Monday, August 20, 2018

Living Room Reveal

This is a photo-heavy post, so I hope you'll stick with me as you scroll through! Today I'm sharing my living room with all of you! I shot these photos months ago and have been meaning to post them. Since then, I got a new couch and coffee table. That's another story for another day. But today I'm sharing one of my favorite spaces. I love the way everything turned out- it took me about a full year- even longer, to feel like everything was 'complete'. Scroll to the bottom to read the rest of the post! 

Dresser// Ralph Lauren Lamp (similar)

Tufted Leather Couch (similar)// Bachelors Chest (antique, similar)

Candlesticks (similar)// Tray (similar)
Teapot// Decanter (similar)
Eagle Regency Mirror (antique, similar)

Silver Frames (similar)
Trinket Box (similar)

Silver Tray (similar)// Brass Frame (similar)
Nantucket Print bought on the island 
Blue and White Lamps (similar)

Dresser (I use as a TV console but store my sweaters in the drawers)
Blue and White Ginger Jar (similar) 

This cabinet is used as my bar, but it is actually an old radio cabinet passed down to me. It is one of my favorite pieces ever. 

Antique Chair (similar)// Monogrammed Pillow

One of the biggest challenges for me is that I have 14-foot ceilings but still wanted a cozy feel. Typical ceilings here in Pittsburgh (old homes) are 8 feet and 'high ceilings' are usually 9-feet. The space's footprint is actually small, but the room feels huge because of the two 10-foot windows and 14-foot ceilings. Because of that, I tried to use chunkier pieces such as the chair/ottoman to make the space feel cozy. 

Since the walls and carpet are light, I went with contrasting wood and the brown leather couch. I love blue and white so I added subtle details throughout. Since dark wood can tend to be heavy I countered it with the light upholstered chair, plaid ottoman/ottoman, and glass coffee table

I know this is a big requested topic, so I tried to link as much as I could. A lot of pieces are antiques that I either found or were passed down to me, so they don't have a source but I did try to find similar items! 

I shot these photos before I had people over for drinks and snacks before heading out to dinner! I absolutely love having people over and entertaining. I can't cook well, but I love setting out a beautiful spread of snacks!
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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Saturday Shopping 8/18/2018

This week was a bit of a doozy because I was sick in bed 3 out of the 5 days. Ick. But I've finally started feeling a lot better and I feel like a new person! Using this weekend to relax before a lot of travel this week!

I didn't get to browse too much since I was mostly in bed but there have been some really good fall pieces catching my eye and I can't help but be so excited for fall! 

Friday, August 17, 2018

Cashmere Favorite

la ligne cashmere

la ligne cashmere

la ligne cashmere

la ligne cashmere
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I wanted to share a new-to-me cashmere brand that I came across recently called, La Ligne  (also here). The stripes are what originally caught my eye and when I ordered one, I was blown away by the quality. The cashmere is so thick and soft and all of the seams are just so well constructed. 

It's kind of dangerous because there are so many different striped versions- right now I'm eyeing this one and this one. They're expensive, but the quality matches the price! 

I wore this on a cool morning this past weekend. The Strip District is so close to my apartment so I often walk there to grab meats and cheeses! I was so glad to have a few cool days. It started getting me excited for fall weather and alllll of the beautiful sweaters!

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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Lately 8/16/2018

I think the health Gods are up against me or something. I was sick last week with stomach issues and on Tuesday I woke up with the worst cold. My throat started to hurt Monday night and then Tuesday I was almost totally out of commission. What on earth! I almost never get sick so this is just wild to me! 

I have an extremely busy next week so this week has been spent at the computer trying to plan ahead. I am headed to Cincinnati and then a separate trip to Nashville next week. As I am planning ahead, all I can think about is FALL! 

I keep seeing the cutest stuff online and I am just itching for it to cool down! We actually had one of the best days weather-wise on Thursday of last week. I wore this pullover because it was cool in the shade!

This week I also booked a trip for September and another for November both of which I am so excited about! A group of us have even started talking about New Year's plans (any votes on where to?!).  

Wearing: Everybody's favorite pullover is back in stock! I have two colors and wear both so often. They are cozy and cute and the price is always great. Also, the black shorts I am wearing in the photos above are amazing. They're kind of like Nike tempo shorts on the bottom but the waistband is higher waisted and in a different material. The waistband sits super flat so the fit is just so insanely comfortable!

Reading: Last week my high school alma mater was ranked 15 out of over 10,000 high schools and now this week my college, James Madison University is ranked 39 out of 727 colleges. Not bad, not bad!

Eating: The weather was gorgeous on Saturday so we took Henry for a walk in Frick Park and then we headed to D's in Regent Square. They seriously have the best hotdogs! I can't decide if I like Franktuary or D's better- it's a toss-up!

Sale-ing: Tuckernuck's sale is still going strong with lots of items available! Can we also talk about their Maine editorial? It is drool-worthy from the outfits to the scenery. 

 I just finished The Staircase documentary on Netflix. The first half of episode one was a little confusing and the footage looks so dated that I couldn't get into it. But, as I kept watching I was totally into it! If you like crime/murder mysteries, this is totally for you. I still can't decide on whether or not I think he did it or not! 

Listening: This recommendation isn't going to be for everyone, but Mac Miller's new album is really good. I'm a huge Mac fan- I might be a bit biased because he is from Pittsburgh but his Blue Slide Park album is one of the best in music (I literally love every single song on the album). I didn't love his last album so I was really glad to love most of Swimming.
Loving: My cute little Hen! I have so many nicknames for him it's kind of ridiculous.

Wanting: I go through periods where I love Tory Burch and then don't find anything I particularly enjoy. Right now, I am loving TB! The new clothing and shoes out for early fall are gorgeous. They have a prim and proper, Jackie O vibe that I just love. I could see Jackie wearing this beautiful white dress and coat! Can we also discuss this wine-hued bag by Ferragamo? Every single season, they just knock it out of the park with their designs and this season is no different.

Traveling: Next up Cincinnati for a quick trip with Olay! I'm so excited. I have actually never been to Cincinnati. I have driven through many times so I am glad to get 24 hours there!

Quoting: 'Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.' - Oprah Winfrey // See more of my favorites, here. 

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