Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Style a Baseball Hat

There's very little 'tomboy' in me, but every once in a while, I love grabbing a baseball cap and heading out the door. Whether it's to keep the sun off my face at the beach or the pool or to hide dirty hair, it's one of my favorite accessories. 

I usually find myself reaching for a baseball cap most when I'm headed out the door on a weekend morning. It's mostly when I don't have the time (or patience, ha!) to deal with my hair and just want to run out for a coffee or brunch! 

I think when styling a baseball cap, the real key is never to try and dress it up. It's a very casual accessory and looks the most natural when worn with a casual outfit. I'll usually throw sneakers on during the weekends because I do a lot of walking so they just make the most sense. You can read all about my love for sneakers and my favorite brands/models, here

And my obsession with white jeans continues. I wear them all. the. time. Seriously, it's almost all I wear. They're just so crisp and easy to throw on... and 'match' with anything. I keep several pairs in rotation so that way, even if a pair or two is in the wash, I have backups! All of my white skinny jeans are these... I've sung their praises before and I'll sing them again because they are the BEST! They have a touch of stretch but are true denim and a nice bright white. They are truly opaque (you can't see the pockets through the material at all! They wear well and wash well, too! Not to mention they are comfortable as ever! They're a little pricey, but well worth it! These white jeans run true to size.

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