Friday, May 17, 2019

TV I Love + What I Want to Watch

The Best TV to Watch 2019
There are so many of my favorite shows coming out with new seasons this year that I thought it would be fun to share with all of you! I'm sure a lot of you already watch some of these, too. I also thought it would be fun to share some of the shows that are on my 'to watch' list. I feel like I have watched everything and yet somehow, I still have a 'to watch ' list! 

I'm honestly not a huge TV watcher. I usually like something on in the background while I work- it's either music or something like Friends, Grey's Anatomy, or Growing pains. Otherwise, I don't watch much day-to-day. I usually like to binge it all in a few days and then not watch for a while. It's so hard to keep up with a live show that comes on every week! 

But, with all of the new seasons coming out, it looks like I will be spending a little more time by the TV! What shows are you watching right now? What didn't make my list that I should be watching? 

Shows I am Currently Watching
This is an HBO miniseries about the nuclear explosion in Russia in the 80's. It's being released episode-by-episode so I have only watched one but so far I love it. I love a historical drama and I knew of Chernobyl from high school history but I honestly didn't know much about it so it is really interesting to learn about this piece of history. As always with HBO, the production is really well-done. 

Southern Charm
Season 6 (Bravo) just premiered this week and I love this show! It's mindless and the drama is outrageous. It's clearly staged and yet I can't get enough. I share my thoughts on instastories with this one and I so enjoy going back and forth with all of you while you watch, too! 

Real Housewives of New York
I've been a faithful RHONY (Bravo) fan since day one. I watch RHOBH, too, but I'm really only consistent and faithful with RHONY. (all ELEVEN seasons). This season is a bit of a snooze in my opinion, though. I need to catch up on 2 episodes that I have missed so far. It's harder to keep up when I'm not as interested. 

Summer House
This is one of those shows you can have on in the background of whatever you are doing (ie. working, cooking dinner, etc.). It's mindless and so silly but I also can't stop! It's about friends who share a summer house in the Hamptons together and all of the partying that they do. A guy from Pittsburgh is in it, so that's why I started watching it in the first place. I don't highly recommend it, but it's ok. 

The Act
This is a Hulu show based on a real story. I actually recommend the documentary (HBO) first, called Mommy Dead and Dearest. The documentary is better in my opinion. The real-life story is about a mom with Munchausen by proxy and how she scams and cons her way through life with her daughter. It's fascinating but also so creepy. I have had this playing while I work- but that is because I already knew the story from watching the HBO documentary. You'll need to pay full attention to the show if you don't watch the doc first! 

Shows With a New Season I Look Forward To Watching
Handmaid's Tale
The 3rd season (Hulu) premieres on June 5th. I cannot wait for this. I absolutely love this show. It is so dark and creepy/scary at times. It's about a futuristic dystopian society and you just can't look away. Highly recommend! 

Big Little Lies 
The 2nd season (HBO) premieres on June 6th. The first season was based off of Liane Moriarty's book. I guess originally, they weren't planning on a second season, but now have written a second because the first was so popular. The all-star cast (um hello, Reese Witherspoon!!) is incredible and the storyline is so crazy. I can't wait to see what is in store for season 2. 

Stranger Things
This premieres (Netflix) on the 4th of July! Which, kind of stinks, because I definitely won't be inside watching TV then, but I'll be so looking forward to catching up on season 3 of this show. It is SO good and has the best 80's throwback vibes. The actors are so good and started at such a young age- thoroughly impressed! A good couple show- both my fiancé and I love this! 

The Crown
The season 3 date hasn't been revealed yet, but based on the previous 2 seasons, everyone seems to be guessing for a December release. A new season hasn't been released since December 2017 so I am waiting here with bated breath! This show is SO good, it is all about the British Monarchy and I've read that the historical details are pretty accurate. The acting, sets, filming, etc. are all so well done. The only thing that is annoying is that it's sometimes hard to understand the actors! I have to pause and rewind a lot. This is definitely one of those shows that you cannot be doing anything else- your full attention has to be on the show or you'll miss something. 

