Friday, July 3, 2020

4th of July Weekend Sales

Abercrombie// 40-60% Off Throughout the Store + Free Shipping on Orders Over $75.

Ann Taylor// 40-70% off code: HEAT

Anthropologie// Up to 70% off when you take an additional 50% off sale styles. 

Barrington// 10% off with code FIREWORKS + free shipping with $100+

Bloomingdales// 30-50% off select items, extra 50% off clearance marked items. the cashmere travel wraps that are almost identical to the White and Warren ones that I love so much are on sale for just $99! The diamond necklace I wear all the time is custom but this almost identical necklace is currently $450 which is a really great price. Lots of Matouk on sale! 

Brooks Brothers// Up to 70% off online clearance. 

Club Monaco// Up to 30% off. A great price for a classic little black dress (under $100).

Gap// Up to 75% off everything. Extra 50% off markdowns with code TREAT. Extra 10% off total purchase with code TREAT. This little cami bra is one of my all-time favorites to wear with lounge clothes! And you all know how I feel about this sweatshirt and these sweatpants

Jack Rogers// Up to 75% off. Jacks for just $59. I really want these

J.Crew// 50% off full-price items and extra 70% off sale with code GOFOURTH. This classic linen shift dress is just $50. These earrings (which are cute) end up being under $5 and you can add 2 pairs if you only want to buy one item (so you end up with 3 items in your cart) and it still ends up being a better deal by adding those earrings to your cart just to get the 70% off the item that you really want (if that makes sense). You can keep a pair for yourself and give a pair to a friend or keep the pairs in your 'gift drawer' if you have one (like me!). 

Lisi Lerch// 30% off the entire site. No code needed! These are a current favorite of mine. 

L.L. Bean// 10% off full-price items with code SUMMER10.

LOFT// Extra 60% off sale using code HBDUSA. Love this adorable white top

Mark and Graham// Up to 40% off select styles. This would make a really cute gift for bridesmaids! I also really love this pouch

Nordstrom// Up to 60% off clearance sale. I went through the sale and pulled favorites, here

Pottery Barn// Up to 25% off with code SAVEMORE.

Ralph Lauren// Extra 30% off sale. No code needed. This sweatshirt is in my cart and almost 50% off. This gorgeous blush pink cashmere cableknit sweater is on sale for under $170. This white maxi skirt is stunning and under $200. 

Saks Fifth Avenue// Designer Sale up to 70% off.

Serena and Lily// Special Pricing on all Outdoor! 

Shopbop// Up to 40% off, new sale items added!

Skinstore// Up tp 70% off. This is a new-to-me skincare site and it is very similar to Dermstore. Their sale is REALLY good. I needed a new Vitamin C serum and I got this one for over $20 off. One of my very favorite serums is $20 off. My favorite extra-strength peel pads are also 25% off with code JULY4! 

Talbots// Up to 60% off and free shipping $99+. My favorite cashmere Audrey sweater is included! 

Tory Burch// Extra 30% off sale styles with code EXTRA30. There are two lettuceware items included!

Tuckernuck// 20% off with code TnkNC4227. Lots of sale styles, too. 

Williams-Sonoma// Up to 75% off clearance event (100s of items). Free shipping $49+ with code SHIP4FREE. 
Shop Sale Favorites:

Thursday, July 2, 2020


Happy holiday weekend, friends! I am guessing some of you may have tomorrow off since the 4th of July is landing on a Saturday this year so I hope you enjoy your time off if that is the case! I am going to take time off tomorrow to just relax and enjoy the long weekend. Are you doing anything fun? We are going to see fireworks at our club- the city's fireworks and most municipalities canceled their fireworks so it will be nice to be able to catch some. Our club has an 18-hole golf course so there is plenty of room for everyone to space themselves out, which is great.

I'm hoping since there will be fewer fireworks happening that Henry will be happy. He does NOT like fireworks so this might be his lucky year!

Other than fireworks, it is going to be hot, hot, hot this weekend so we will likely just hang out by the pool!

This week was very 'usual', nothing really new to report here- we have been enjoying our new patio furniture and spending more time outside! We did have a food truck come to our neighborhood which was fun... this might be something fun to do for your neighborhood, too. It was fun to see neighbors and get a great meal. They've made this a new tradition that happens a few times a month and it's a great way to also be able to support local businesses! One of the next food trucks we will have is a lobster truck. YUM!

