Thursday, August 11, 2022


Buddy, Bean, Henry

Buddy (my parent's dog)

If this week had a word to define it, it would be 'frazzled'. I'm kind of laughing at myself as I type this but it's been a week and it's not even over yet. 

I don't have many photos from this week so I wanted to share a few from our time at the lake! 

We got back from the lake late Sunday night. I leave the house clean before I leave, which makes it much easier to come home. There is still a ton of laundry to do and unpacking so that's what has been occupying me. I was gone for 18 days and I'm not sure I have ever gone anywhere for that length of time. It was amazing and I am grateful for every minute I was able to spend with family and friends but it's also so nice to be back at home. It was quite the reality check, though, when I was trying to get back into a routine. Henry has been a bit restless, which is annoying but I can also understand. He went from being in a big house filled with people and other dogs and lots of swimming in the lake and outside time, to back home with just me during the day while I work. He's a bit bored so I have needed to spend more time outside walking him to tire him out. After 18 days of indulgent food and drink and no structured workouts, I can definitely use the extra walking time myself, HA! 

Another super exciting thing is that one of my very best friends from high school just moved into our neighborhood literally a block away with her husband and son. I could not be more excited!

Ok and one last thrilling thing is that I am picking up something on Saturday that I have been waiting years to find. I am not going to say more because I don't want to jinx it until I officially get it, but when I do get it, I will share. It's INSANELY good and a real illustration that patience pays off. AH! 

In terms of what I have accomplished since last week regarding our Europe trip, I did a lot of research on transportation options and booked our car service to and from the airport and to and from the port where our ship will be. That was a big to-do on my list and I feel so much better we have that taken care of. We also made some dinner reservations and reserved our Vatican tour so I am feeling much better about everything. We have less than 2 weeks until we leave so I need to start putting together all that I will be packing, which right now, sounds sooooo daunting. We are going to be in Rome for 3 nights then we will go to the port for our Celebrity cruise which will be 7 nights and then back to Rome for another 2 nights before we head home, I am SO excited. I'm trying to think of the best way to share everything with you all and I think I will do Instagram stories in one big batch each evening around 5 or 6pm (EST) right before I go to bed (because it will be 11 or 12ish everywhere we are in Europe) and it will recap our entire day. Then I'll save all of it to a highlight so if you are ever traveling to these places, the highlight can act like a big travel guide. Then, once I'm home, I'll probably do 2 travel guides here on my website- one for Rome and then one for the cruise. I'll try to be super thorough with the Instagram stories, though, trying to tag as many places and using geo-locations, etc. 

Wearing: Palm Beach Sandals recently sent me the cutest monogrammed sandals. I love how neutral they are so they will pair with everything. They were so generous to give me a code to share with you all. Code SYDNEY50 will get you $50 off. That makes the classic sandals just $98 and the monogrammed sandals just $148! 
Eating: I'm getting ahead of myself as I definitely don't want to eat chili right now in this heat, but you are going to want to bookmark this chili recipe for the upcoming season. I am telling you, it is the best chili in the entire world. Our friends tried it when we brought it to a get-together and literally bought a crockpot just so they could make this recipe. It makes a TON of chili but the best part is that it freezes so nicely. We sometimes make a huge batch just for the two of us and then freeze the rest for weeks to come! It really comes in handy when we have nothing for dinner and we can just pull this delicious chili right out of the freezer!

Listening: My friend Sarah was on a Podcast recently and while I'm not a big podcast listener, I love to listen whenever my friends are on podcasts! Loved hearing her story and wisdom. It's totally worth a listen, you will love it! 

