Thursday, October 29, 2020


We are almost to Halloween weekend and November kicks off this Sunday. I cannot believe it. We also set the clocks back on Sunday which is not really my favorite. I don't love when things get dark SO early but I think it helps to look at the silver lining of that...  it means the holiday season is upon us! I also find that I am much better at going to bed earlier once the clocks fall back. Therefore, I am a much better morning person and I always feel SO much better when I keep to that schedule. 

I think we will end up decorating for Christmas next weekend. I need to be able to shoot things for my website/social media that are Christmas themed, so that's really what is driving the early decorating. Also, I don't mind decorating earlier than usual to get into a festive and cozy atmosphere in our home! We don't host Thanksgiving, so I don't need to worry about that aspect either. Traditionally, at my parent's house, we alwayas decorate the Sunday after Thanksgiving during the Steeler game. 

This week I did a lot of desk work which is never exciting but since it was mostly cold and gray all week, I didn't mind! This weekend, I need to focus on getting our house in order and clean!

The photos above are from a visit to the pumpkin patch back in September and over a month later, I realized I never shared these photos! We had such a fun time at Trax Farms which is south of Pittsburgh! 

Gifting: This advent calendar is SO fun and a good value at under $50. 

Eating: My very favorite Thanksgiving side dish: Green Bean Casserole. What's yours? 

Drinking: Adding this to my cocktail list: a winter aperol spritz

Reading: I'm wondering if anyone has any good seasonal books? I'm looking for a feel-good book that's set during Christmas/holiday time- one that feels great to read with a hot cup of tea at night instead of watching TV!

Sale: My favorite conditioner is on sale right now in the big bottle!! It is regularly $48 and right now it is $28. It makes my hair so soft, healthy, and shiny. 

 Have you guys watched any good movies lately? My fiancé and I just finished The Haunting of Bly Manor and loved it and we are going strong with Blacklist (love it), but on the weekends, sometimes we like to stay in and watch a movie instead of a show! 
Loving: So many great new pieces at J.Crew. They always do tartan so well. I am particularly fond of this sweater for men and am thinking about getting it for my fiancé. It has an early 90s Home Alone vibe that I am just loving! 
Wanting: SO many holiday things starting to pop up and I LOVE it!!! Tartans, metallics, gift sets, etc. ! Also so many cozy things like this down robe which I really think I need. 

Smelling: I burned this candle this week and it's so wonderful. It's a great daytime candle since the grapefruit gives off an 'energizing' scent and the pine smells so fresh. 

Quoting:Always say ‘my peace is more important’ when you find yourself reacting to something that doesn’t deserve your energy.”// See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Gift Guide: Small Business Part II

Gift Guide: Small Business Part II
Gift Guide season is upon us and you saw my first guide last week. Today is the day for the second and final edition of my small business guide. I wanted to get these out as early as possible as to not overwhelm these wonderful businesses! Plus, Christmas is now less than 2 months away!

As a housekeeping note, I will have most (if not all) gift guides live prior to Black Friday/Cyber Monday this year. I know you have all voiced your opinions (thank you!!) and the majority of you have said the sooner the better. So I hear you and we are doing things earlier than usual this year. I am working my hardest to get these all out for you ASAP! Hoping to get two more out for next week. I put a lot of care and thought into all I do, and as frivolous as it sounds, I take my gift guides seriously. I put SO much thought and consideration into each item that I include and I can only hope you can tell in the finished product! 

Mary Caroline Spano Bracelet// I was sent a pair of these beautiful bracelets this past summer. They are just so different and while subtle, they are special! 

Charming Scribe Wedding Memory Book// I shared this in a blog post on its own this summer but these are just SO beautiful. A great gift for a bride-to-be. 

India Amory Tablecloth// I bought my first India Amory tablecloth back in April and love her things. They are so beautiful and colorful! 

Tiny Tassel Earrings// These tassel earrings are SO cute. I love these navy pair but I have a more neutral pair so I can wear with a bunch of different oufits. 

Classic Prep Monograms Beaded Clutch// I ordered one of these for our wedding, but when we had to postpone, I panicked because I knew I had our date beaded into the clutch. So, I reached out to the company to see if it was too late to remove the date on the inside and they said it was but they offered to create an entirely new clutch for me and use my old one for product photos. SO thoughtful and wonderful customer service. The clutch is seriously a work of art and I can't wait to be able to carry it. 

