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Ferragamo Vara and Varina Review

Ferragamo Vara and Varina Review

Ferragamo Vara and Varina Review

Are they worth it?
I say this every time, but it's hard to say if pricey designer items are 'worth it' because it's so subjective. For me, personally, I find them to be some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I get tons of wear out of them both casually and dressy and they have lasted tons of wears for years now! I would say they are worth it.

How much do they cost?
At full price, the Vara is $595 and the Varina is $575.

Are they well-made? High quality?
They are made from thick, beautiful patent leather and the hardware on the bow is beautifully substantial and shiny. The construction is impeccable and if you just hold the shoe, you can tell it's high-quality! You can also get them in regular leather, quilted, suede, etc.! They release different styles each year. 

What is the difference between the Vara and Varina?
The vara is the one with the block heel. The heel is 1.75" and is covered in the same patent leather as the shoe. The varina is flat and a classic ballet flat. I personally think that the vara looks a little more ladylike and dressy and the varina can be dressed down better. I find that the vara is a little more of a sophisticated shoe and the varina is more youthful- something even an older teenager/college student would wear! 

Which is your favorite?
I personally love the vara (the one with the heel). This is because I have high arches and the added heel gives my foot so much support. I also love the structured ladylike look of them, and the nude color elongates my legs because of the slight heel! Honestly, though, the varina is right up there! 

Do you have to break them in?
Yes. I wouldn't walk miles in a brand new pair. They have never given me a blister or anything like that, but the leather is quite stiff. Once you wear them a few times, the shoe will form to your foot and become so comfortable. 

Do the stretch? 
Yes, a bit after a lot of wear...the usual amount for a leather product, nothing that noticeable. 

Are they comfortable? 
Yes!! They are crazy comfortable which is one of the reasons I have so many pairs. I could walk miles in these and they never hurt my feet. I also love that they look so structured, you'd think they would not be comfortable, but they are- a deceiving design! 

Do they ever go on sale?
Yes! Different colors that are seasonal go on sale and different styles. For example, sometimes they add metallics, quilting etc. to change up the look. Here is a pair on Shopbop that's over $150 off! The classic styles in the classic colors rarely go on sale, but they do every once in a while. Shopbop has a few sales per year where they are usually included within the sale and are 25% off, which is a big saving! 

Where can you purchase? 
So many retailers carry Ferragamo! Nordstrom, Shopbop, Saks, Neimans, etc. 

Can you buy them second hand?
You can find them on eBay and consignment websites like The Real Real. The only annoying thing about finding vara and varinas on websites like this is that sometimes they are truly vintage shoes. The truly vintage ones from the 80's/90's are cut differently than the shoes today. I don't really love the way the older pairs are cut so when shopping second hand, you just need to be conscious of this and look for the newer pairs! Here is an example of an older pair- can you see how the shape of the shoe is slightly different?

How is the sizing?
For a European brand, I find that they run big.  With other brands like Gucci, I usually wear a 39 and in Ferragamo, I wear a 38.5. I wear an 8.5 in most American brands so I would say it's more in line with American sizing! Either get your usual European size or size down a half size. 

What are the widths?
You can get a regular width, but you can also get wide with, which is usually denoted with a 'C'. I have never tried the wider width so I don't have much to say about this. I have a 'normal' width foot and the normal in Ferragamo suits me fine. 

Do they go out of style?
In my opinion, no. They are an iconic style from Ferragamo that they sell year after year. The style has been around for a very long time. I personally think they are timeless and ladylike! 

Which looks best with jeans? 
I think both. I really like varas with boyfriend jeans... it dresses up a rather casual look! See above for a few outfits that I have worn with them in the past! 

Are these a comparable alternative to Chanel flats?
The varinas are a somewhat similar ballet flat style but I don't think they are all that comparable. They are two very different shoes because of construction. They are a thicker, structured patent leather whereas Chanel flats are more flexible and casual. I definitely think my varinas and varas give my outfits a totally different look than my Chanel flats!

Is there a look for less?
Yes! I think these nude bow flats have a very similar vibe for a lot less. These are almost identical to varinas but in my opinion, they look a little cheap! It might be worth ordering, though, to see if they are better in person! 

Friday, July 19, 2019

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access 2019

I wrote a bunch of blog posts on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale already for Early Access, but today is the start of Public Access so it's only fitting I do one for today, too! Here are more posts about the sale that I have already written that will prove most beneficial. The sale officially ends August 4th, but this is the last post you'll see from me on the topic!

Today I thought I would share the pieces that I ordered from the sale and what I am keeping and what is going back! Head over to my instastories around noon to see videos of everything and a try-on. Head back to this post closer to the sale go-live time and I will upload all of the images of me trying on the pieces! 
Cashmere Funnel Neck Sweater// I like this sweater. I have the Vince version in black and wear it constantly. It's very similar- not exactly the same quality (it's a little thinner) but similar enough and for the price, it's a decent value. Unfortunately, I am returning this one because I got the beige heather color which looks like a very pale camel online. In-person, it's a much darker shade- still very pretty but I was hoping for/needing that light shade! I find this to also run big so size down!

Short-Sleeve Cashmere Sweater// I have one of these already in cream from last year and get so much wear out of it. It's still a bit pricey in the sale, but with the amount of wear I get out of it, it's worth it to me. This is just an overall great closet basic. I love layering this under a blazer in the fall. This runs true to size. Keeping this!

Giraffe Throw Blanket// Obsessed with these blankets! They are so expensive for a synthetic throw blanket but they are SO soft, it's crazy. I had to get a second one since we have two living areas!

