Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lately 3/2/2017

Loving: Lilly Pulitzer Swell bottles are now available online! If you haven't been able to get your hands on one, you can now order from the comfort of your home! I have one in the Palm Beach Jungle print which is my favorite, but they're all gorgeous! My second favorite is fresh squeezed

Sale-ing: Yeah, yeah, yeah, everyone knows by now that ShopBop is having their annual buy more save more tiered sale. You can see all of my favorite sale picks here, and you can also see my review on my favorite shoes, which are included in the sale! If you check Snapchat (SummerWind41490) before 4pm, you can catch my reviews of my order!

Watching: I have been watching Summer House on Bravo religiously. It's actually an awful reality show, but I can't look away. If you are looking for something to binge that you don't have to pay attention to (like while you're working or do other things), check this out!

Watching II:
I love this spot for Rolex. I think it's brilliant advertising and so beautifully done. As if I didn't already want a Rolex ;)

Listening: March's playlist is really good. So many fun, upbeat tunes.

Drinking: Nespresso's Limited Edition Selection Vintage 2014 coffee. I made it a goal not to spend a single cent at Starbucks (besides using up all my gift cards from Christmas) during the first quarter of the year and I've been holding up with that goal really well! Needless to say, my Nespresso machine is getting a lot more action. This is by far the best of the Nespresso pods I have ever tried. I love a really bold, flavorful coffee (which I always drink black) and it is just that. It's so smooth and silky and not acidic at all. I get really excited when I make a cup because it's seriously the best at-home coffee I've ever made. I got sent my first sleeve from Nespresso and immediately ordered 4 more sleeves.

Traveling: I'm headed to the Bahamas super early on Monday morning with some blogger gals. I'm so excited for warm weather and lots of sun. Be sure to follow along in real time on snapchat (SummerWind41490) and instagram stories (@SummerWind41490).

Pittsburgh-ing: Did you catch this new restaurant being built right where Washington Rd. turns into West Liberty Avenue on the cusp of Mt. Lebanon and Dormont (where Franco's used to be)? It's called Needle and Pin. It's slated to open this spring and I can wait. Why? Becuase it's a gin bar! They will have over 80 gins and homemade tonics. It's almost as if they made the restaurant just for me, ha!

Reading: This article is several years old but someone had posted it on Facebook and I love it. I truly couldn't agree with it more. I think I especially love it because I share so much online here on Summer Wind, that it's refreshing to keep certain things off of the internet/social media entirely. Romantic relationships aside, I think the same idea behind the article can be applied to family and friends. I find it to mean so much more when a friend directly calls or texts me to wish me happy birthday or to congratulate me on an accomplishment rather than posting a photo or comment to social media. Heck, I'm still a sucker for a handwritten letter... sending and receiving them is one of the most fun things!

Quoting: 'Your job is not to judge. Your job is not to figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.' // See more of my favorites, here


Gold Clutter said...

I love the white dress.

Melissa M said...

Summer House is awful but so addicting, I can't help but tune in Monday nights! The casts Whispering Angel consumption is absurd.

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

Summer House is addicting and embarrassingly one of my favorite shows. Really makes me dream of summer, too! Hope you're having a great time in the Bahamas!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink


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