Thursday, March 22, 2018

Lately 3/22/2018

Jeans (old)// White Sneakers (such a classic, under $100)
Wow did this week fly by! I actually cannot believe it is Thursday already. I'm excited for the weekend, but still have a lot of work to do before I get there.

On Tuesday evening, I spoke at Duquesne University students about SEO (search engine optimization) and it was a lot of fun. I always psych myself out before I speak in front of a group, but once I'm doing it, I remember how much I really enjoy it!

Wednesday I got together with one of my BFF's, Aly. She has been away for a while and it was so nice to catch up with her!

Tonight, if I can make time, I am going to head to Homegoods to see if I can pick up some more 'cheap' toys for Henry to destroy. I've felt a bit guilty/bad for him. He's been cooped up inside a bit more than usual this week becuase of the snow and I can't wait for him to experience warmer weather here and take long walks with me!
Wearing: While in Charleston, Vineyard Vines invited me in to check out their King Street shop! It's a beautiful store with a great location. I was excited to see all of the beautiful pieces in person. I picked up this navy bomber jacket and I am OBSESSED. It's probably not something I would have chosen from just seeing it online, but after trying it on in person, I knew I had to have it! VV has sooo many great pieces out right now, I want them all! Scroll through the widget above to see some of my favorites!

Reading: This was such an interesting article about healthy eating. It's SO hard to navigate eating and nourishing yourself in 2018 because of all of the fad diets and food trends out there. This article is really long, but easy to digest in Q+A style form with a doctor. It's so eye opening. But basically, the overall vibe of the article is to eat less meat and more of a plant-based diet. I kind of knew that already, but I do love my meat! Here's to me preparing more vegetarian meals!

Watching: The trailer for the Mr. Roger's movie, 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' has been released! I absolutely cannot wait to see this documentary. I am such a fan of everything Fred Rogers. He is a truly inspiring man and a Pittsburgh icon. I watched Mr. Roger's growing up as a child, and was fortunate enough to be able to see some of the set up close and personal here in Pittsburgh. My Pappap (my mom's dad) was a musician and he actually used to play with Joe Negri (Handyman Negri!). There's also a biopic with Tom Hanks coming out and I can't wait for that, too! 

Loving: Lilly Pulitzer and Pottery Barn collaborated on a line of housewares and it's realllllly making me wish I owned a beach home somwhere warm and tropical! They do have some understated pieces, though, like this sham and this adorable little gold seat turtle box! I also need to find a place to put this mirror, stat, because it is absolutely gorgeous!
Naomi Ankle Scarf-Tie Denim Block Heels
Loving II: Are these not the cutest sandals ever?! I got them about a week ago but haven't had a chance to wear them since it's been ridiculous here in Pittsburgh (read: snowy and frigid). 

Wanting: Scroll through to see some of my favorites from this week. I have a lot!

Quoting: 'Mindset is what separates the best from the rest.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Pillow Combinations for Bedroom

Pillow Combinations for Bedroom
Standard White Sham (mine is monogrammed in white)
Shop the Pillows:

My blue additions to my bedroom are well underway! I just got this pillow in the mail and it's basically what inspired me to add some blue to my all-white/neutral bedroom. I'm seriously in LOVE with the pillow- the quality is superb so I'm happy for it to be the focus of my bed! So, today I'm coming at you with combinations of pillows. 

When I originally moved into my apartment, I mocked up everything and did it to scale. I'm not the best when it comes to interior design and I'm much more of a visual person, so seeing things 'mocked up' really helps me. 

I have a few pillows in mind but I wanted to see what combos you prefer, too! Keep in mind that since this is such a rough mock-up, all of the blues will match and the whites are all the same shade, too (bright white)! They're just not picturing well as mockups. 

I know which one I am leaning towards, but I'll keep that to myself so I can gauge your opinion! I know many of you have good interior design eyes because you have helped me in the past with decisions like this!

