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My Current Favorite Hair Products

My Current Favorite Hair Products
Hair Tools:


Hair Brushes:
Round Brush// Wet Brush// Popular Brush (found on sale!!)

I've noticed an influx of hair questions, so I wanted to share my entire hair arsenal. My routine changes here and there based on the products I am trying, but right now, I'm committed to these products. 

wella ultimate repair miracle rescue spray
Including this spray, which is one of the best hair products of all time. If you take one thing from this post, try this spray.

T3 Curling Iron// I've been using T3 for many years, and this curling iron is the best. It's 1.25", heats up fast, and works well. It has many different settings, so it works for every hair type. 

T3 Hair Dryer// I've had this hair dryer for many years, and it still works as well as the day I got it. It's  lightweight and powerful. I have a lot of hair that takes a long time to dry, but this is as fast as a Dyson. 

Fusionplex Conditioner + Fusionplex Shampoo// I've used this Fusionplex line for probably 6 years. In my teens, I read in a magazine that you should switch up your shampoo and conditioner when you finish a bottle so your hair doesn't get too 'used' to a product. I have no idea if that is factual, but I follow it. This is what I always come back to. It smells fresh and light. The shampoo cleans my hair well; the conditioner is thick and makes my hair shiny and hydrated but still voluminous. I've tried the shampoo and conditioner from the Ultimate Repair line from Wella, but prefer the Fusionplex line (when it comes to shampoo and conditioner; the conditioner is not pictured).

Acidic Bonding Shampoo Acidic Bonding Conditioner// I would say this is likely in direct competition with the Wella Ultimate Repair Line as they are similar products. I like this line's shampoo and conditioner, but the shampoo is the real standout. I like to use the shampoo from this line and the conditioner from the Fusionplex line, but you can't go wrong between the two brands/lines. The s mpoo makes my hair feel SO clean, hydrated, and light. It smells delightful, too. The conditioner is great, I can't really decide why I prefer the Fusionplex conditioner ev ry-so-slightly more but it's negligible. (conditioner not pictured)

 Acidic Bonding Mask// This mask is unique in that the formula is runny. When I first squeezed the product out of the tube, I thought to myself, 'surely this is not going to work on my hair'. Sure enough, though, it worked and SO well. It's very watery and you'll feel like you need to us a lot but you don't. Once applied to the hair, it kind of spreads around on its own and coats your hair. You leave it on for a few minutes and rinse. I put it on and then wash my face, shave my legs, etc. before rinsing out. I use this in place of conditioner. This is heavy duty conditioner/repair. I don't need to use this every time I wash my hair and I think if you have fine hair, this might be too much. I especially love to use this after I get my hair highlighted. It repairs my hair and makes it look SO shiny. 

Ultimate Repair Spray// This is the GOAT of the entire blog post and hair world. I was originally sent this in a PR package from Wella. I tried it out and was instantly hooked. It's a bit unfortunate because it's pricey. But, in a world where prices continuously surge, this has actually gone down in price. It was originally $95 and I've noticed it's $75 at full price. Still pricey for a hair product but to me, it's worth every penny and then some and I have purchased this many times over. It goes on sale here and there- a good price is about $50ish but this is so good that I don't even bat an eye at paying full price. It's a lightweight spray that I spray on damp hair out of the shower. You can blow dry or air dry, it doesn't matter. It makes my hair shiny, soft, voluminous, and more. It smells so good. I can tell if I forget to use this spray. I also find that my hair looks fresher for longer in between washes. This product really is a miracle for me and I could not recommend it more. 

Ultimate Repair Hair Mask// I've used both the Fusionplex mask and the Ultimate Repair Hair mask. The Fusionplex mask is excellent and one I have purchased many times. This Ultimate Repair mask was just launched and I like it a little bit more than the Fusionplex, but again, negligible, they're both great and you can't go wrong. I think this is a little thicker/more moisturizing than the Fusionplex. I use this once a week in place of conditioner. 

Round Brush// I went down a rabbit hole of round brushes, and this one was the winner. It has good reviews, and I liked that the top did not have metal on it, so I wouldn't burn myself- that was one of the complaints on many of the other brushes. This was on the inexpensive end, too, so I am pleased. I have been using it for a few weeks and really liked it. 

Wet Brush// I use this after the shower when my hair is wet. The bristles are sturdy and easy to comb through my wet hair. 

Popular Brush// I swear by Mason Pearson brushes. I have the small one in my tote at all times and a small one in my car. My husband has one, too. It's the best brush. I think the price is a little exorbitant but it's worth it to me.

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