Amanda Lindroth// I ordered my first Amanda Lindroth items this past summer and love her tableware and linens. Everything is bright and fun! 

Vivian Drew// Her earrings are now being sold at Anthropologie which is huge!!! The earrings are stunning and my sister will be wearing a pair in our wedding! 

Sarah Flint// These shoes are serioulsy the BEST. The comfort level is off the charts and they are such high quality. I've pretty much stopped buying Manolos and Jimmy Choo's in favor of Sarah Flint. 

Shop The Avenue Bow// These bows are just adorable. Several colors to choose from and you can have whatever you'd like embroidered on them. 

Mi Golondrina// Love love love Mi Golondrina pieces. They are so beautifully embroidered and the fabrics are crisp and bright. I also have a headband and it's one of my most worn pieces and something I have gotten numerous compliments on. 

Willa Heart// I have a Willa Heart piece in our guest room and love it. I learned about Willa Heart when I was on Nantucket last summer. They sold her pieces at Skinny Dip and I fell in love. The pieces are bright and whimsical and just make me smile. 

Monogram Decal Sticker// I have monogram decals everywhere but these are fun because they are layered! 

Tuckernuck Easton Blouse// One of my most worn pieces of clothing ever. I wrote an entire blog post about this top becuase it's so flattering and comfortable. 

Biscuit Home Linens// I love these beautiful printed linens. Whether you're trying to add some pattern or color to your bedroom or designing a room from scratch, these linens are worth the splurge. 

Plainly Worded Art// Jane is SO talented. I've comissioned three pieces from her: our family dog Mac who passed away in 2018, my parent's house, and the Pittsburgh skyline where we got engaged. 

Monogrammed Tissue Box Cover// No tissue box is bare in our house, ha!! I love these monogrammed tissue box covers as they are beautiful and there are so many embroidery options. 

2020 Gift Guides:

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The Best Artificial Christmas Tree (and most affordable)

The Best Artificial Christmas Tree (and most affordable)

The Best Artificial Christmas Tree (and most affordable)

The Best Artificial Christmas Tree (and most affordable)
We still have a few days left of October, but I just had to put up this post because my Christmas tree is on crazy sale right now. I, admittedly, had to put on some Christmas music to even get me in the right mood to post about holiday decor, haha!! Anyway, it's regularly $379 and right now it is on sale for $199. 

Last year was the first Christmas in our home and so we were in need of a tree. I wanted an artificial one because I was concerned about Henry getting into a real one and eating the pine needles and all of that. I also like to put mine up before Thanksgiving (as we don't host at our house) so a real Christmas tree would likely not make it all the way to the new year so artificial just makes sense for us. 

Last year in early November, I went to ALL of the stores one day with my mom to try and find us a tree. We seriously looked everywhere and took the entire day to browse. I think it's hard to find a faux Christmas tree without seeing them in person because some can look so cheap/fake/tacky. So, we ended up with this tree and it checked off all of my boxes. It is:

- Full looking. There are no gaping holes in it and it does not look sparse. It takes quite a while to fluff it because of this but it is SO worth it. 

- Each branch has dimension because of the variation in color. The tree itself is not just one shade of green. It has a very slight color variation which helps to give it the depth to look like a real tree. 

- I didn't care about it being pre-lit. The lights on any tree are never reliable and always have issues so I would actually prefer to string my own, but these came with lights, which was fine. Usually, a pre-lit tree is much pricier but on sale, this was such a good price, so I didn't mind. I like a tree with a LOT of lights so I think last year we added two more strands to it and if the lights fail in years to come, it really won't matter to me because I will string my own!

- SO easy to put up and store away. Seriously it comes in 3 pieces and also the metal stand is included. We just store it away in the box it came in (which is actually quite compact). I had ordered a special storage sleeve thing for our tree and I ended up returning it because the box was a better option for us. 

- You get a 2-year warranty for the lights and a 5-year warranty for the actual tree.

- I bought ours in-store, but they are currently offering both free shipping and curbside pickup. The box fit in my sedan! with the seats down. 

