Saturday, April 9, 2016

Saturday Shopping

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope you all have something fun planned! Yesterday I came down to DC to surprise one of my best friends for her birthday! Today we got a party bus and are headed into Virginia wine country to tour a bunch of wineries to celebrate! I'm sure this will really bring me back to my college days. As soon as I turned 21 at JMU, we were always doing winery hopping on the weekends since there are so many great ones in Virginia! Be sure to follow along on Snapchat (SummerWind41490). It will be interesting to see how the weather plays out-- as I am writing this, the weather is calling for low 30s and rain/snow. Ick! 

I didn't do any buying this week but did a ton of browsing because my late-April/May/early-June is absolutely jam-packed with trips and events. I don't have a free weekend for a solid 6 weeks-- so things should get really interesting, hah! 

Scroll through to see the things I have been loving lately. You'll also notice over to the right in the sidebar, I have updated the scrolling widgets with all new favorites, too! I have really been into accessories lately, so you'll notice a lot of those. I usually stick to wardrobe staples and some of these great accessories are perfect for changing up any outfit! I especially love these earrings which convert into a stud for a more casual, everyday earring-- 2 for 1 is my kind of earring! I also can't get enough of this gold pineapple brooch. I think it would look darling fastened to a navy scarf!

Also, while browsing, I found the exact monogram that I have on my computer. I get asked so frequently about this and I have always forgotten where I got it, but have found the resource! For just $2.50 you get 2 monogram stickers. It's great for chargers, too, so you know which is yours!

If you're just checking out Summer Wind for the first time this week, here's what you may have missed:


Sydney S said...

I have been loving following you on Snapchat!!
xo, Syd

Anonymous said...

The monogram sticker link is broken.

Kayla Pelletier said...

if you like that gingham tank, they have a set at oldnavy that is absolutely ADORABLE


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