Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Napa Wine Country: Del Dotto Vineyard and Cave St. Helena

This is the second to last post from my Napa trip (the last one will be hot air ballooning!). You can watch my YouTube video about the trip, here. Today's post is about my visit to Del Dotto winery in St. Helena, CA! Krista's sister had set this tour up and we got the full VIP experience!

This was the prettiest winery we visited. Everything was so over-the-top and jaw-droppingly gorgeous. The owners had everything shipped over from Italy to create the beautiful architecture and feel of the place.

Once we were inside, we were greeted in a gorgeous 'lobby' type area and then escorted into the caves! The 'caves' aren't really what you think when you think of caves. As you can see in the photo above, the cave was beautifully done and even had chandeliers!

We got to stop at barrels where our guide siphoned the wine right from the barrels and into our glasses. I loved that! My two favorite that I tasted was the 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon Family Reserve. Totally dry and silky smooth with a punch of flavor. I could drink it every day! 

After our tour, we got situated in a beautiful area where we were served meats and cheeses and then wild boar sliders that were out of this world delicious! All-in-all this is a must-see winery if you go to Napa. I couldn't recommend it more! 

It was overcast and actually ended up raining, so I made sure to pack an extra layer with me. Really, if you are headed to Napa, you should always have an extra layer with you wherever you go because the temperatures change on a dime! Just as an FYI the skirt I am wearing runs a little big. I am in a 2 (the smallest size available) and definitely recommend choosing a smaller size than you would normally wear! 

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Your hair looks flawless and your outfit is so polished per usual. That charcuterie plate is heavenly, so glad you got to go to Napa, I love it out there.

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