Wearing: You know I  have always loved my Lake pajamas (wearing them in the photo above) but I've had a whole new love for them over the past several months. They are getting much more wear and so I am hoping they release a new colorway soon so I can snag a new pair!

Eating: Did you catch my post from yesterday where I shared my top 10 Trader Joe's favorites?! 

Drinking: This coconut margarita recipe sounds SO good! 

Sale-ing: So many sales right now for the holiday weekend, but I wanted to highlight this gorgeous gown on sale. I feel like this is the most beautiful bridesmaid or mother of the bride gown and especially for the price!! You can also scroll through the widget above as I have pulled some of my favorites from different retailers. 

 I just got to the end of season 4 of 

Wanting: I just ordered this Vitamin C serum as I ran out of my last jar. They are having a sale so I wanted to try something new! 
Pittsburgh-ing: This past weekend we got takeout from Walter's which is a delicious BBQ spot in Lawrenceville. Their ribs are SO incredible.

Quoting: 'It is a happiness to wonder, it is a happiness to dream.'- Edgar Allen Poe // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Top 10 Favorite Trader Joe's Products

Top 10 Favorite Trader Joe's Products

I feel like this is a very personal list because there are SO many good items at Trader Joe's and everyone has different tastes (like for example, I am not obsessed with the Everything But the Bagel seasoning), but I thought I'd round up my top 10 favorite products you can find at Trader Joe's! 

These are items that I pick up each time I go (or just always have on hand) and have loved for years. We don't have alcohol at our Trader Joe's so that's left out as are items like produce which I feel like are pretty standard at most grocers. 

Carolina Gold BBQ Sauce// This is a mustard-base BBQ sauce and it is SO good. It is perfectly tangy and we mostly use it in the crockpot with chicken! YUM!

Salsa// This is seriously SO good. I put it on everything from eggs to tacos. It's very fresh tasting and the ingredients are pretty darn clean, too. 

Harvest Chicken Salad// I usually take the chicken out of this salad because it weirds me out. So I'll either add my own protein or just eat without. But, I love the dressing in this SO much. It's very mustard and vinegar tasting but also creamy so it's a very interesting combination and I so badly wish that they sold it in bottles! I also love the cheese cubes- it's just a very good mix of things that you don't often find in a premade salad. 

Blood Orange Seltzer Water// This is my all-time favorite seltzer water. It's different than La Croix in that it has about 15 calories and it has a tiny amount of organic blood orange juice, and organic orange juice. It's a very light flavor and not sweet at all. It tastes similar to tangerine La Croix but fresher. I also use it in my 'skinny margarita'.

Apple Blossoms// These are in the dessert freezer section and oh my goodness they are SO good. You just pop them into the microwave and you have yourself the most delicious mini apple pie. They are not at all healthy, but they are not fake tasting at all and taste fresher like something you might find at a nicer restaurant. I love eating it with vanilla ice cream. They're really pretty, too! 

Triple Cream Brie// This is SO creamy and smooth. It's one of the best brie versions I have ever had. It's definitely mild/light in flavor and so easy to spread. 

Fig and Olive Crackers// These are one of my favorite crackers. They are textured and very crispy and the fig is sweet without being overwhelming. I don't taste the olive flavor too much but it's enough to give them that sweet and salty flavor. I LOVE them paired with the triple cream brie and usually always include this combo on a cheese platter! 

Sweet Potato Gnocchi// This is in the frozen section and oh my goodness does it taste like you are at an upscale Italian restaurant. It has a really nice sage flavor and is so rich. This is definitely not something I eat often but it is always such a treat when I do eat it! 

Almond Croissants// I love almond pastries and the almond danish and kringle almost made the list, but I think I love their almond croissants the most. They are a freezer item and you leave them out overnight to rise. You bake them on a baking sheet and oh my goodness they taste like they came from a French bakery. They're SO good and so flaky and flavorful. I like to have these on hand for special occasion mornings or for when we have overnight guests!

Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper Soup// This soup is in the aisle with the pasta and condiments and sauces. We always have a carton of this on hand if not more than one. This is seriously one of the best soups I've ever had. It's so rich and flavorful and just wonderfully creamy. We especially love to eat it with grilled cheese in the winter. 

