Monday, September 18, 2017

Lululemon Look For Less

Running Tee ($50, in a bunch of colors)// Leggings

I'm a huge Lululemon fan. But, there was a point in time where I was anti-LL. I didn't understand spending a lot of money for something you sweat in. Callie was a big Lulu fan from the beginning and she finally got me hooked. Fast forward a few years, and I wear athleisure almost daily. Whether I'm actually working out or not, I always reach for my favorite leggings of all time because they're comfortable and work for morning coffee runs or night-time walks with Mac. They are expensive, but I've come to live in them- plus the warranty and customer service helps to rationalize it, too. 

But, there are cheaper, just as good options, everyone! I came across this long-sleeved running tee and ordered it on a whim because I was curious. Could it be just like the $78 Swiftly Tech tee?! Why yes, friends, it is! And the best part? It's $28 less than the lulu top!

You can see me rocking the lululemon swiftly tech tee in this blog post, here, so you are able to compare the look/fit. Here are the slight differences I have noticed:

- The look for less has a bit of a higher neckline- which I actually prefer. 
- The look for less material is a bit stretchier (feels like it will hold its shape better)
- The look for less is a bit thicker- almost feels like nicer quality because of that. 
- The 'design' on the look for less (which you can barely see) isn't as cute as lulu's version. 

Other than that, the top is excellent and a great less pricey option. It runs true to size- I am wearing a size small for reference. 

In other news, I've been meaning to talk more about the white sneakers I am wearing in the photos above. They are pricey- which made me hold off for a long time, but holy cow are they the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned. Not only do I love the look (which is what sold me in the first place), but the comfort is unreal. It actually feels better than bare feet- the cushion is so soft and cushy and provides great, flexible support. I love them so much, I'm already eyeing the gray pair because I wear them SO much. 

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