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Preppy Feet

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If anyone asks me to describe my style, I first say classic and timeless. Then I add 'with a youthful/city twist' and finish off with 'preppy influences'. There was a time in high school and college where I would have just said that my style is 'preppy', but as I've gotten older, I've refined my wardrobe and taste. Now, it's much clearer to me that I like timeless, classics rather than full-on East Coast preppy. Think diamond stud earrings, black cashmere cable knit sweaters, navy and white striped shirts, tortoiseshell sunglasses, little black dresses, ballet flats, etc.

However, that's not to say that I don't have a ton of pieces in my wardrobe that most would consider preppy. I actually have an affinity for preppy tennis shoes. We're talking the kind that aren't really worn for athletics, but more on the weekends. 

It's also really interesting to me that I'm writing an entire post on tennis shoes because just a handful of years ago, I would not have been caught dead in sneakers of any kind. I always thought they seemed too masculine/sporty or just too casual. I really only ever wore sneakers when working out/going to the gym. Now, I am constantly dressed in athleisure (and apparently so is the rest of America) and sneakers are the only appropriate footwear! Needless to say, I've worked up quite the collection.

I thought I'd round up my favorite brands and styles of 'preppy athleisure' shoes with you because they're the perfect thing to have in your closet for those lazy spring/summer weekends! Also, every single pair I am sharing is under $100!

Tretorn// I feel like the Nylites are the most classic of all the shoes mentioned in this post. I love the green and white, but the all white are pretty chic, too. I have the all-white, but only because I already have too many pairs of green and white sneakers. I am also loving this lower profile all-white sneaker that they are currently making and like most brands, they also offer a leather option. The special thing about this leather option is the contrasting sole, which I love.

Seavees// These have a cool, laid back California/West Coast vibe to them. The two styles I love are the Monterey and the Legend

Jack Purcell// These are made by Converse and are probably one of the most-worn shoes in my closet. I've had them for almost 10 years and they never fail me. Simple, classic, easy wear and also machine washable. They are made from a style from the 1930's worn by Jack Purcell, a Canadian badminton player... definitely timeless! 

Chuck Taylors// A total American classic from Converse. At under $50, they're for everyone. Whether your 5 or 75, these are about as basic and classic as you can get!

Sperry// I can't talk about Sperry without mentioning their classic boat shoe. But let's get one thing straight. There are about a million different versions, but the only one I personally consider a necessity or classic (for both men and women) are the 'authentic original' in nutmeg leather. Now, moving onto the sneakers, a great classic is the seacoast (in ivory with the brown leather laces). I think I love these so much because they remind me of my dad who has always has had a pair like this. Something similar to the seacoast is  the 'crest' sneaker which is a little bit of a modern take. And lastly, I just got introduced to Sperry's newest addition: the 7 seas boat shoe sneaker. They're cute but also totally functional for running/workouts/etc. I wear mine to tennis often and they are SO comfortable. 

Superga// The cotu's are a major classic. They come in a bevy of colors, but I always prefer a white sneaker. The nice part about these is that you can get them dirty, but then throw them right in the washing machine! If you are looking for something a little more luxe or modern, they have a leather option that still has a classic profile, but is updated slightly! 

New Balance// I guess you could go super tradition and go with a 991/992/993. I think they're fine for guys, but honestly, I really don't love them for women. However, I am a huge New Balance fan. I have several pairs and wear them constantly. My favorite pair is the 574 and I most recently got the 696 (which I've been wearing practically daily). Overall New Balance is well-made, comfortable and stylish without being over-the-top. 

Adidas// Although they have had an 'it' moment the past few years, there is no denying that Stan Smiths are an all around classic for both men and women. Be sure to get it in the green. These are my go-to, especially when traveling through airports. They're easy to slip on and off, don't get dirty too easily, are comfortable, and go with pretty much everything. Another great style is the Rod Laver. I don't personally have these, but my dad does and I love them. I'm trying to hold back on buying them because they are so similar to the Jack Purcell, but I really love the vintage look. 

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