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January Favorites

summer wind blog january 2024 favorites

If you are new here, welcome! I actually had an Instagram reel get a lot more views than my reels typically get so I gained some new followers on Instagram, which is lovely, but I am unsure if anyone from that increase has started reading here! If so, thank you!

Every month, I release a 'favorites' list, which includes anything from the month that is worth highlighting. At the end of the year, I create one big master list where I narrow it down from every month! 

Face Milk// I was sent this in a PR package and never thought I would like something like this. It's a moisturizer; the name 'milk' is accurate because the formula is white and has a low viscosity... just like milk. When I poured it into my hand, just based on the texture, I thought there would be no way it would be heavy enough to truly moisturize. Somehow, though, this is SO hydrating. It's the perfect lightweight formula to put under makeup. It sinks in nicely and gives you a dewy glow. This is the first Ilia product I have ever used, making me want to try more from the brand. 

Leather Boots// These boots are insanely comfortable but beyond chic. They are leather, but the back panel is stretchy, so they fit my calves perfectly. They look so polished and fancy, I absolutely love them. On top of that, they are treated so you can wear them in bad weather like snow and rain! 

Barrel Pants// I LOVE these pants. My sister turned me onto them, and I probably would not have ordered them had I not tried them on in the store. They are a relaxed fit, and while they are 'barrel', they don't stick out on the sides like most trendy barrel pants do. These are pretty straight! I love the creamy color. They are so comfortable. 

Elemis Spray// You can use this is as a primer spray, setting spray, hydrating spray, etc. I primarily use it as a setting spray and love it! It's hydrating and sets my makeup perfectly. It has a light, spa-like scent to it that I also enjoy. 

Brow Serum// I love this brow serum that makes my brows grow like crazy! They became so much fuller in a matter of a week or two. I tried the lash serum, and I thought it was as good as any other serum, like RevitaLash, that I have tried, but the brow serum seems to work better than any brow serum I have tried!

Ilegal Mezcal// If you like mezcal (smoky), you will love this. My mom used this with Natalie's margarita mix, and oh my stars, it was SO delicious. 

Lipgloss// This lipgloss is gorgeous. It is particularly shiny, which is what I love most about it. I have all of the shades it comes in, but my favorite is Walk of No Shame, which has the most color. It's so hydrating and, for a gloss, lasts decently. 

Redken Shampoo// This was my first Redken product, and wow, was this shampoo amazing. My husband loved it, too. I need to get more as I just finished a bottle and like to switch it up but I'll be back to this one for sure. It cleaned my hair so well while also being so hydrating and repairing. It also smells fantastic. 

Hair Mask// This is watery, almost, and as soon as I squeezed the tube into my hand, I thought, surely this will not work on my super thick hair. It takes a bit to work it in, but once I did, I could truly feel it working. My hair was SO much smoother after I rinsed. I'm truly not exaggerating when I say my hair texture changed to be so much softer. I just can't get over how quickly this product worked! 

Naked Wines subscription// I've tried 5 out of 6 wines in my first naked wines subscription box. I loved 4 and liked 1. I haven't disliked a single bottle, which is pretty impressive. I was totally skeptical about this kind of service as I am picky about my wines and won't stand for bad wine. But this service is legit, and you can't beat it for the $39.99 introductory box (free shipping). My parents signed up and are also loving it. 

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