I would have liked and probably had one extra drink than usual, but it was such a fun Thursday, and there were no regrets. 

Susie Thursdays remind me to dress up the mundane and have fun because you will never regret letting loose and having fun occasionally! 


Laura said...

I’ve wanted to make this comment before but didn’t want to sound negative. But I must. I’m old. I absolutely cannot read this light gray font on a white background. Literally your posts are just a blur to me. I can only look at the pictures. I’m sure you choose this because it’s pretty. But also it’s pretty hard to read. Consider black font? Please?

Sydney Carver Snyder said...

Hi Laura, not negative at all! It's excellent, constructive feedback, and I appreciate it! I'm working on an entire website overhaul, including black text! Others have said similarly and I totally understand. So please stay tuned! Xx


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