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June Amazon Finds

June's Amazon finds may be the best roundup of the year so far. I have seen so many great things from all different categories! I'm constantly updating my Amazon storefront page. You can check out January's finds and February and March and May!

Navy Set// I just got this set in, and the price is great. It comes in many colors. I got a medium and am glad I sized up. The top is very oversized, but the shorts fit just right. The quality is in line with the price—Target/Old Navy type of quality. 

Gold Earrings// I think these are so cute. I love fun earrings, and Amazon always has so many fun pairs. 

Pajama Set// How darling is this set? This would be so cute for bridesmaids! 

Colander// This is very classic and useful- a win-win! I picture myself rinsing berries with this colander.

Bralette// This is the BEST bralette ever. It is so soft and has the exact right support. It has removable pads (which I remove), and the straps can be adjusted to a cross back for different tops. This is an 11/10 Amazon find. I ordered 5 more so I can constantly have them in rotation. I got a size medium and am typically a 34 B.

Dinner Napkins// These are adorable. They cost $10 per napkin, which is a great price. There are several different prints/color options, too. 

Deodorant// I got this deodorant to use when I get out of the shower. I usually shower in the evenings and like to put deodorant on, but I like the kind that is bad for you, so this is a way to cut back. I use my 'regular' deodorant during the day/workouts/etc. But this is great when you are not sweating and will only wear it for a few hours, to bed, etc. I tried to wear it all day, and it didn't work for me- but who knows, everyone is different! I'm delighted I got this, though. It smells incredible and makes me feel like I'm doing something 'better.' 

Wine Chiller// This is the cutest gift. You keep it in the freezer and then slide it into a bottle of wine. It acts as a chiller but also an aerator. Brilliant! 

Round Brush// I went down a rabbit hole of round brushes, and this one was the winner. It has good reviews, and I liked that the top did not have metal on it, so I wouldn't burn myself- that was one of the complaints on many of the other brushes. This was on the inexpensive end, too, so I am pleased. I have been using it for a few weeks and really liked it. 

Sandals// Aren't these cute?! A simple and neutral slide sandal is always a winner in my book.

Pink Dress// I got this pink dress on a whim, and it's adorable. It looks exactly like a dress selling on Shopbop for $200+. The quality is OK. Again, in line with Target/Old Navy. 

Popcorn Popper// This is the best! You put 1/4 cup of kernels into the popper and then put it in the microwave for a few minutes, and you have freshly popped popcorn without all of the additives they put in the microwave popcorn bags. Not only that, but we add the truffle salt you see below and some graza olive oil, and oh my stars, it is one of the best snacks I've ever had. I just buy the plain kernels at the grocery store. I've seen them at literally every single grocery store! 

Teeth Whitening Strips// I have seen these all over the internet. Consider me influenced. They are supposed to be better for your enamel than other brands. I love Whitestrips. These work. I used the 7-day kit, and I used them 7 days in a row, and my teeth look great. Normally, with a brand like Crest, I only have to use one strip to get those same results, so this more natural approach takes longer, but I'm OK with that. I just ordered the larger set to have on hand when I want a good touchup. 

Truffle Salt// This is SO GOOD. It makes popcorn a delicacy. Put it in eggs, and you will be forever changed. I'm not a truffle person, so this is saying something! We also have the hot sauce from this brand, and we like it, but the salt is even better. 

Body Wash// This body wash reminds me of Salt and Stone but for much less. It's so fresh, and the scent lingers after the shower. It lathers nicely. A great, inexpensive find that I will surely repurchase. 

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