Loving: Lulu finally came out with another color of their half zip pullover and it's beautiful! I have this in black and wear it all of the time. It made my 'best of February list'. I have wanted it in another color but the good ones sell out so quickly so I have been holding out for a color that I love. I just noticed the natural ivory is back in stock and the new waterdrop color and now I can't decide between the two, ha!! Anyway, I totally recommend this pullover!
Wanting: Hear me out on this one... this looks like Vera Bradley in the best way. I totally want it. Nostalgia but cute at the same time. Here for it! It looks like my code for 15% off still works! The code is SUMMERWIND15 for 15% off! I also think the nightgown in the same print is adorable. This sweater set is alllll over the internet right now. I wouldn't really consider it my personal style and yet I kind of want it!!! It looks so incredibly cozy! 

Amazon Rec: Quilted jackets are very 'in' right now and in anticipation of fall, I just ordered this jacket which is under $40. I think it's so cute and the perfect lightweight layer for fall! You can find more of my Amazon favorites, here!

Quoting: 'Worry is a misuse of imagination.'  // See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

5 Random Things I Highly Recommend

I haven't done one of these posts in such a long time so here we are!! 

First up is this acrylic tray with an inlaid cane. We have it in our bathroom between our two sinks and not only is it so pretty but the acrylic makes it so easy to clean. I use this to display some of my skincare products. 
This little travel pill case is the best because it has so many compartments but is so compact. When I travel, I basically like to bring an entire medicine cabinet with me!

I'm not a huge eyeliner person. Day to day, I skip it but for special occasions, I will put some on. This one is the best I have found. 
I wear these dainty diamond hoop earrings every single day (mine are yellow gold). I love them and they are a nice switch-up from diamond studs. I especially love them because of the circular back on them- they are so easy to sleep in so sometimes I wear them for days on end without taking them out! 

I've been loving this British brand, Vita Grace. The clothing is chic and somewhat trendy but classic at the same time. I would say the quality is similar to Mango as is the price. I have ordered several things in the past and have always been happy with them. I've been eyeing some of their newer stuff and always stop by their site to see what pops up!

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Classic Green Sweater Dress

Tuckernuck Forest Green Merritt Knit Dress

Tuckernuck Forest Green Merritt Knit Dress

Tuckernuck Forest Green Merritt Knit Dress

Tuckernuck Forest Green Merritt Knit Dress
Dress (also comes in navy)// Sandals 

I can't believe we are already well into August! I am a ride-or-die Fall season gal and August is always this awkward time where I get so excited for fall but it's still so darn hot outside! I think I get this feeling because, for some reason, August registers as 'back to school' time even though I haven't gone back to school in literally 10 years, HA! 

Anyway, I don't like to rush time so I will be savoring August and the last weeks of the summer season. If you are like me, though, and love fall, this Dress I am sharing with you all today is truly the perfect thing for the upcoming season! 

My husband and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina. We had the best time. I just love the Highlands area. If you have never been, it's in the Appalachian mountains in southern North Carolina, almost on the Georgia border.

I've only ever been in the Spring (late April) and now in the summer but both times that I have been there, it's had cooler weather than other places even just an hour away. Because of that, I usually bring something warmer with me or a wrap to throw on if the temperatures dip. 

I was SO glad I brought this Dress because, on the day we were checking out, it was chilly and pouring down rain. It honestly felt like the coziest fall day. We got some hot tea and relaxed in the lodge area where they had a fire roaring in the fireplace. 

I originally was drawn to green and white, which is not really a colorway I gravitate toward because it reminded me of Camp Walden from the Parent Trap. It's made of a really thick knit material so the dress feels like a finely/tightly knit sweater and because of that, it doesn't really drape but instead is structured. I think it feels very polished and ladylike. You can dress it up or down. I could see it in the fall with suede pumps or white Tretorn sneakers or even brown suede boots! The quality is remarkable.

Also, because it's short and has short sleeves, it works for the in-between period that is September... even longer for those of you in generally warmer climates. 

I am wearing a size small in this Dress. It has an a-line shape so it is roomier in the hip area and a little more form fitting up top. I would say it is true to size and if you are between sizes, go with your smaller size.

