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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

iPhone Accessories

This, my friends, is an absolute lifesaver. 

Now, I know that this gadget is "old news" considering J. Crew came out with some external iPhone batteries over the holidays. However, I read a lot of reviews on battery chargers and came out with this one from Restoration Hardware. While, a bit pricier than J. Crew's, and a lot less cute, this delivers and with no issues at all. 

It's small and sleek but has some weight to it. The weight isn't a downside, it actually feels like a quality product. The short little cable is how you recharge it. This has saved me on several occasions. This is especially good for those who travel or are on their iPhone's a lot with nowhere to power-up. 

This is another necessity, in my opinion. I ordered the pink cable from Amazon. The cord is extra long so I can actually use my phone while it is charging. The monogram plug is something that I got for Christmas and I think it is just the cutest! 

Remember my post about Gemvelopeshttp://summerwind41490.blogspot.com/2011/08/packing-your-jewels-gemvelopes.html from a year or so ago? Well, it comes into play because it is not only great for storing jewelry, but it is fabulous for cord storage purpose. It has a built in pocket that I put my ear buds in and then the other two cords fit in perfect on top. Plus, the bright pink and green really pops in my purse! I usually carry these cables daily... I only really take my iPad charger if I am going on a trip. 

What accessories for your iPhone/iPad do you love? Have a fabulous day! 


Catherine said...

Cute! Nice review as well.

Emily said...

Can you find out where she got you that plug from? I love it! The only accessory I really have are my cases.

xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

Elenie Counts said...

HOW CUTE is the cord and plug!? Love it. Your blog is precious!

Ani Danielle said...

I definitely need to invest in an external battery pack. It seems like my phone always dies at the most inconvenient time

xx Ani

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I have one of those really long cords too and it's a lifesaver!

Alice Pattinson said...

That is so cute! I love the color plus the cord is so long. It's so useful especially when the outlet is a bit far from you. Fantastic! I get cute and nice accessories, iphone covers, cases from MiniSuit & Amazon too :)

Allan said...

You all can find latest info here on the newst iPhone accessories. I liked this post too and I would like to ask if you made them colorful yourself :)

Jhon Leon said...


windows watch

Sweet Fairy said...

Where i can find that plug of same color for my iPhone. I love that. Thanks for sharing. iphone en ucuz