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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide
Father's Day is quickly approaching on Sunday, June 16th this year! You've got about 2 weeks to shop! I'm rounding up some gifts for the father or father figure in your life. 

The men in my life: my dad and husband are similar in their interests: golf, cooking, sports, clothes, skiing/snow sports, playing bartender, etc. That's what I base most of my gift guides on. So, if a guy in your life sounds like this, these guides will be a good jumping-off point as you shop!

Father's Day Gift Guide
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Battle Chip// This is such a fun backyard game for all ages, and the boards are handsome, too! 

Portable Pizza Oven// My husband's pride and joy! He absolutely loves his Ooni pizza oven. It runs on propane, but they also make ones that run on pellets. They are used outdoors and you can make an incredible pizza that cooks in about 60ish seconds. There is a learning curve, but once you perfect the method, the pizzas taste like you went to Italy. 

Magnetic Phone Holder for Golf Cart// This is a gadget he can keep in his golf bag. It holds your phone on a golf cart!

Old Fashioned Kit// I always keep a few of these little drink kits on hand to give as small gifts. They're unnecessary but fun and probably not something you'd buy for yourself, and I honestly think that's exactly what makes a great gift. 

Custom Pet Cufflinks// These were SUCH a hit. They take a while to come, so they may not arrive in time, but they're worth the wait. The artist creates cufflinks by hand to look just like your pet. 

Meat Thermometer// This is an under-$50 kitchen gadget that my husband uses weekly. We received it as a gift, and it was such a good one! 

Spicy Peach Honey// We put this spicy honey on so much. My favorite is it with pepperoni pizza! 

Cologne// The best cologne. I love the Aventus for her, too, and wear it often. I love Creed. They're pricey, but they really are exquisite scents. 

Custom Dog Rocks Glass// This gift is SUCH a hit. You can have a rocks glass engraved with any image- whether it is a dog or a child. So special. 

Foam Roller// My husband foam rolls practically nightly. I don't love it, but he says it helps his muscles recover well! 

Flag Wallet// This is such a cute card wallet and, in my opinion, a great price point for gifting. 

Sunglasses Strap// I got these for my husband one year, and he loves them. If you are out on a boat or some sort of moving activity, these are great to keep your sunglasses from flying away! They are like a prettier version of a foam croakie. Does anyone else remember those? I used to wear them on all of my sunglasses all the time in college. I had quite the collection! 

Loafers// These are pricey, but they are the type of shoe you will get re-soled and wear for many years to come. They are so sharp and really elevate any outfit. 

Needlepoint Belt// Both my dad and husband love the needlepoint belts. My husband's favorite is the flag design! 

Garment Bag// This is the best garment bag. It's handsome and durable. We both use them when we travel! 

Pajama/Lounge Set// My husband is not big into pajamas but he loves this set to wear for lounging. The fabric is the same super soft pima you know and love from your own pajamas!

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