Season 3 (Netflix) has not released their premiere date, but it's definitely signed on for the 3rd season. Critics are guessing sometime later this year- possibly August/September. This show is dark and all about laundering money. I had to Google a lot of things in the first season to understand how money laundering works, but it's such a good show. This one is like the Crown in that it is really detailed and a lot happens in one episode, so you really have to pay attention. I watch this with my fiancé so it could be a good couple show! 

I didn't love the first episode or two, but I kept going and ended up loving the first season. The second season (Netflix) premieres this August. I first started watching it because a lot of it is filmed in Pittsburgh. It's about serial killers and the entire season followed an overarching story but the individual episodes were about different serial killers.

Shows I Want to Watch
The Society
This is a new series that just premiered on Netflix (May 10th). I haven't had time to start it yet, but it's on my list. It's based on parents disappearing and the kids having to create their own society. It looks really interesting- I feel like it could be really good or really bad, one of those 'no in-between' type of shows. 

The Twilight Zone
This is a new series based on the old series and I really want to watch! I have so many shows on my list, I just haven't had the time! This is on CBS. 

This is an older show about a murderer who also happens to work in law enforcement. You can stream all 8 seasons on Netflix. I actually have started to watch a few episodes of season 1 and I really like it. I just haven't had the time to really get into it! My fiancé really likes this one, too so it could be a good season to watch together as a couple! 

Killing Eve
The newest season is going on right now, but you can stream the others on Hulu. It stars Sandra Oh as an agent for MI6. My sister watches this and says it is really good! 

Game of Thrones
My fiancé and I want to start this together (HBO). Clearly, it's a fan favorite, but I just never got into it. I've never seen an episode before, so I'm curious if I will like it- it just doesn't seem like a show I'd like, but we'll see! 

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
I tried to watch this and could not get into it. Everyone always seems so shocked when I tell them this and they urge me to try it again because it seems like something that would 'be right up my alley'. So maybe I will give this another shot; eventually. I just thought the vibe seemed like they were going to break out in song and dance any second and so I quit, ha! 

Thursday, May 16, 2019


Lemon Espadrilles// Denim Shorts (old, similar)

This week was an uneventful, but a nice week! I got SO much done, which makes me feel very good leading into summer! It was rainy to start, which was kind of a bummer, but it started to clear up later on this week and Henry and I clocked a lot of steps on some walks! 

In terms of the house, this past weekend, I got some great furniture pieces and ordered a few more things... we are chugging right along! 

I also signed some more wedding contracts this week so I am really checking things off left and right. It's crazy to think we are still 11 months out and yet I have almost the entire wedding planned already. My event planning job (was my first job out of college!) is really paying off, ha! Now, I mostly just have the grunt work to do- like edit the program and invitation language, edit the out-of-town guest itineraries, format the guest list in Excel, etc. All of those boring, tedious things that just have to be done! We also still have to do Pre-Cana!

This weekend, I am headed to Charlotte with my parents and Grammie to visit my sister and celebrate my Grammie's 93rd birthday! Callie and her boyfriend just bought a new home in Charlotte so we are very excited to see it and help her move, too!

Wearing: Talbots sent me the cutest lemon-themed package last week and I am obsessed! The pieces are so cute and fun for summertime and realllly make me want to jet off to Italy ASAP!

Eating: I had a revelation just recently. I love the red, white, and blue popsicles and they are the perfect after-dinner treat when you want something sweet that isn't crazy high in calories. It's just sugar- albeit not good for you at all, but there are much worse sweets! My revelation, though, is that the Popsicle brand version are nowhere near as good at The Bomb Pops. Keep an eye out because Bomb pops are harder to find! 

Drinking: Did you guys see the NYTimes article about Aperol Spritz?! I am a huge Aperol Spritz fan. Not only is the drink gorgeous but it is so refreshing and delicious. I wouldn't necessarily drink more than one in a sitting, but it is a fun drink and extra delicious when made well. What do you think?

