Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday Shopping

Visiting Callie in Charlotte was SO much fun. I wish we could have stayed longer, but we are now at the lake! While in Charlotte, we went to 7th Street Market, Two Scoops, J'Adore Nail Boutique, Soul Gastrolounge, Golden Cow Little Village Grill, and Rhino Market.

Soul Gastrolounge was AMAZING. Seriously, if you are in Charlotte, go there immediately. They have an adorable little bar area and their food is all small plates to share, plus sushi, meat kabobs, etc. Every single thing we ate was incredible, but I definitely suggest the tuna tartar tacos and the pork belly and watermelon tacos. Holy cow, sooooooo good. 

I also could not recommend J'Adore Nails more. It was the cutest place for a mani/pedi and the woman who did my manicure gave me the best manicure I've ever had. They also have a 7 day guarantee, so if your nails need fixed/touched up within in 7 days after you receive your manicure, you can go back and get them touched up for free!

Now, I'm officially on vacay mode. Everything is scheduled and my brain is on cruise control. It's SO nice to be somewhere remote with family and friends. I'm looking forward to spending most of my time in a bathing suit in the sun, enjoying cocktails, taking boat rides, water skiing, and lots more!

But, even though I'm checked out, there's some fun coming up next week here on Summer Wind. I'll have a personal post (which makes me a little nervous and excited to post). I'll also be posting a Ritz-Recap/Philly Recap, a Thursday Lately post chock full of fun stuff and some cute outfits. The following week (the first week of August) I have a major surprise, so stay tuned!

Also, just as a little housekeeping: If you Snapchat message me or DM me and do not receive a response, I really apologize about that! I have been getting so many messages lately, which I love and appreciate all of you reaching out, but it can be hard to keep track of sometimes! With Snapchat the disappearing messages I can never remember who asked what, so if you ask something and I need to go find out the answer for you, I typically lose track. And with DM's, once I read them, if I don't respond immediately, they get lost in the shuffle. So, if you have a question, your best bet is to always e-mail me!! I don't want anyone to think I'm ignoring them on purpose.

Nordstrom Sale Try-On
Items Featured In This Post:
The Nordstrom Sale is officially open to the public now, I'm excited about that! Did you catch my try-on post, here?

I also noticed that it looks like a few new items were added into the sale (like this classic navy blazer), so that's exciting! In other news, did you catch the new pieces that Monica Vinader has been rolling out? I've been a fan of the jewelry for years now and I love that there are so many choices now! I'm especially eyeing this ID bracelet. So simple and chic, don't you think? Scroll through the widget above to see more pieces I have been loving!

I packed super lightly this week in terms of clothing because the atmosphere is very casual, but, I brought so many skincare products. One of them being my favorite resurfacing gel. I could not recommend it more. It's SO gentle and my skin gets clearer and clearer everyday. I use it at night and in the mornings! Use code: SYDNEYSPRING20 for 20% off your order!

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Holly Hoehner said...

Grabbed that black dress from Nordstrom! It's so cute on. Also, you've been traveling a lot! Do you still have your job in marketing (I believe it was)?


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