Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Pumpkin Patch at Soergels in Pittsburgh

hunter rain boots

hunter rain boots and barrington gifts tote

L.L. Bean Flannel shirt at soergels in Pittsburgh

fall outfit fisherman sweater flannel plaid shirt and hunter boots

preppy outfit barbour jacket and hunter boots at a pumpkin patch

fisherman sweater and hunter boots

soergels pumpkin patch in pittsburgh pa

Barbour Jacket (also here, mine is the Land Rover edition, no longer available)

There is certainly nothing that screams 'fall' more than checking out a pumpkin patch, am I right? I actually hadn't been to one in years and forgot how fun they are. It's such a gorgeous time of year weatherwise, so any excuse to be outside and enjoy it is fine by me! 

My sister, Callie, and I headed to Soergels this past weekend. You may remember my post from our last visit, here. It's such a fun place and really makes you feel like you are out in the 'country'. We happened to go on a day where they were having a fall festival which made it all the more fun!

I, of course, took this excursion as an excuse to get decked out in all my fall favorites: chunky sweaters, plaid flannels, a Barbour jacket, and my hunter boots. It was overcast and chilly so the layers were a necessity. 

My Barbour jackets are hands down my go-to jackets during the fall/winter season. I love their versatility, classic cut, and the plaid lining. If you have been on the fence about getting one, I could not recommend them more. Tuckernuck released a really helpful Barbour guide that explains the fit of each style and shows the plaids that belong with each of the colors of the jackets. I love this guide and totally recommend checking it out! 

We found several pumpkins, but ultimately had to decide on one to take home, because let's be honest, I don't have room for more than one pumpkin, ha! We also sipped on hot apple cider, checked out their baked goods and walked around the extensive property. 

I was so glad to have this Barrington Gifts St. Ann tote with me. It has been everywhere with me lately and this time, we stored water, extra layers, cameras, and more inside! I was glad that it has such a durable leather bottom because we were constantly setting it down in the pumpkin patch as we wandered around and picked up various pumpkins. 

I also found this sweater and I cannot sing its praises enough. I was on the hunt for a classic fisherman sweater but so many are priced way too high for what they are, and then others are a little cheesy and not the true fisherman style. So what did I do? I checked out the men's section! I actually do this often. I think men's clothing for women is highly underrated. Sometimes it doesn't work out (like pants), but I am frequently known to scoop up a men's shirt or sweater here and there. Not to mention, they usually have more options when it comes to things like plaids and navy blue pieces! 

This particular sweater caught my eye not only because it has the classic fisherman design in the cream shade, but also because it's under $90 and made of wool/nylon. The wool means it will keep you warm and the nylon will help keep its shape and also dry quicker. This actually makes the sweater a really good option for those who ski or participate in outdoor sports because you have the warmth and the the durability. As for sizing, the smallest size that is offered is a small, so I went with that. it's still a little big, but it looks cute! I also think this sweater would make a nice gift for any guy. It's a classic that he will have for years! 


Sarah Gouin said...

Great look! I think the sweater looks fine, it's a sporty piece of clothing and really shouldn't be worn too tight.

Rebekah Devorak said...

Soergel's is my favorite! I love going there for apple picking, too. They always have the best apples! Your outfit is adorable; I really love the sweater. Love reading your blog!! xx

Robyn said...

This looks like so much fun! I need to go to the pumpkin patch soon too :D One of my favourite things to do in the fall. Great post!

Erica Klein said...

I really want to invest in a Barbour jacket and I'm definitely gonna check our that Tuckernuck guide before I do, thank you! Also love that you sometimes shop in the men's section, I thought I was the only one!

Lauren said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Visiting a pumpkin patch is on my fall bucket list!


Kathryn Byers said...

Such a cozy fall look!

xx Kathryn


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