Reading: What is everyone reading this summer? As we are about to head into Memorial Day weekend, I need to get a few new good books. I always look for light and fun when it comes to summer reads! My fiancé has a Kindle and he loves it- I am thinking about getting one to toss in my pool bag to take to the club! I haven't read a single Bridal Magazine (I'm not into magazines, but I think I might pick up a few for this summer- I'm only a bride-to-be once! 

Sale-ing: This athletic sweater is one of my favorites. I wear it all of the time because it is cute and comfortable. Right now it's over $50 off! 

 Did you guys watch Southern Charm?! Besides Real Housewives of NY, SC is definitely my favorite Bravo show! If you are new here, I share my thoughts while I watch the show on instastories and it is SO much fun to chat with all of you who are also watching! 

Listening: May's playlist is going strong- this is definitely my best of 2019... I had been slacking! 

Loving: I stumbled upon this swimsuit (top, bottom) and it is SO cute. It looks so much like my Marysia scalloped suit and the entire set is just $40! If you prefer a one-piece, this one is so cute, and this striped bikini is also adorable. 

Wanting: This adorable top looks SO much like Mi Golondrina but for so much less. It is gorgeous! 

Pittsburgh-ing: You are only really going to get this one if you are a true Pittsburgher, but did you hear that Kennywood's Potato Patch CHANGED THEIR CHEESE?! Kennywood is our local amusement park and during elementary/middle/high school, we actually had Kennywood day where we would have a day off of school to go to Kennywood. I went back a few years ago for Fright Night, which is like their Halloween celebration, and it wasn't like I remembered so I haven't planned to go back. However, Potato Patch fries are a hallmark of growing up in Pittsburgh! I'm glad to report, though, that Kennywood announced that they would get rid of the new cheese and go back to the old. Phew. 

Traveling: I'm headed to Charlotte, North Carolina this weekend to visit my sister! It's my grammie's 93rd birthday and we are celebrating Callie and her boyfriend buying a new house! Can't wait! 

Quoting: 'Be brave enough to be bad at something new.' -John Acuff// See more of my favorites, here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Wedding Wednesday: Eyelash Extensions FAQ

Wedding Wednesday: Eyelash Extensions FAQ
Today's Wedding Wednesday is all about eyelash extensions. I have been getting them for years now and absolutely love them. I couldn't recommend them more, but I also totally realize that they are not for everyone.

However, for anyone getting married, in my opinion, this is a MUST. You can read why below!

Where do you get them done?
 I used to go to Fluhme in Warrendale, but they are closed now so I go to Salon Blanca and the only reason I go there is because Brittany is there. She is the only one who has ever done my lashes and she does them SO well. The salon is really far away from my house but worth it because Brittany is the best. 

My suggestion is to only go to a reputable salon and don't go somewhere 'cheap' that you found on Groupon. Do your research on the person doing it and the salon- these are your eyes, you need to make sure that the salon and the person are very legitimate. I'd also suggest calling the salon to find out what products they use and do your research on the products, too.

How much does it cost?
Since I am going to a new salon, I'm not positive on the pricing from the get-go, it differs from salon-to-salon. But, a fill, costs me $60 (plus tip). This is not cheap- there is nothing inexpensive about eyelash extensions. Cost is definitely something to factor in before you decide to commit to them. 

Is the cost worth it?
I am always asked if things are 'worth it' and I find that question to be so subjective. For me, the cost is 100% worth it. Do I wish it was cheaper? Of course. However, I am taking photos of myself all of the time and I find that the extensions make my eyes pop in photos (I have somewhat small eyes) and that is primarily why I get them done. It definitely boosts my confidence.

I think if you are not having photos taken all of the time, that you do not need to be getting these done on a regular basis. If I weren't in photos every week, I would only get them done for special occasions. 

But, if you are a bride, I highly recommend eyelash extensions. They define your eyes so much in photos and will really make them pop. Plus, you're likely to cry on your wedding day and this will keep you from making a mess of your mascara. You'll also then have them for your honeymoon and if you are going someplace where you'll be swimming, etc. you won't have to worry about mascara! 

My mom and sister are getting them done for my wedding and I can't wait to see them with the lashes! My mom has sparse lashes and I think it will be a game changer for her! 

