Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Brooks Brothers: Back to Campus

If you have been reading my blog for a while, you will know that one of my absolute favorite clothing brands is Brooks Brothers. After posting about Tommy Hilfiger's ad campaign yesterday, I just couldn't leave my beloved Brooks Brothers out. I am obsessed, and usually love everything they have during any given season. I was looking on their website the other day and spotted their "Back to Campus" ad campaign and I am absolutely in love! Along with the new children's line (Fleece), I think that Brooks Brothers is spot on with their marketing for this season; I am impressed! Brooks Brothers is usually known to be targeted to an older, working set, yet Brooks Brothers is marketing itself to college students and is ready to outfit the little ones as well! You can watch the video and view all of the fall looks. I am loving every single one; this makes me want fall to arrive ASAP! Head over to Brooks Brothers website and look around the Campus section on their website, it makes me want to tailgate right now!
This is one of the women's looks from their fall line. I love the cozy look of the grey! Are there any other college students who absolutely love Brooks Brothers? I might even have to say it ranks above Lilly in my list of brand loyalty! Is anyone else so excited to see what else Brooks Brothers will have in the coming months? I know I sure am! Have a fabulous day!


College Prepster said...

I love Brooks Brothers too... but I don't fit into the clothes :-( I wish the little girls line made bigger sizes haha

YSP said...

I love Brooks Brothers! My brother and I are obsessed! I can't wait to go the store and try everything on!



Ariadne said...

Great post!Amazing.

preppyplayer said...

I love Brooks Brothers! They have awesome sales and great service. Plus I love that their style is old school prep, not in your face,


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