Monday, June 7, 2010

Preppy Puppy

{Mac with some toys, 2010}
Our dog, Mac, has been a part of the family since 2004. His name is short for McCallister. He is a blue haired, stubby tailed, Australian cattle dog. We love him dearly as if he were one of us and we most definitely treat him like a king! I can't help but to spoil him. Whenever I am out and see an adorable toy, I can't stop myself from buying it and bringing it home for him to enjoy. We rarely dress him up, but for the winter we have an adorable barn jacket just his size. Also, for Halloween, we have the cutest little skeleton costume for him. I love buying collars and leashes for Mac. He is a boy and my dad always tries to get him "manly" toys and leashes and collars, but having three girls in the family doesn't help him out too much. The girls of the family love buying him "girly" things. Right now, we compromised on a nautical/summer collar and matching leash with nautical flags stitched on.
Well I was browsing Brooks Brothers website (they are having a great clearance sale.. definitely worth checking out!) and I found the CUTEST little rain "coat" for Mac.
How adorable is this little rain coat pour le chien? It's on clearance for only $29! I am too excited about this. I need to talk my mother into purchasing this ASAP. They have a matching collar and leash as well! How about all of those adorable accessories to make your pup as preppy as you!
Do you have any preppy puppy accessories? Where do you get your pup something special and what kind of dog do you have? If you have an Australian cattle dog, I'd LOVE to know. I don't know many who have this kind of dog! Have a fabulous day!

The puppy rain coat is sold out :( . I just read Beaufort Belle's comment and had to see for myself. I wrote this post last night and schedule it for this morning and in less than 12 hours, it was already sold out. I am SO disappointed. If anyone knows of anywhere I can get my hands on one of these little rain coats, please let me know!


Laura B said...

Hey! I am a ZTA alumna :) Love Mac, he would look darling in that coat!

Miss Southern Prep said...

Mac is so cute! My dog's name is Pumpkin (and he's a boy), and I love buying him collars and leashes with pumpkins on them in the fall! They're always the ribbon leashes and collars, so my dad hates them, but sometimes we find a compromise that's "manly" enough.

Beaufort Belle said...

Summer Wind...hate to disappoint but I just checked the BB website and all the Tattersal items (collars, leashes, and rain coat) is sold out as well as the solid color rain coat and the cashmere sweater. So disappointed myself. You had me all excited with those prices.

By the way, Mac is precious!

mFw said...

We love buying dog collars for ours too! She is a girl so everything is pink and green! Love the raincoat!


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