Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy February!

Happy February to all! When you think February, you automatically think Valentine's day. Well, it is coming up in just two short weeks. I have voiced my opinion on Valentine's day in previous posts, saying that I am not a huge fan. It just seems cheesy to me! Why not celebrate with the people you love everyday! However, I can't ignore the day, and I most definitely don't mind that the color of the day is pink! So if you have someone special in your life, there is always the question, what to get him? Usually I find that guys are very hard to shop for. Especially if it is someone that has everything under the sun, or isn't into material things. I have done several posts in the past on what to get guys for certain holidays and you can read them here and here for more ideas. My whole thought on the Valentine's day thing is that it is more the guy's job to "wow" the girl. However, here is my guide to Valentine's day:

Be Mine, Valentine

by summerwind41490
I think that thoughtfulness trumps anything that can be bought, but if you find yourself in a bind, here are some ideas:
  • Leather wallet, leather belt- LLBean is a great place to start browsing for this type of thing. Small leathergoods are usually rather inexpensive, and any guy in the world could use a belt or a wallet. 
  • Slippers- Who wants cold feet? This is also something that most men don't think of buying for themselves. So if he doesn't have slippers, the LLBean wicked good slippers are perfect 
  • When in doubt, get him a bow tie! My philosophy is that one can never have too many bow ties! Brooks Brothers will always be my favorite for the classics but Southern Proper has great options as well as Vineyard Vines. 
  • This may sound silly, but if your guy is a gamer and he's been talking about wanting a video game, go for it. You may think it's stupid and ridiculous, but if it makes him happy, then why not?
  • Cigars-He can share them with his friends, and every time he pulls one out (hopefully it's only on special occasions!) he will think of you! 
  • His favorite sports team apparel. Head to your nearest Dicks or other sporting goods store, and pick him up his favorite team's shirt!
  • Know his favorite drink? Get him a bottle of his favorite liquor! 
  • If he's a reader, find out his favorite author and then get him a book! It would be even cuter to write a cute little message right inside!
  • If he loves music, or working out, the iPod shuffle is perfect. Plus, it's only $50 so it won't break your bank. 
  • Swim trunks are a great idea, because most men will pick out a suit that is understated. This way, you can pick out just what you'd like to see him in and he'll have no choice but to have to wear it! 
  • Lastly, I think it is an adorable idea to get him a case of his favorite beer, his favorite snack foods, a few koozies, and his favorite movie on DVD. Thoughtful, and fun. 

What are your Valentine's day plans? What are you getting your guy? I'd love to hear your ideas! have a fabulous day!

Superbowl Countdown: 5 days!!!!!!

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Annie said...

Cute ideas! Last year I did some nice stationery for him. This year I'm getting him a gift certificate for an amazing men's spa for him to get his hair cut. He wouldn't ever get that for himself so I figured I'd treat!


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