Monday, August 8, 2022

July Favorites

Here are my favorites from the month of July. As a reminder, I share my favorites from each month, and then at the end of the year, I narrow it down further to a 'best of 2022' list! I'll link to past months in 2022 at the bottom of this post! If an item is included on a monthly list, it means I am *passionate* about these items.

Phone Case// I love Diane Hill's work. She is an artist out of England and she is so talented. I have purchased several of the phone cases that she creates with her work on it. The case is very durable and always saves my phone AND it is beautiful. So many times I see beautiful phone cases but they are not exactly the most durable. 

Lounge Dress// I LOVE this dress. It feels very 1950s vintage to me in terms of the style. It's fully lined so I wear it out of the house as an actual dress. It's adorable and so well made. I got a size small and find it to fit roomy. 

Cetaphil Cream// I've written about this many times before but I don't think it's ever made a favorites list. This is my favorite body cream. It's inexpensive, has no scent, and it's thick and very moisturizing but sinks in pretty quickly. I have been repurchasing this for years! 

Travel Leather Catchall// I have all 3 pieces in this travel jewelry set. I put the small case in my 2021 favorites so it is about time I put the catchall in my favorites because I use it so much. It's a beautiful leather tray that is substantial in size but collapses flat making it easy to pack. I take it on every single trip I go on. I keep things that I would normally keep in my bedside drawer in that tray and I use it as a place to put my jewelry so I don't end up losing anything! 

Cream Blush// This is hands down the best cream blush I have ever used. It goes on so smoothly and is incredibly easy to blend. I just use my fingers. A little goes a long way. 

Pearl Clip Set// My sister introduced me to these adorable hair accessories. At under $10 for a set of 4, they are a fun little pick-me-up. I get compliments from strangers when I wear these in my hair! I think this is going to make such a good stocking stuffer during the holiday season and would make for a cute Favorite Things type gift. 

Lip Balm// This is a newer lip balm for me. I love my Sugar advanced, which is $26 and this is a close one to that and $7 less! I just love Susanna Kaufmann products SO much. The brand is pricey but worth every penny, in my opinion! 

Cuticle Balm Stick// This is a new favorite beauty product for me. It's cuticle oil but in balm form vs liquid. I love it for travel and easy application! 

Crossbody Bag// I can't believe it has taken me this long to add this little bag to my favorites list! I did a blog post review on it back in February, so check that out! I highly recommend it! 

Linen Pants// You all know by now how much I love these linen pants. They basically feel like you are wearing pajama pants! 

Lorissa's Beef Sticks// This is a snack that I continuously re-purchase. I love beef jerky and this comes in stick form. It is the best snack for me to keep in my bag and is just overall so easy to transport and also have on hand. They are absolutely delicious.

Body Serum// If you don't know, Niacinimde is one of those 'magic' skincare ingredients. It evens out your skin tone, can reduce pore size, helps prevent or reverse signs of aging, and more. I learned about it many years ago when I was fortunate enough to be able to visit the Proctor and Gamble headquarters and they had been doing extensive research on the ingredient. Anyway, I was sent this body serum in a PR package from Paula's Choice and I started immediately using it and have been SO impressed with it. It feels like a gel moisturizer in terms of texture and weight but I have been using it on my chest and my feet. Using it on my feet is probably something a little odd but my feet have so many scars on them- I am a klutz and am always tripping and stubbing my toe, getting terrible blisters, bug bites, etc. and I am not kidding when I say that the serum has been lessening the appearance of these things!!! Also, my chest can get really freckled in the summer months, and ever since my wedding (since my chest was shown quite a bit) I am so conscious about using skincare on my neck and chest! Anyway, I highly recommend this product, I LOVE it and will be purchasing it once this is empty! 

Bonne Maman Four Fruits Preserves// I don't really eat much jelly, but when I do, Bonne Maman is my go-to brand. I usually buy strawberry but we just tried the four fruits preserve and it might be one of the best preserves I have EVER had. So deep in flavor. This is definitely going to be my go-to flavor from now on.

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