Lastly, I am pulling the blue in with this throw, these coasters, and this tissue cover! I can't wait to see it all come together, it's the perfect dose of calming color for spring! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

charleston south carolina outfit

spring in charleston south carolina

review of Barrington Gifts Nantucket tote

 5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

 5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

barrington Gifts Nantucket Tote

 5 Must-Have Items for Women On-the-Go

Whether I'm traveling to a different state or different country, running errands, or visiting my parent's house, I am always on-the-go. I have my home base, but I'm usually not there much! Because of this, I carry a lot with me and am always prepared. 

So today, I'm partnering with Barrington Gifts to share 5 things that are crucial to have with me at all times!

A Good Tote// Finding the best tote to fit your lifestyle is similar to finding a pair of jeans that fit just right... it's tough. My newest tote is this Barrington Gifts Nantucket Tote. I have so many of Barrington's totes and I love them all. I find that the St. Anne tote is great as an everyday handbag, the Yacht tote is the perfect travel bag, and the Belmont Cabin Bag is a perfect weekender. 

My current favorite tote, though, is the Nantucket tote. I just received it from Barrington a few weeks ago and it has been my go-to bag. I carried it as a carry-on to Charleston and I loved it because it has so many pockets to stay organized. While in Charleston, it was the perfect tote for walking around the city. I was able to carry more than enough! And at home, I've been using it as my on-the-go tote as it holds my computer, camera, notebooks, and a big bottle of water.

Other pieces from Barrington that I love: this laptop sleeve and this luggage tag. With graduation season coming up, I think these two items are great graduation pieces and they are both priced well under $100!

Portable Phone Battery// Since a large part of my job is social media, I am always on my phone and therefore, it's always dying. A portable battery is always with me. If I am traveling, I sometimes bring two or three, just in case.

Snacks/Water// Hangry is a very real thing for me. I get so mean and irritable if I am very hungry so I'll usually carry around a granola bar/protein bar, a piece of fruit (usually an apple), and a string cheese. I also have some sort of sparkling water with me (passionfruit La Croix is my latest obsession) and sometimes either coffee or flat water. 

Beauty Touch-ups// I don't like to carry around all of my makeup, but typically, I carry a translucent powder, lip color/balm, and concealer. That way, if something comes up while I am out, I am able to freshen up a bit. I'll also sometimes be at my parents all day and then head to dinner with them, so it's nice to have things on hand so I don't need to run home for any reason! 

Travel Wrap// 
I write about my love for travel wraps all the time. But, I seriously can't go without them. In the winter they can double as a scarf and in the summer they can act as a blanket when you're at your desk and the air conditioning is on full-blast. Being cold makes everything miserable so I'm always prepared! 
More favorites from Barrington Gifts:
Thank you to Barrington Gifts for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Monday, March 19, 2018

Pinboard Inspiration

So this is not some groundbreaking idea, but I thought I'd write about this in order to get your opinion! Do you have a pinboard in your office/by your desk?

I'm typically one of those people that do not like clutter and I keep my desk space pretty neat and organized at all times. I don't really have many photos displayed to remind me of the people I love nor do I have any ticket stubs or anything to remind me of the fun times as I'm pouring over Excel spreadsheets (blah). Because of this, I feel a touch uninspired. 

I think one of the solutions to creating a more inspiring space is to put up a pinboard near my desk. It would highlight some of my favorite branding that I have saved, I could pin some of my favorite photos, ticket stubs, and more. I actually have an entire folder filled with things that I have saved that inspire me. I never really see what is in the folder, though.

The other night I was trying to get organized and I went through all of my folders/paper to get rid of anything I didn't need. Well, I started looking through my inspiration folder (like a physical Pinterest board) and I immediately became reinspired. Whether it was a swatch of fabric or a napkin from a hotel, there were so many pretty things in the folder and so many great memories.

So, I think I am going to get a pinboard to put on a wall next to my desk, but I worry it may look too cluttered... or like a college dorm room. What do you think? Do you have a pinboard in your space? I pulled the images above to give me some ideas because I think they all look organized and 'clean'. Scroll through the widget above to see the boards I am considering! 

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