Thursday, March 21, 2019


As of yesterday, we have officially entered SPRING! See ya, winter! It has actually been pretty mild lately so I am loving it and fully embracing spring with open arms.

This week has been great- I've been crossing a lot off of my to-do list and continue to put in extra work so I can give myself a little time for the move!

I get the keys to my new house next Friday and I am so excited. I'm going to do a full post because I'm having allll of the feelings about this huge change about to take place. It's such a big change and now that it is finally here, I am nervous! It's a good, happy nervous, but nerves are nerves.

This past weekend I had a big group of people over to celebrate St. Patrick's Day and I said to them 'this is probably going to be the last time you are in my apartment'. It was so weird! So, this weekend and all next week I am planning on fully embracing my apartment and downtown life because it won't look like this as of next weekend!

Wearing: I love a good athleisure set and this navy one is so perfect for spring. The sweater is such high quality. These are my favorite leggings because not only do they have a really nice high waist and hit me right at the ankle (I'm 5'6"), but they have TWO pockets on each side of the leg. Whenever I'm walking Henry it is so nice to have these pockets to be able to hold my phone and keys! They're high quality and wash really nicely, too! If you are between sizes, I would recommend sizing down.

Wearing II: These linen shorts are back this year! They are so insanely comfortable and basically feel like running shorts but look way more put together. I wore them SO much last year so I'm glad to see them back and fully in stock. Right now, they are on sale for $15!!! They run true to size! They also come in black, white and green!

Sale-ing: Serena and Lily is offering 20% off everything through March 25th. Use code INSPO. There are a few exclusions so keep an eye out for those. I want these counter stools sooooo badly, this might just be the 'excuse' I need to snag them! I'm also obsessed with this rug

 We watched Greenbook on Sunday and it was SO good. I highly recommend it. It is really well done and the acting is phenomenal. You can rent on Amazon Prime!

Watching II: OMG the Stranger Things season 3 trailer was released and I am SO excited! It's being released a little earlier this year- July 4th! 

Listening: I gave up on creating a March playlist because I have been so into Podcasts, so I started on an April playlist and although it only has a few songs, it is SO good. This George Ezra remix makes me SO happy and energized. Great for playing during a 3pm slump! 
Loving: Isn't this custom painted dog bowl SO cute?! The lovely Dana, who creates these amazing bowls was so sweet and sent one for Henry for our new home! The bowls come in several different colors to match your decor and are so well made! Henry is a happy pup! 

Wanting: I'm sure you have all seen those slow feeder dog bowls before? Henry eats out of a food ball that he rolls on the floor. But that's admittedly messy. For the new house, I have been looking for a pretty slow feeding dog bowl and have come up empty-handed. BUT, I came across this brilliant removable thing that you can put in any dog bowl that forces dogs to slow down. I ordered it and will report back if it really works!

Quoting: 'I have found that when you love life, life will love you back.' - Arthur Rubenstein// See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Black Tie Wedding Guest Dresses

Yellow Gown (old, similar, similar, similar)
Today I thought I would share what 'type' of wedding we are having. This is something that I have always wanted in terms of weddings: a black tie wedding. 

I think there is something so elegant about tuxedos and gowns and I wanted my wedding to feel like a very special occasion. There are so many different occasions to rock a cocktail dress, but nowadays, it's a rarity to rock a gown and tux! 

Plus, our church and venue are very elegant so black tie really works well in both environments! I'm so excited to see our little ring bearer in a tux- so cute!!! 

Because I personally skew 'fancier' and my fiancĂ© skews more casual, we compromised that we would have a more casual rehearsal dinner! 

For wording on our invitations, we are wording it 'black tie' without the 'optional'... I just personally appreciate dress codes that are more clear cut, so there isn't any gray area for interpretation. 

I thought today would be perfect to share some black-tie gowns you can wear as a wedding guest! Most of my friends have all had black tie weddings so I have quite a few gowns. But, even if you have been attending more casual weddings, I always suggest having at least 1 black gown in your wardrobe. You never know what will pop up! Plus, a black gown will work for every occasion from a formal fundraiser to a black tie wedding! I have this gown in black and it is so gorgeous! 

My other tip for choosing a gown is to order a bunch and try them on or shop in store. Oftentimes, I don't love the online photo, but when you see it in person, it is gorgeous!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Little Things Part III

It's quite amazing to have amassed 10 years worth of blog posts. There are over 3100 blog posts on Three thousand!!! I mention this a lot, but one of my favorite things about Summer Wind is that it is like a personal diary of sorts. 

I can look back to any day in any month of any of the last 10 years and read about what I was into, what I was up to, what I was looking forward to. 

Two blog posts that are some of my favorites are ones that I have shared in 2014 and then again in 2016. I haven't done one in a few years and decided to share again! Basically, I'm all about finding happiness in every single day. Even a bad day. And when I find the tiniest pieces of happiness, I save them into my phone and read them whenever I need a pick-me-up. They're little things- things that many people might not even think twice about- things I often don't think twice about but are a series of small, insignificant moments where I think most of life's happiness can be found! 

Here is my latest list... 

The warmth that comes from cuddling with Henry. 

The sound of trees rustling in the wind. 

The right ratio of juice to champagne in a mimosa. 

I love you text messages right before taking off on a flight. 

Waking up just before your alarm and not being tired. 

The first sip of coffee. 

The beacon of lights as you fly into a city at night. 

When you come across a song that you become obsessed with and play on repeat. 

Running your hands through your freshly cut hair. 

The sound of the drowned out chatter and commotion on an evening flight as you doze off to sleep. 

The moment when your Jack Rogers are finally broken in and amazingly comfortable. 

A random Homegoods trip where you hit the jackpot!

A knock on your hotel door signaling that your room service has arrived. 

The first spritz of perfume. 

The sound of torn wrapping paper as a gift is being opened. 

Freshly showered, new pajamas, and freshly washed sheets. 

The sizzling of fajitas arriving at your table! 

A beautifully packaged purchase- so good that you don't even want to open it!

A sip of Coke the next morning after a night out of drinking. 

A long walk after a few days of bad weather. 

When it's so clear you can actually see the stars. 

When you realized you completed all of your errands. 

A perfect parallel parking job. 

Not trying something on in the store, bringing it home and it fitting perfectly. 

Chik-Fil-A Chicken Mini's for breakfast. 

Monday, March 18, 2019

21 Pairs of Neutral Sandals for Summer

21 Pairs of Neutral Sandals for Summer

Shop the Sandals:

I think one of the hardest parts when dressing for the summer is what shoes to wear. I typically stick between two pairs of sandals: Jack Rogers and Hermes Oasis. I've been searching to add another pair of neutral sandals into my repertoire. 

You'll notice that I did not include many dark sandals such as black or navy and that is because I find a nude/tan sandal to be the most flattering. The color somewhat blends into my skin and helps to lengthen my leg so that is just why I personally prefer a light shade of sandal. Whereas I notice when I wear a dark slide sandal, it cuts off my leg and I just find it to be unflattering! 

But, I do think there are some really cute darker sandals so I wanted to include a few because I do like wearing darker sandals with white jeans! 

I scoured the internet and found 21 pairs that I really love. they are from all different retailers and are at all different price points. I've also added some different heel heights so there is something for everyone.

Do you have a favorite pair/brand of neutral sandals? I'd love to know! 

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