Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Genious Boots

First of all, happy 1/11/11...that's a lot of 1's! A while back I was reading through the January issue of Southern Living and they featured Lillybee shoes. In one of the photos, the creator, had boots on... they're 2-in-1 boots. My jaw almost dropped because they were so genius-- how nobody thought of this before, I'm not sure.. and if they have, then excuse my ignorance!
They entirely leather, with a stacked wooden heel and they are $295, which may seem a bit pricey, but that is what most riding boots go for-- I would say these beat all of the other options because they have the removable upper! I knew I just had to share these with you all because they are so pretty! Have a fabulous day!


Muffy said...

WOW. What a novel idea! I'm rather fond of the look of these. Thank you for sharing the find!!!

caknitter said...

The boots are gorgeous!

Stacie said...

I definitely want these now!!

Royar said...

I saw those in SL! I can't decide wether I want them or not!!

Ruth said...

I love them

Anonymous said...

I own these and wear them at least twice a week, but I also designed them so I'm clearly biased. :-) Thanks so much for the mention. Really cute blog you have!



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