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Stunning White Backless Maxi Dress

Stunning White Backless Maxi Dress

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white maxi dress on the beach

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white maxi dress on the beach

white backless maxi dress

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Backless Maxi Dress (also available here //here// here)// Wedge Espadrille Sandals (under $100)
This might be one of my most favorite dresses I have ever posted in the lifetime of Summer Wind (which is 8 years...). It's stunning in every way. From the high-quality fabric to the details like the buttons down the front to the backless design, it's just perfect.

I wore this while in the Bahamas and while it was insanely windy on the beach, it was actually so much fun to be in this dress because of the flowy skirt! I definitely think this is the perfect vacation dress. It's white, comfortable and dressy (but not over the top). 

It's conservative from the front, which you all know is what I tend to go for when it comes to clothing. However, it definitely shows a little #sideboob (did I really just type that), so beware of that if you are someone who is also more on the conservative side. But I figured, hey, it's vacation, who cares! The backless nature is also very 'open', but I think that's what makes it so stunning. Plus, you all know how much I love backless-anything (case-in-point, see here and here)! 

I also had a few people on snapchat say they were going to look into this dress as a rehearsal dinner/bridal shower dress and I think that's a really great idea. It would be the absolute perfect thing for the beach/a tropical locale! As far as sizing, it runs true to size (I'm wearing a small)- the skirt is long, but I didn't have it hemmed. With these wedges (under $100), it was just right (I'm 5'6"). 

Also, the buttons down the front of the skirt are fully functioning so you can unbutton a few from the bottom to show a little leg if you so choose!

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Brittany Adamiak said...

LOVE this dress and I think the low back is such a classy way to show a bit more skin. I have to ask though, because it always deters me from buying things like this, what kind of bra do you wear with this?-Brittany

Summer Wind said...

Hi Brittany! Thank so much :) I am not wearing a bra- I'm flat chested enough that you can't tell, but if you needed to wear one, you'd have to wear a sticky bra!

Dana said...

This maxi was MADE for you!

Pink Champagne Problems

Sarah Weisbrod X Just Cuz Blog said...

All of these dresses are perfect! You look absolutely gorgeous !


Check out my blog if you get a chance babe!

CeeCee said...

I am on the HUNT for a white maxi dress but just not finding anything I love in the sub $100 range. There is a decent one at Nordstrom for right at $100, but it's nothing special. Love this one- but it's a bit more than I want to spend on this "hunt"-- - I am stocking up on white dresses for my bridal events this summer- everything is so photographed you really need several outfits!

Lauren said...

That dress is beyond perfect!


Anonymous said...

Girlllll. You have got to do something about your posture. I thought you went to cotillion?! ;p

Summer Wind said...

Anonymous, I was standing like that for the photos because I was trying to show off the back of the dress and coupled with the crazy wind (trying not to get whipped in the face with sand), it did not make for the 'best posture' situation.

I normally take constructive criticism with stride and appreciate it, but this just seems a little nitpicky, don't you think? We're all human :)

Regine Karpel said...



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