So tell me, what are your Trader Joe's must-haves if you could only pick a few?! I love trying out new items. I'm due for a trip early next week so I'll share some items I snag on my instastories. I will share items I grab from time to time and save them to my highlights for you all to refer back to. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Samsung Frame TV Review

Samsung Frame TV Review
Samsung Frame TV Review
I never thought I would be reviewing a TV, but after sharing this TV on my instastories, a lot of you have had a ton of questions/interest coupled with the fact that I have never loved a TV more... so here we are! 

I snapped these photos earlier during the stay-at-home order and still haven't gotten around to really making an effort to style under the TV- but I'm working on that now so it will look a little nicer/more cohesive with the rest of the room! 

This is the Samsung Frame TV (we have the 55") and what sets it apart from most TVs on the market is that it is made to look like a frame/piece of artwork on the wall. The construction of the TV is flat so that when it is hung with its special hanging equipment (which comes with the TV), it sits flush against a wall just like any other frame in your home would. 

When it is turned off, the frame shows a picture that you are able to select from a database, so it constantly looks like a piece of art is on the wall rather than a blank black TV screen. It's very customizable as you can upload images off of your phone or even download items from Etsy and then upload to your TV. You can also choose a mat or no mat and play around with color and brightness to get it to look just right in whatever room you are in. 

A typical TV has black around the edges, and that is what comes standard on the Frame TV. However, you can customize the color of the frame by buying a bezel that fits over the black 'frame' area. We got white and I truly think that having a bezel makes it look even more like artwork. There are all different types of bezels to suit your interior style. I just personally liked white best because I felt like it blended into the wall best. 
Samsung Frame TV Review
The TV was SO easy to hang. It took us about 15 minutes in total and the instructions were easy to figure out. Everything you need to hang the Frame TV flat to the wall comes with the TV when you order it... before you order, double-check that yours comes with a mount as I have seen some for sale where it doesn't come with the mount!! 

In terms of wires, you can see the one tiny clear wire in the photo. We are going to hide that, but you see that it's so much less noticeable than the many cords you need to hang a traditional TV. Because this cord is so unnoticeable, it's a great TV for those who rent and might not want to cut any holes in the walls to hide cords. Samsung designed it this way so you can set the power box elsewhere and everything plugs into that box rather than into the TV directly. We have the box down in the middle section of the console underneath. The console was an antique find here in Pittsburgh and it is by Henredon. 

A lot of people have asked about our cable box and where we put that. We actually don't have one. I did a lot of research before buying a TV and found out that our cable provider (Comcast Xfinity) offers an app on Samsung Smart TV's (and Rokus) where you can stream your cable rather than having to use a cable box. You just have to have one box in your home to get this to work so our one cable box is with our basement TV. Even in our bedroom, we are able to easily stream cable TV without an unsightly box. Our bedroom TV is a Vizio smart TV and is not compatible with the Xfinity streaming app so we had to buy a $20ish Roku to get the bedroom TV compatible. I could take or leave cable, personally, but my fiancĂ© couldn't live without all of the sports channels, ha!! Our cable provider also charges a fee to 'rent' the cable boxes so it's nice to also be able to save that little bit of money each month from not having to deal with cable boxes. 

I'm not hugely into TV trends or the latest in electronics when it comes to TVs. I've always just used the Vizio brand as it is pretty inexpensive and has a nice picture and holds up for years. However, I knew that when I moved into this house that I wanted something for the main living room that would look nicer. It's a little pricier than many TVs, but in my opinion, it is SO worth it just for the looks alone.

As for the picture, it is so crisp and clear. It is 4K. The colors are vibrant. We have had it for a little over 1 year and have had absolutely no issues with it at all. As almost all TVs are nowadays, it's a 'Smart TV' so you're able to download a ton of apps and it has a bunch of different features on it. You can easily stream your phone to the screen which is a game-changer when I'm doing at-home workouts. It's all just very user-friendly. 

The sound was something that actually shocked me. With my Vizio TVs, I have always had to buy a speaker system because the sound was never great. I was planning on doing it with this TV but the sound is incredible. The room it is in is pretty large and the sound quality throughout the room is wonderful. Both of us agree there is absolutely no need for a surround sound speaker system. 

All-in-all, this TV gets a 10/10 for me. It's a little pricier but well worth it in my opinion. If you're on the fence, get it and you won't regret it!

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