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Easy and Inexpensive Halloween Costumes

breakfast at tiffanys big little lies costume idea
Who wore it better, Reese or Me?! Ha!
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Can you believe Halloween is in just a little over a month? I waffle on whether or not I'm a Halloween person every year. Some years I get into it, others I don't! Last year, I loved my costume because it was cute/modest but also inexpensive and easy! 

I wrote a post about this costume last year but didn't include the 'after' photo as I wore it! If you are a Big Little Lies fan, then you know the episode where Madeline Martha Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon) attends a party wearing the famous Audrey Hepburn Breakfast at Tiffany's costume! 

It's basically the Breakfast at Tiffany's costume, but since Reese has blonde hair, I decided to go as her character in Big Little Lies! 

This costume is SO easy and considering how expensive store-bought costumes can be, this one was less pricey.

What you'll need:
- Tux Shirt// Order a larger size so you're able to wear it as a dress. I got a size large in the exact shirt that is linked and it was plenty big! 
- Sleep Mask// There are so many options online, but this one is one of my favorites! If you are crafty, this could even be a somewhat easy DIY project. 
- Tassel Earrings// I already had these- but think buying these makes sense because you can wear them any other day, too! 
- Boy Shorts// I got them in a nude color. It just made me feel a little less 'naked' underneath since the shirt was so big. 

If you are too lazy to order everything separately (hey, I get you), you can order a 'kit' on Etsy

tiffany and co. costume idea
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I was a Tiffany 'box' during my sophomore year in college. This is one of my favorite costumes ever. I feel like it's so different and unique but was also so easy and inexpensive to create. It was a huge hit, too!

What you'll need:
- Tiffany blue dress// There are so many inexpensive options for this! 
- Sharpie Marker// The one I linked is double sided and has a thicker marker as well as a thin one. You'll want both so you can be precise. I had my friend who was good at art/drawing do this. It definitely does take some skill so practice a bunch on paper first! 
- White headband// The one I am linking is what I would have purchased had we had Amazon Prime back then (haha). It's over the top and exactly the 'fun' thing to wear on Halloween! 
- White gift bow// I had a regular white headband, so I just bought a cheap gift bow at Target and attached it to the headband. So easy! You could also do super thick grosgrain ribbon and tie it up in your hair and then 'bow' it!

Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

Inexpensive Halloween Costume Ideas

These photos are old, too (ohhh to be young again)! I wore this 'Greek Goddess' outfit during my junior year of college and then again for Halloween 2012. It's one of those things that is kind of 'lame' because it's not that creative but it's comfortable and easy to do in a pinch. You can wear a bathing suit or bodysuit underneath but mine stayed in tact totally find with a few safety pins! 

What you'll need:
- Flat Sheet// You can use any size, but a twin is easiest to work with!
- Gold accessories// I just used jewelry and shoes I already owned.

There are a lot of different ways to tie a toga, so check out YouTube and find a tie that you like the best. I like the tie I do in these photos because I felt the most 'secure' (like it wouldn't fall apart).

There you have it! 3 realllllly easy Halloween costumes! I have yet to attend a Halloween party where everyone goes all out with their costumes, but I hope to attend one someday! I don't think I'll be dressing up this year, but we'll see! I'm more excited about dressing Henry in something adorable!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Saturday Shopping 9/22/2018

Happy weekend, friends! This weekend I am in Charleston for a high school friends wedding. It's a really fun time because a lot of friends from high school will be reunited all in one place! I'm also excited because I am staying with my sister in Charlotte after Charleston. She recently moved into a new place so I am excited to see it in person!!

This week was a whirlwind because I had so much to do before I left on Thursday so I didn't get around to too much shopping but scroll through the widget above to see what I did find!

Friday, September 21, 2018

The Most Comfortable Heels You'll Ever Wear

The Most Comfortable Heels You'll Ever Wear

manolo blahnik bb pump 50mm review

manolo blahnik bb pump 50mm review

manolo blahnik bb pump 50mm review
Cashmere Cable Cardigan (this goes on sale so wait for the sale!)
Striped Tee (also goes on sale- not worth the price, in my opinion, though- mad I bought it!) 
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One of the first few years when I was right out of college, I was offered a job. It was a good job for my age and skillset at the time. One of the 'requirements' of the said job was for me to wear skirts/dresses every single day with pantyhose and high heels.

I'm all for a dress code. There is a time and a place for one and I get that. But you better believe I was not going to promise to wear high heels every. single. day. Needless to say, I turned down the job offer. 