How long do they last?
They last about a month. This differs from person to person and depends on how rough they are with their lashes. It also depends on how well the technician applies the lashes and what glue they use. I find that mine look really good for about 2 weeks and if I wait for the 3rd week, they start to look really sparse. 

The first few days after you get them filled are when they look the fakest (in my opinion). But, you want them to be really full and fake looking for the first few days because that's when they look the best in photos. Once a few fall out here and there (on day 3 and 4), they look much more natural and so much less fake looking.

If you are a bride, I would get them refilled on Thursday if you have a Friday rehearsal and Saturday wedding and are going on your honeymoon the following week.

How often do you get them filled?
I get them filled every 2-3 weeks. 

Do they look natural? 
In my opinion, I can tell when someone has eyelash extensions. You can get eyelash extensions that look really natural, but with that, they aren't going to give you the oomph that you want for photos and I am honestly not sure I would pay for that because they look too much like your own lashes. If you want that look, I would suggest neulash or a lash tint/lift.

I am all for looking natural- I don't like fake looking things so when I first got eyelash extensions, I was worried about looking fake/tacky and 'plastic'. To be honest, the eyelashes are a little fake looking but I am willing to accept that because of how good they look in photos. I do think they look much better/more natural than strip lashes, though. 

When you first get them, you will think they are too much. I did. They totally define your eyes and make them pop. But, you get used to them quickly and then seeing your eyes without them is so weird. It's kind of like getting your braces off, you think your teeth look so big at first and then you get used to your smile without braces, ha! 

In photos, for the most part, you can't tell that they are eyelash extensions and they look natural. I grew up as a dancer and cheerleader and one of the things that you are taught when you are dancing is to exaggerate your motions because you are on a stage and people won't see your moves unless they are exaggerated. Same with facial expressions! While cheerleading we were always told to make big facial expressions (we were literally told to say the vowels with our mouths, ha!!). And, also with our makeup, we put on more than we would normally so your features can be seen from far away. 

This is my mindset with the eyelashes, they are exaggerated if you are up close, but in photos, they look normal. 

Do they damage your eyelashes? Do your lashes stop growing?
Sooooo many people think this and I am sure there are some legitimate horror stories out there. But no, your lashes do not get damaged and they never stop growing. Your eyelashes actually regenerate quite often. I think people who have gotten extensions think they fall out more often just because when your eyelash falls out, it's more noticeable because the lash is so much longer and thicker. Whereas, you don't really notice if a natural lash falls out. 

Your lashes don't stop growing either. I think people think their lashes are 'ruined' afterward because they get so used to seeing such long, thick, curled lashes that once they come off, your real lashes are just not bold like that. 

So no, as long as you find someone reputable that used good products, your eyelashes will be totally fine. And, if you have a problem afterward, use neulash and in about 2 weeks, you'll have your lashes back to where you want them. Neulash truly works, it's amazing. 

Is it painful/uncomfortable?
It is not at all painful or uncomfortable. It is annoying because it is time-consuming. The first time you go, it can take around an hour and a half, maybe even longer. Laying down with your eyes shut for that long is frustrating. When I get them filled, it's around 45 minutes to an hour, which is still annoying, but honestly, my hair appointments take way longer than that. 

I love chatting with Brittany during my appointments. She is so great and we usually chat the entire appointment which makes it fly by. If you don't want to chat, you can easily pop in headphones to listen to a podcast or music or an audiobook. You could even use it as a time to meditate and reflect or even take a nap! 

Do you use normal skincare products while you have your lashes on? Can you wash your face?
Yes! I don't really wear eye makeup, so it's not really an issue in terms of removing eye makeup, but instead of getting my entire face wet when washing, I use the Olay Daily Facials which is truly the best product ever. They are dry cloths that you can wet and then they not only remove your makeup but also cleanse and exfoliate your skin. They make it so easy to avoid my eye area. I use these every night. They are one of my holy-grail products. 

I honestly think that the lashes will help me with preventing wrinkles, which sounds kind of crazy, but I never touch my eyes/eye area anymore! 

As for skincare, I use all of my regular products.

