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Spicy Watermelon Cocktail Recipe

Spicy Watermelon Cocktail Recipe

Have you gotten your first summer watermelon yet? We picked one up last week, and it was delicious. Even though we are over three weeks away from the official start of summer, I always think that watermelon signals summertime. It's so refreshing and has the perfect level of sweetness. 

Ever since I had a watermelon martini at Bonefish Grill probably 10 years ago, I've enjoyed experimenting with watermelon in cocktails. I've made a few variations. 

Just last week, my husband came up with this cocktail and it is SO good, I had to share immediately in this reel

So here's the recipe in case you want to snag some watermelon for this weekend or bookmark this for your next get together. You could definitely make the watermelon mixture in a big batch for a party. It also makes a great mocktail by just omitting the tequila. If I were drinking it as a mocktail, I'd muddle some cucumber so you get that nice fresh flavor that you get with the cucumber jalapeno tequila. In my experimenting with watermelon, lime and cucumber pair SO well with watermelon! 

Normally, I'd suggest muddling jalapeno slices for a cocktail like this. However, my husband has started keeping full jalapenos in the freezer. You can grate them with a microplane on various foods and drinks. We love it grated on pizza for a spicy kick. It gives you the perfect amount of that jalapeno flavor without being overwhelming. Since the tequila already had a jalapeno kick, the grated jalapeno to top off the drink gave it a pretty look with the pop of green and added the perfect 'fresh' jalapeno taste without being overwhelming. 

Cubed Watermelon 
Topo Chico
Frozen jalapeño
21 Seeds cucumber jalapeño tequila 
Red Clay spicy margarita salt

1. Salt rim of cocktail glass (wipe a lime around the lip of the glass to get the salt to stick)! We love @redclayhotsauce spicy margarita salt. 
2. In a cocktail shaker, muddle 7-8 cubes of watermelon
3. Add the juice of 1 lime 
4. Add 2oz 21seeds cucumber jalapeño blanco tequila 
5. Shake vigorously 
6. Add ice to glasses 
7. Strain the lime, watermelon, and tequila mixture into a glass 
8. Top with Topo Chico
9. Stir
10. Grate a frozen jalapeño on top to your preference (a microplane works well for this) 

Yields one cocktail
Spicy Watermelon Cocktail Recipe
*You can click on this image to view it larger, and you can save it as a recipe card if you are viewing on your phone!

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