Thursday, September 22, 2022


Hope you are all having a great week so far! This past weekend, we watched my parent's dog, Buddy, which was fun! We also attended a welcome back to Pittsburgh party for friends and a birthday celebration for another friend so we were quite busy all weekend! 

This week felt really normal and basic in the best way. I had taken an unplanned hiatus from Orange Theory for almost 2 months. I went to the lake for 3 weeks in July and into early August. Then, I had two weeks at home before our Europe trip but had broken my toe so I wanted to take it easy to it would be totally fine on our trip. It was just my pinky toe and not a big deal at all but oh my gosh it HURT!! It was fine after a week and I probably could have worked out but didn't want to take the chance! Anyway, September marks my 3rd year doing Orange Theory, and these past two months are the only break I have taken. Otherwise, I've gone weekly since September 2019. It's probably the longest I have ever stuck with a workout. Being away from it for 2 months was honestly a nice reset and I don't regret it at all. However, my first class back felt SO GOOD. I no longer work out for the health benefits or physical benefits, don't get me wrong, those are definitely icing on the cake but the only true reason I have kept up with it for so long is truly for the mental health aspect. It quells my anxiety, clears my mind, and helps me to see the bigger picture. I sleep better, I feel better, I act better. It's one of the best things I have ever committed myself to!
A bump in the road this week is that Henry got sick in the middle of the night on Tuesday and then again on Wednesday evening! Both times on our bed so I've been doing a lot of laundry. I felt so bad for him. I always get so worried whenever there is even anything remotely wrong with Henry. I'm hoping he is fine. Other than him actually getting sick, he's acting completely normal- playing, going on walks, and eating and drinking per usual. I think it could just be a minor stomach bug or some sort of allergies but I'm keeping a close watch on him- I might try to get him into his vet today just to be safe.  I'm a worry wart when it comes to things like this. 

This weekend we are visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Charlotte! I am so excited! I haven't been to Charlotte since March since Callie came home so many times this year. We are going to a fun dinner and also a golf outing so our weekend will be pretty full!
Wearing: I absolutely love this vest!!! Such a classic fall piece but the color is what really sold me. It's so beautiful- it's like a spiced brown. It's rich and creamy but also light at the same time. The photo doesn't do the color justice! I'm wearing a size small, it runs true to size! 

Eating: We got this frozen pizza from Costco. When we were there, a couple was in the same aisle and saw us looking at pizzas and they came over and recommended this. They did not steer us wrong. This is one of the better frozen pizzas I have ever had. The brand is Motor City Pizza Co. 
Drinking: I am obsessed with the strawberry lemon Poppi drink. I bought all of the other flavors that my Target had to try them out. The only one I haven't tried yet is the orange. I've now tried all of the other ones and I thought watermelon was OK but I didn't love the cherry limeade or the raspberry rosé. I think I'll just continue with what I love- the strawberry lemon and try the orange and go from there! 

Watching: We started watching Devil In Ohio on Netflix. It's dark/suspensful but also gives me Lifetime vibes. It's good enough that we will keep watching but it's nothing incredible. We haven't really been watching TV much lately- we just haven't had the time!

Listening: I've had this 'Autumn Jazz' playlist going nonstop. It's so nice to have it in the background as I work or when we cook dinner. It's calming and so easy to enjoy!

Loving: Anthropologie put out a preview of their holiday stuff and while I totally think it's too early, that doesn't stop me from looking at it and being so excited!!! 

Loving II: I want ALL of the Talbots new arrivals! Wow, this might be one of my favorite collections from Talbots ever. Everything is so polished and classic and just beautiful! 

Cream Bronzer Stick I got the shade clay
Loving III: I recently tried this bronzer stick and have been loving it. The color is beautiful and just warms my face up nicely but what I love the most is that it glides onto my skin like no other and the product just melts into my skin making it so easy to blend out for a super natural look. 
Wanting: I love everything I have been seeing from some of my favorite brands lately. I think there's a ton of trendy stuff out right now that you have to weed through but there are tons of gems worth hunting for!
Amazon Rec: I just got this sweater based on a recommendation from one of you! It's 100% cotton and super affordable. I am shocked how nice it is for how low the price is. It's a classic silhouette in neutral colors. I sized up to a medium and am glad I did because the medium is nice and roomy and has a more casual fit to it. If you want a more polished fit, I'd suggest getting your true size! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Smelling: Isn't this candle adorable?! It was only $5!! I think it would make such a cute little gift. I love that the glass is translucent so that the candle really glows. The scent is 'pumpkin woods' and it's like a cross between the spices from a pumpkin and a log burning fire. It's not sweet and just smells so cozy. 