- The tree does not shed at all. Needles stay intact and don't make a mess. There is also no fake snow or glitter you have to deal with. 
This was a quick iPhone snap at night last year so you can see it in different lighting. I might even add one more string of lights this year, ha!! I just LOVE the glow that a tree gives off. Also, a bit off-topic, but seeing this photo is fun because we have made so much progress in terms of decorating our living room since last year! 

I don't have any links for the ornaments that we have. I have a lot of ornaments from my childhood and some from my fiancé's childhood plus ornaments we have collected from travels over the years or special milestones. I don't love buying a ton of random ornaments that don't have meaning behind them, but I do have a set of colored balls that help to fill out the tree a little better until we get to the point where all of our ornaments are collected. And the most random place to buy beautiful ornaments is Cracker Barrel. There is one in Robinson (outside of Pittsburgh) and we randomly went last year after a Costco trip (it's super close by) and they had unique and well-made ornaments. We spent like 30 minutes 'oohing and ahhing' at them!!! I haven't been back since then, but I want to go back this year and look at them all again, ha!

Monday, October 26, 2020

Everything I Wore For A Weekend In the Finger Lakes

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I shared my weekend in the Finger Lakes over on Instagram so I wanted to take a moment to make sure I share everything I wore! I will also share a travel guide sometime soon as I know many of you are planning trips there!! In the meantime, definitely enter this giveaway which is AMAZING. The Inns of Aurora also gave me a discount code for 15% off of your stay now through May 2021 with code SYDNEY15. 

My girlfriend in these photos is Abby of @belleoftheball45 so definitely check her out to see more of her outfits from the weekend! She not only has the best taste and is gorgeous but she is one of the kindest people. We had SO much fun together. 

The first outfit just might be my very favorite. I saw this Dress online and fell in love with it because I LOVE Blackwatch plaid and then the ruffle collar and the bow in the back are just so cute! When I received it, it was even better than expected as the fabric is a heavier weight textured wool. It really elevates the dress and is such a classic. I am wearing a size small. 

Shop the Look:
These jeans are SO good. This is my first time trying the Mother brand and they are beyond comfortable. Mine are in the shade 'ivory' but it looks like they are sold out in this exact color. However, they do have another white shade in this exact same style. I'm wearing my usual size 27 in these and they fit perfectly with just a touch of stretch. I've had this scarf forever but can't find the exact one online so I am linking a similar one. I have not given this jacket justice yet on Instagram stories. I will share videos of it with you guys because it's truly the coolest jacket I have ever owned. It's a pretty classic style of Barbour but there are lots of leather details and it is slightly longer than my other Barbour jackets. It also has cuff liners so that the wind won't get in. But the thing that sets this one apart is that it is lined with a fux fur vest that you can remove. Once removed, I realized it was a reversible vest so you can wear it on one side and it looks like a beautiful faux fur vest, and then on the other side, it looks like a classic quilted vest. So you can wear the coat with or without the liner and wear the vest two different ways. It's a brilliant design and will work from fall through spring here in Pittsburgh. 
Shop the Look:
Here's a good look at the faux fur side of the vest that is part of the Barbour jacket! It zips right in and out so easily. 

Shop the Look:
These Slippers are one of my best purchases ever. They are SO cozy and so incredibly comfortable. They're great quality, too. I love my Wicked Good Slippers but these are good for fall/spring! 

Shop the Look:
These are by far my favorite dark wash skinny Jeans- I have written lots about them in past posts and I have had these Tennis shoes for years. They are classic and comfortable. This Fleece is such a beautiful shade of green and perfect for fall. I sized up to a medium. I find the small to fit true to size, everywhere but the shoulders so I always size up in Dudley Stephens! So I would say size up if you have broader shoulders like me, but if not, get your usual size! I also love this style so much with leggings. 

// Jeans (old, similar)// Tennis shoes
Shop the Look:
I've tried to get into the Amazon sunglasses thing. You can find some designer look-alikes for $15 and I really don't mind them but I have never found a cheap pair that I truly love. These sunglasses are so much nicer. They are weightier, have a great lens (makes things brighter), and you can't see your eyes through the lens. I love the shape and the tortoise. They truly look and feel like $450 designer sunglasses and they're only $99. I highly recommend these! 

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