Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pack it Up

Summer Wind's 4th birthday is coming up in May, so needless to say, sometimes I feel like I've covered every topic under the sun. However, I think it's fun to re-blog past ideas. I've already done several packing posts in the past....See: weekend road trip, summer road trip, spring break trip, 10 day vacation, and traveling light. Well, here is my "I'm flying to a city I've never been to before (Chicago) for a week and it is for work" edition. Phew, that was a mouth-full. 

Per usual, I laid everything out in piles on my bed. Each pile is an outfit. For this trip, it is Monday-Friday so I packed 8 outfits. Since this is for work, I packed a lot of black so the outfits could be interchangeable if necessary. Also, I didn't know what to expect so I brought everything from casual to more dressy. Again, a lot of it can be mixed and matched to tone up or tone down the "dressy factor".  Another packing-factor is that I have never been to Chicago and I know it can be frigid, so I brought outfits that can be layered in case I end up an ice cube on my first night there!

This is a close-up of an "outfit pile". It consists of a black cable-knit cardigan, cotton Lauren Ralph Lauren shirt, brown belt, and orange headband. I packed several pair of black skinny pants (denim, velvet, cord, etc.) and one pair of denim to go with many different outfits. I thought the tee/cardigan combo was great because they are fabrics that don't wrinkle easily.

Next, I separated all of the "outfit add-ons" and extras that could be thrown on top. 

I laid out my shoes (boots were being worn so they were laid out with my outfit). All shoes were neutral and the Ferragamo varinas were my "pop of color". I hate heels (love the look, hate the pain) but there are a few dinners/events at night that might require heels... better to be safe than sorry, right?! 

I laid out all of my jewelry that I was going to put pack. I always carry my jewelry on the plane. Always. Even if it is a road trip to a hotel, I still keep my jewelry with me... you never know! I would absolutely cry if I lost my pretty jewels! I've even been to hotels that don't have safes and have had to carry my jewelry everywhere. Needless to say, that is a pain! 

I lay out the jewelry that I am going to wear on the plane/car ride. 

Packing a carryon is always a logistical nightmare because you don't want to over-pack because of weight on your shoulder, but, you have to pack anything that you would be upset about losing. I also pack things like extra handbags. For example, for this trip, I took a Kate Spade handbag as my dressier/night handbag but packed it in my carryon. I would not be pleased if my luggage was lost and Kate was inside. I always make sure to have an eye mask. I can't sleep without one and they are perfect for napping on the flight... although this flight is barely 2 hours, so there will be no napping. Another carryon must? A pashmina of some sort. It can be a scarf or blanket or even small pillow. This is also where my computer/ipad/chargers/etc. are stored.

Lastly, but most definitely not least, check your list. I make an extensive, detailed list based on days and outfits. For something less formal and less important (like a beach vacation), I am a little more relaxed and usually just write things like "5 sundresses", "4 bathing suits", etc. But, for this trip, I was specific and wrote things like "J. Crew skirt, Ralph Lauren oxford, turtleneck, black Ferragamo flats, black tights" for Monday, Tuesday, etc. I did that for each day. It ensures you have enough outfits and an entire outfit. I not only took pictures and made a list for blog post purposes, but it also helps if the airlines were to lose your bags. You have all of the evidence of what you packed... can you tell I get super nervous about airlines losing my bags?! Has it ever happened to you? Was it a nightmare?!

How do you pack? Do you have any work related packing tips? Any "for fun" related packing tips? Have a fabulous day!


Gramspearls said...

Chicago is such a great will love it! A bit if's sometimes even colder than Pittsburgh and WINDY (thus the name). Dress warmly, Many boots....everywhere. Enjoy your visit. Great resturants,too.

Warmly, Kathleen

Kristen said...

The little J Crew tablet case that your jewelry is you use that to carry jewelry or actually for a tablet? I saw them at J Crew but had a hard time believing my iPad would fit in it!


Chelsea Oliver said...

That's a good idea to plan and pack as outfits! I never do that. I am so organized with everything in life until it comes to packing, where I just fold up a bunch of stuff and put it in the bag. This is a much better way to travel!! Have a safe trip!


Anonymous said...

Have so much fun in Chicago!! Best city on earth, though I may be a little biased. Be sure to check out Michigan Avenue, some of the best shopping in the world.

Anonymous said...

Have so much fun in Chicago!! Best city on earth, though I may be a little biased. Be sure to check out Michigan Avenue, some of the best shopping in the world.

Anonymous said...

Have so much fun in Chicago!! Best city on earth, though I may be a little biased. Be sure to check out Michigan Avenue, some of the best shopping in the world.

The Aly Way said...

Have a ball! Chicago is one of my favorite cities! I definitely recommend to bring a thick coat, scarf or ear mittens... as the wind is truly biting. If you are walking a lot... boots, boots, boots. Your feet will freeze in flats, but they are great for a night out. Everyone in Chicago seems to have a longer black coat, excellent winter scarf, and sunglasses to shield their eyes from the wind. You will love it! (Gibson's and Pizanos are my favorite restaurants & I love shopping at the Bloomingdales on Michigan Ave and the shops along Rush Street for a good deal.)

katelyn w said...

Oh my goodness! You will love it! If you are staying in the loop its a little windy and chillier because of the buildings, so dress warm for shopping!! I live in Lincoln Park (a younger neighborhood) on the Lake and it is amazing! If you need any tips/advice on amazing places, let me know! You will have a blaaast!

lauren said...

Wondering where you got the bracelet with 2 pearls on it????? Loooove it... The one laying near the 2 watches!
Thanks Lauren

the preppy debutante said...

You will LOVE Chicago!! I still have a place in Evanston & I am missing it dearly right now (even with freezing temps).

Go to Gibsons and check out Oak Street & Water Tower Place, in addition to Mich Ave if you have the chance. Take an empty suitcase for all of the things you will buy ;)

Like you, I also travel with my jewelry, sleep shade, etc. in the cary-on and always list my entire outfits on each day in my calendar. SAFE travels to you!!


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