Quoting: 'If you don't want to burn out, stop living like you're on fire.' - Brene Brown// See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Christmas Card 2022 Choices

The other day I heard someone use the phrase 'done by December 1'. I loved hearing this cute saying because it labeled what I have always been saying. I love the holiday season and all that comes with it- even all of the craziness that can happen! 

Throughout my adult life, I have found that if I let myself be distracted by shopping for gifts, sending out holiday cards, wrapping gifts, etc. I kind of miss out on some of that joy and excitement. I don't actually dislike doing any of those things but they are distracting. Completing some of these tasks or at least getting as much done as possible before December gives me room to celebrate, be with friends and family, and gives my mind the space to really savor the most wonderful time of the year! 

All that to say, I've already picked out my Christmas card! I am getting them from Dogwood Hill which I've done for several years now. They have many incredible designs from classic to whimsical to festive. There are so many good ones that I find that I can get overwhelmed and spend days thinking about which design I should choose! 

This year, I set a time limit. I gave myself 30 minutes to look over the 2022 holiday cards and narrow them down. Once I narrowed it down, I put our photo into the photo area to help me further narrow it down. Then, I went to my husband so he could help me pick a winner! 

You can see my favorites in the collage above. I picked one out of those eight. I was going for red and green this year. We did blue last year so I wanted to go more traditional Christmas this year! I reviewed the cards we had sent out in past years to make sure I wasn't doing something identical to a past year! 



I love sending out cards each year because it's such a good tradition. It's something our parents and grandparents have been doing and I'm so happy to carry on such a tradition. I think sometimes the art of physically mailing something is lost in this day in age but the holiday season is the perfect time to do so! 

I save every card that I get and put them in ziplock bags with the year written on them. My mom has always saved holiday cards from each year and now, it's SO fun to look back at some cards from 20+ years ago! 

I have a post from last year that delves into more holiday card tips and outfit ideas so be sure to check that out!

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

How To Style A Cape

Casual with Jeans

Dressed Up for Date Night
Chanel Bag// Hermes Scarf

Elegant and Simple Monochromatic
Navy Hair Bow (not shown)

I love love love caps and have been known to wear them each fall. It's a piece of clothing that can be so unique and elegant and timeless all at the same time. 

I thought I would share three different ways to style a cape from casual to dressy. This beautiful Cape
 that I am styling is from Marta Scarampi which is a brand out of Italy. They sent me their Giulia cape and it's just such a beautiful, ladylike piece of clothing. 

It's made of boiled wool which gives it such a lovely, luxurious texture but it's still decently lightweight and yet somehow nice and warm! It's a true piece of quality that I know will be in my closet for many years to come. 

This Cape is one that I got last year from Stacie Flinner's collaboration with Marta Scarampi and I wore it SO much. It's the same style and fabric as you see in the cream cape at the top of this post! 

Monday, September 19, 2022

Shopbop Sale!

Shopbop is having their Style Event, their big sale that they do each year around this time. 

15% off $200+
20% off $500+
25% off $800+ 

Use promo code STYLE at checkout. Runs today September 19th through 22nd. Some exclusions apply- times that qualify for this sale are marked as 'style event'.

Some Items of Note...
White and Warren makes high-quality cashmere pieces. The cashmere travel wrap is something I would highly recommend. I feel like a broken record when I talk about their travel wraps but they are truly some of the most worn items in my closet. I have navy, cream, black, and gray. I'd say I get most wear out of the navy and black out of those 4 neutrals. I wear them as a scarf with a coat in the winter, as a wrap for a black tie event, as a blanket on a flight, and more. They are pricey, no doubt, but the quality is second to none. I have had mine for years and they have held up so well. I actually flew to Italy with the navy wrap and ended up washing it in my machine when I got home and it was good as new (it says you're supposed to dry clean but I used my laundress and washed it by itself and all was perfect). I bought my mom one of these wraps for her birthday one year and she agrees it is one of the best things in her closet. These go on sale whether at Saks or Tuckernuck or Shopbop so I never pay full price! 

I love that Ferragamo is always included in this sale. I have so many pairs of their classic varas and varinas. A timeless shoe silhouette that never goes out of style. These tortoise varas are currently on my wish list! They are impeccably made and I find the varas to be the most comfortable! 

Some Items I Have My Eye On...
Other Brands I Love Worth The Browse...
- Frame (high-quality denim)
- Alex Mill (classic basics with preppy touches at reasonable prices)
- Roller Rabbit (adorable pima cotton pajamas)
- Castaner (the best classic espadrille wedges)
- Vince (pricey cashmere pieces that are worth the splurge)
- Staud (pretty, decently affordable dresses)
- Kule (classic stripes sometimes with a twist)
- Celia B (fun, colorful dresses)
- Tory Sport (preppy athletic gear)

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