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Friday, September 4, 2015

Classic with a Twist

Sunglasses// Cable Bracelets

So this outfit, admittedly, is 0% creativity on my part because I copied it right from J.Crew if you remember this post. I don't normally copy a outfit from a retailer, but I am In. Love. The classic black sweater set with updated gold buttons is gorgeous and timeless, but pair it with the pleated leather skirt and it gives an otherwise traditional look, a little edge. 

The skirt is SO comfortable. I love leather and sweaters together during the fall. The two fabrics just seem to work seamlessly together and always 1 part cozy, 1 part chic. Not to mention, I have a thing for black skirts. I also like to wear skirts and dresses for as long as possible, because before you know it, the temps are just too cold for bare legs.

Also, fun fact about the background of these photos, this is where a part of the movie, The Fault in Our Stars was filmed! Since the movie was filmed in Pittsburgh, it's really cool to watch and recognize a lot of the locations! Have a fabulous day! 

Thursday, September 3, 2015


I'm really appreciative to those who gave their feedback about this new Thursday posting format, so thank you everyone! I'm glad to hear others are enjoying it. I keep it as a draft all week so it's fun to add bits and pieces from my week as it progresses! Check out last week's post here.

Wearing: New season means fun new additions to my closet! Fall is my favorite partially because of the colors/textures/layering etc. when it comes to outfits! I'm trying to exercise self control when it comes to breaking out my fall things until it gets really chilly, but sometimes it's hard to resist! These Stubbs and Wootton slippers have to be my favorite new arrival in my fall wardrobe. Look out for them in a styled post, soon!

Smelling: Trader Joe's roses. My local TJ's often has a dozen roses (all different colors to choose from) for $10... sometimes even less than that. I'd say I buy fresh flowers around once a month. It's a treat to have them!

Watching: The Longest Ride. I ordered it on demand one night because I have a major crush on Scott Eastwood. It was a cute movie. Slightly cheesy, but worth the watch!

Also Watching: Speaking of Scott Eastwood... Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams video. So good.

Eating: Bruster's Graham Canyon ice cream. One of my favorite flavors of the season! I had a bad Monday, so I gave up that night and just had a double scoop waffle cone for dinner. It was wonderful.

Drinking: I figure I better take a week off suggesting alcoholic beverages considering the past two weeks have been featuring just that! This time, Trop50. It's Tropicana's lower calorie orange juice and it's really good. At just 50 calories a serving, I don't feel so bad having a glass every once in a while! 

Listening: I'm embarrassed to admit I like Justin Bieber's What do you mean? It's been on repeat lately. I'm also working on two music posts, one about my favorite indie/singer/songwriters and my favorite International songs... coming soon!

Pittsburgh-ing: I hate to give up this secret haven of mine, in fear that it gets too popular, but Pho Kim 88 has THE BEST pad thai in the entire world. It's a little hole in the wall off the beaten path, but so so so so worth it.

Reading: It's taken me a little while to get through the September issues but I really enjoyed them all this season! I recycle/ giveaway my magazines, but always keep the September issues!

Also Reading: Target + Cocktails. YES.

Wanting: In your feedback, some asked to see images of the items, so I'm including a scroll through option! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Little Black Skirt

Cashmere Wrap (sold out, similar)// Chanel Bag (less pricey version

If your wardrobe was a palace, the black skirt would reign queen, that's for sure. Very similar to the LBD, it works for any season, any occasion and can be dressed up or down. I was of the opinion that once you own one black skirt, you pretty much own them all... until I saw this unique skirt. 

The sale price had me sold. In less conservative offices, you could definitely get away with this, but I especially love this for nights out with friends, date night, going to an event, etc. I kept this look pretty basic, which is the way I like it. This outfit has also kept me cool for right now, but I think it would look very chic paired with a black turtleneck, tights and pumps for a sleek fall/winter look!  Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Little Tweed Skirt

This skirt caught my eye while online browsing and I knew I had to have it. Classic in the cut and the tweed fabric, but updated with the embellishment and colors. It works for work and play and can transition seamlessly from desk to drinks. Not to mention, it's a great piece for right now, but will look great with tights and booties when the temps dip. 

For those that work in a very conservative office setting, it may be slightly short. It works for my office, but I can definitely see it being too short for some. Definitely very cocktail party appropriate. I would also say it runs small. I am wearing a size 4 and don't have an inch to spare.  I also bought the skirt because I knew it'd pair really well with my pink pumps... which are so darn comfortable. 

I got this top after having it in navy and wearing it so much. It's a pretty basic top but always comes in handy. I now have it in 4 colors. It works really nicely for work and play and the price point is super low which is always a plus! Have a fabulous day!