Do you wear mascara?
I never wear mascara on my top lashes. Day-to-day I don't wear much makeup and I don't put anything on my bottom lashes. But, if I am getting dressed up, I put mascara on my bottom lashes. I almost never wear eyeliner because the lashes define my eyes plenty. 

How do you shower with them on?
You can shower normally and just try not to get your entire face wet. I do this and yes, my lashes do get wet, but it's really not a big deal. You don't have to be as careful with them as it seems. 

Can you workout and get sweaty?
Yes! It's recommended that you don't get super sweaty or get them wet for 24 hours to let the glue fully dry. I usually shower right before my appointment and then wait to shower again after the 24 hour period is over. 

Can you swim underwater?
Yep. I notice when I am on vacation, they do not last as long, but they'll easily last you your entire vacation. If you swim every day, though, I would not recommend eyelash extensions, they just won't last long enough to be worth the cost. 

Have you ever had an allergic reaction?
Nope, but this can happen, which is why I would suggest finding someone who uses great products, is good at what he/she does, and the salon is nice and clean.

My biggest tip for brides is to go in at least a few sessions before your actual wedding because you want to make sure you love them (they can be removed if you don't) and you want to make sure your application goes smoothly! 

Never, never, never get them done for the first time the week of your wedding. 

Do they work for very straight lashes?
Yes! I have nice long lashes, but they are so straight. I find that the extensions add a curl and make me look so much more awake! 

Why did you choose extensions over a lash serum, lash lift, etc?
I think lash serums and a lash lift/tint are more natural options. If I wasn't a blogger and not always in photos, I would probably just use neulash. There is no denying it.  Eyelash extensions are high maintenance and costly. But, like I said, they make a huge difference in photos!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Wish List

Wish List
Gold Flower Earrings// I don't know what it is, but I have been gravitating towards statement earrings lately and these gold flowers are just so fun but also neutral so they will go with everything!

White Dress// I love the silhouette of a midi dress because it's so easy to move in and just all around easier to wear, in my opinion! This is a fun take on a white dress because of the multi-color poms all over! 

Pink Sweatshirt // I love a crewneck sweatshirt. I already have wayyyy too many but they are just so classic and so cozy! I love this pink shade and it is currently on sale! 

Plaid Swimsuit// This looks a bit vintage to me and I think that's why I love it so much! Plaid always has my heart. 

Pajamas// This brand of pajamas will always go on my wish list until the end of time because you can never have too many sets and they are the softest pajamas EVER! 

Wine Purifier// I currently don't own a wine purifier, but I definitely want one. Apparently, if your purify your wine, it will not only taste better but it is supposed to give you less of a hangover. 

Jack Rogers Sandals// Jack Rogers are my go-to sandal. They have been for forever. They're just so easy to wear, hold up well, and are comfortable once they're broken in! 

Cade and Cedarwood// I am so excited about this scent. It smells SO good... musky and a little manly but also still very fresh!

Frames// I've been looking at so many different frames trying to decide which to get! I just love these because they are a bit casual!

Flag Sweatshirt// Another sweatshirt made the list but I just can't resist. I've had my eye on this one for a long while. It's so unexpected to pair lime green with a more traditional color palette of red, white, and blue, but for some reason, it works. 

Major Glow Mask// This is my latest skincare obsession. They are moisturizing masks and truly work. I noticed an immediate improvement in my skin's texture and overall it looked more even and glowy. The next morning, I could not get over how soft and smooth this made my skin feel. I'll for sure be doing this mask leading up to my wedding. Love. You can use code SYDNEY for 20% off! 

V-Neck Tee// I think the preppy striped detailing on this otherwise basic tee makes it a little more special. Great to wear with jean shorts for a super casual summer outfit. 

Fish Coasters// I've been in Target a lot lately and these are just SO cute. I honestly had no reason to get them because they don't really go with my decor but if they did, I would have because they're so fun! 

Sunscreen Kit// I haven't purchased this but I kind of want to get it. I love trying new products and I've been very into SPF lately! Plus, it would be nice to have a few products to toss in different bags so I always have sunscreen with me! 

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