Monday, February 13, 2012

Vineyard... No, not Vines.

A few weekends ago my parents came into town. I can't tell you all how much I love having them visit. It's like a refreshing break from the college world and is sometimes much needed. Since I turned 21, we have been spending our visits going to different wineries all over Virginia. This time was no different!
We went to a few different ones and of course bought lots of bottles from each. My favorite wine was made from a concord grape and actually had a hint of jelly taste-- not too sweet but delicious! 
This was a fun one because it was really big and they had lots of places to sit and chat and gorgeous views of the country and all of the dead grapes.
The weather wasn't too bad and we were able to sit outside for a little and enjoy the scenic view! 
How fun is this idea? These are actually bottoms of wine bottles turned into wine glasses. What a fun way to drink your wine-- and a great way to recycle too!
This is me trying my very hardest to like red wine... Still to no avail, I cannot seem to get my taste buds to enjoy a nice red wine. 
Aren't my parents the cutest?
Mother, me, bEw. I loved that one of the wineries had a great cheese pairing option. We had a gorgeous display of warm baguettes, a sharp white cheddar, and some apply jam. So perfect!
What do you do when your parents come to visit? Do you love wine tasting as much as I do?! Have a fabulous day!


My Life as A Plate said...

So funny about not loving red wine, I used to hate it too! But last year I gave it another try, and now I drink it more then white, I think your taste buds adjust.

Looks like you had a fabulous time.

Jess said...

That sounds like such a great weekend! There are few things better than vineyard tours with warm bread, cheese, and jam with friends and family. :)

When my mom is in town (my dad has yet to visit), we usually go shopping, check out interesting restaurants in the area, and catch up on anything and everything.

Have a great week!

Rachel from Love a la Mode said...

I loved visiting wineries when I was in Israel over the summer, and I'm with you- I just can't make myself love red!

Anonymous said...

You have the cutest blog! This looks like Pollack Vineyards. I recognized the picture of the pond. On a beautiful day in July last summer, my son and his college sweetheart (both are UVA alums), took a limo from the Boars Head Inn to the winery (under my son's ruse of not wanting to drink and drive). They too enjoyed the wine, cheese and jam out on the veranda. He then took her for a walk to the pond where he professed his love, got on one knee and proposed. She accepted and was completely shocked when he then presented her with the most beautiful engagement ring that he had designed for her. Everyone at the winery was in on what was happening and all congratulated them and wished them well.
Thank you for sharing your trip!

Miss Margarita said...

What a great weekend!

Ashley said...

It looks like you had a perfect weekend!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Love that top you've got on! What a fun time! Wine is always a fun time.

Grace said...

Sounds like a fun outing! Love your top!

Bethany said...

I live near Napa in CA, and love love wine tasting! Looks like you had a blast too :)

Sundresses and Smiles said...

I love visiting vineyards--I'm the same way with red wines, but have SLOWLY started to acquire a taste for some of the sweeter ones! Which vineyard was this that y'all visited? Also, I am OBSESSING over your top--where is it from?

Madilene Lake said...

Sounds wonderful! I can't wait to turn 21 - my brother got to go to a vineyard / wine tasting for his 21 and it sounded perfect!
Yours looks so fabulous :)

Taylor Bartik said...

Seriously... Love your top! Would you mind sharing the details about it? Xo

Portuguese Prepster said...

I really love red wine actually! Love your top! Now that I'm 21 I can't wait to explore the VA vineyards more!

Nicole said...

Loving your top, and the vineyard pics are precious- afternoons at the vineyard are the best :) I started out with white zinf, and am currently obsessed with riesling, but reds are good after a few tries as well. It just takes some adjusting! Have a fabulous week!

Summer Wind said...

Thank you everyone! My top is Forever21.. I bought it because I thought it looked like something Samantha from Bewitched would wear!


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