Lace Dress// I didn't love the colors that this dress came in, but I had seen so many people looking gorgeous in this dress. It's just not for me, so it will be going back, but the quality isn't all that bad for the price!
Leopard Print Scarf// Obsessed with this scarf. It's such a fun neutral piece and an easy way to add a bit of leopard print to any outfit. Oftentimes in the winter, I am always looking for something fun to spruce up an all-black outfit. It's soft and nice for the price- nothing luxurious but still nice!

Tweed Blazer// Wanted to love this but just don't. Normally, I find the Halogen tweed pieces to be of quality and nicely cut, but this just felt cheap to me. I do love the look of it, but it's still going back.
High Waist Leggings// Love, love love. I already love this brand and knew these leggings were great so I had to snag a pair. They are very high waisted so they suck you in and stay in place. They run true to size. Keeping this!

Crewneck Sweatshirt// The price for the quality on this is great and I love the high-low hem. I am a huge fan of crewneck sweatshirts, I feel like I can never have enough. Keeping this!
Nike Top// I got one of these last year and think they are such a good value! They run true to size and I wear mine all of the time with athletic shorts and leggings! Keeping this!

Faux Diamond Stud Earrings// I had heard so many rave reviews about these faux diamond stud earrings, so I decided to snag a pair. They are really beautiful. I have real diamond studs and love them and wear them basically all of the time. However, I love having a few pairs of faux studs to wear while at the beach/lake/pool, while traveling, working out, etc. Keeping this!

Contour Bralette// I snagged this last minute because I loved the shape of the neckline. It's hard to find a bra with such a plunge. I actually 'needed' something like this so this purchase cam more out of necessity. It's a nice price for what it is. Keeping this!
Laura Mercier Palette// So I got two palettes with the intentions of returning one of them. I think the palettes are such good prices for what you get and I especially love the range of beautiful colors in this one! The problem is, I love both!!!! I can't decide which to keep!

Nars Palette// This has a trio of highlighter, bronzer, and blush. The shades are gorgeous and I can always count on Nars for a great palette. Which one should I choose?!

Shop The Pieces:

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Blazer (old, similar)// Jeans// Striped tee // Tote

I am currently in North Myrtle Beach with my fiancé and his family enjoying the sun and sand! I am not a beach girl, but I am loving our time here!

I've still had to do a bit of work so I still have some things to share with all of you today.... we head back this evening and I'm sad to leave but also excited to get back into a routine. I am totally one of those people who thrive on routine!

Wearing: I wanted to style these Jeans to share how easy to wear they are! Dress them up with pumps and down with classic loafers! 

Eating: I know it's summer, but can we talk about egg roll soup?! I honestly love soup year-round and full intend to create this when I am back in my own kitchen. YUM. 

Drinking: We are headed to Georgia in a few weeks and they have the BEST peaches. I am always looking up ways to incorporate them into cocktails and recipes. I love this recipe for a fresh peach gin and tonic! I will definitely be recreating this. 

Reading: I just finished The Last Mrs. Parrish and it was SO good. The book took a turn about halfway through and I couldn't believe it! The most perfect beach read! 

Sale-ing: Tula's Summer State of mind set is SUCH a good value... It's $88, but with SYDNEY you get 20% off, making it just $70. The set comes with cleanser, scrub, gel-cream, 2 Masks and a cosmetic bag. If you bought all of the items separately, it would be $146! My favorite is the masks. They are SO hydrating and I see immediate results- my skin is hydrated and glowy and looks plumper. 

 I have been so behind on TV lately! Need to play catch up, stat!! We did watch the entire season 3 of Stranger Things, though, and I loved it. I felt like it was very different than the past two seasons but I loved the strong 80's vibes! 

Loving:  I am loving adding items to my Amazon storefront! It's always there and I update it in real-time with all of the great buys I find on Amazon. 

 Have any of you purchased a pair of Sarah Flint pumps? I love the look of high heels, but the arch in my foot is seriously crazy so it is always so hard to find a high heel that is comfortable. I am thinking of getting a pair of these for fall... check out their website and pay close attention to the footbed of their shoes. They not only look impeccably designed and high quality but the footbed looks SO comfortable. 

Quoting: 'The day you plant the seed is not the day you eat the fruit.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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Wedding Wednesday: Our Guest Count

Wedding Wednesday: Our Guest Count
Our family pic after both my sister and I get married! 

I have always wanted a small, intimate wedding. It is important to me to know every single person (and know them well) if they were to be in attendance at our wedding. Luckily, my fiancé felt the same way!

We both have families on the smaller side. To give you an example, I only have 3 cousins and my fiancé also comes from a smaller family, too. I'm the oldest out of all of my cousins and family friends, so none of my cousins or anyone in my family has gotten married or started families of their own yet. I know sometimes it's just impossible for people to have a small wedding simply because both the bride and groom have huge families! 

Originally, my definition of small was 50 people. But, once we created our list, that just wasn't going to be possible. We are ending up right around 100 people, which I still would consider on the smaller side!

We could have easily had a 300 person wedding. We are lucky to know so many amazing people. But, I was adamant and put my foot down...I think there needs to be at least be one person in the mix who puts their foot down and draws a line so that the list doesn't get out of hand (or totally let it get out of hand if you want a huge wedding!). 

We were thrilled that our parents supported our decision for a smaller wedding. I know it can be tough when parents on both sides are continuously adding to the list. We definitely encountered that and it's just something you have to work through with your families!

A lot of you have asked how to choose who you invite and who you don't and I don't think that's something that I can advise on- there are too many different situations so the only thing I can say is to do what you feel is best and right for you! 

It helped a little, too, that our wedding venue runs on the smaller size so to have a seated dinner with the band/dance floor in the same room, we couldn't have really gone over 125 anyway. 

We are so excited to celebrate with those nearest and dearest to us and are so thankful to be surrounded with so many incredible friends and family! Tell me, how many guests did you have at your wedding?! 

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