Now don't get me wrong, I love a good high heel. I have many pairs and wear them somewhat often. They make me feel sexy or powerful or glamorous! But there is something to be said for a flat shoe. While a heel is sometimes the most flattering choice, sometimes my feet just scream out for a flat shoe!

Earlier this year, I saw this article and could not agree more!  I really think that it all made sense: I was wearing fewer pairs of my heels and reaching for more sensible (but still beautiful) shoes. 

The LA Times article says that women are willing to pay more for more comfortable shoes and I could not agree more. If I find a shoe that my foot feels incredible in, I will buy a pair in every color (hence why I have the Ferragamo Vara in almost every color, ha!). 

The article also mentions that people are on the go now more than ever and because of that, they need a shoe that can keep them moving. This was another point where I found myself shaking my head in agreeance. Sometimes, when I am in high heels, I feel immobile. For example, if I was out at a restaurant and then we relocate for drinks and the new location was 8 blocks away, I really might not make it in my highest/more uncomfortable pair of heels. 

For me, the pain is just not worth it. I have an insanely high arch that makes many shoes- even flat shoes- have a deleterious effect on my feet. So I am really picky when it comes to adding a pair of shoes to my closet!

All of this to say that I found a shoe that looks like a 'heel' but feels like a flat!!! It's like hitting the jackpot! The winners are the Manolo Blahnik BB pump in 50mm. PurseBlog has a great heel comparison graphic that you should definitely check out! I love the classiness of the BB pump but have always been so wary of the high heel! 

The 50mm is 2 inches. It's basically a 'kitten' heel but doesn't look dorky.... so like high heels with training wheels, ha! They are pricey, but I could walk 10 miles in them! This heel height sells out quickly and especially in the more popular colors so if your size and the preferred color is out of stock, don't worry because they restock them throughout the year. They also occasionally go on sale. It's usually the more seasonal colors but sometimes you can find them for under $300 on sale! 

I know this is going to sound a little nutty but other shoe brands like Jimmy Choo and Prada make a very similar style shoe but Manolo Blahnik's low heel is .2" higher and I really think that almost unnoticeable bit of added height makes the shoe look less dowdy and much more elegant. 

Do you have a favorite brand and style of heel that is amazingly comfortable? I would love to know about them!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Lately 9/20/2018

Wearing: This sweater is back this year! I got it two years ago and it is one of the most worn items in my closet. The quality is impeccable and it's so beyond comfortable! This year they have come out with different colors than two years ago and I love every color. It's a very pricey sweater but I'm thinking it will go on sale in the next few weeks like it did a few years ago! Here's to hoping!!

Eating: Do not walk, RUN to your nearest Trader Joe's and try their sweet potato gnocchi with butter and sage. Holy moly. I grabbed a bag of it because I love gnocchi but I also love anything with sage. I literally popped the bag into a bowl and microwaved for 5 minutes and I had an insanely delicious meal. It tasted like something you would be served at a nicer restaurant. It's not really 'healthy' but I wish they sold the plain sweet potato gnocchi because I feel like I could recreate the butter/sage taste without using so much and in turn cutting back on the calories! A bag is plenty for two people, but I think you could even serve it to 4 people if you added in something like sausage and/or some sauteed veggies! It also reheats wonderfully. 

Sale-ing: Club Monaco is one of my favorites and right now they are offering an extra 30% off sale! This is usually when I get the best prices for cashmere! I really love this tweed jacket

 So I think I may have found my latest heartthrob: Noah Centineo. I watched 'All The Boys I've Loved Before' on Netflix and it was a really cute teen movie. However, even if you just watch it for Noah, it'll be worth it. He. Is. A. Babe. 

Listening: Well, we are almost done with September (can you believe it?!). But I finally got my September playlist in good shape. These songs are so good and I'm so glad I'll have this for travel days ahead! Right now I am obsessed with 'Magic In the Hamptons'. It is SO fun and just makes me smile and want to dance! 
Loving: Even though the Steelers aren't doing so hot right now, Henry still supports his team. I never thought I'd be 'that girl' that dresses their dog, but here we are. He is just SO funny with clothes on. 

Wanting: I did minimal browsing this week, so not much but scroll through to see!

Trying: This is a new category! I am always trying new products so I thought I would share with you one product a week that I am trying out! This week I am trying out Tula's latest product for acne-prone skin! I love a product that promises to keep my acne at bay so I'm excited to see how this one works. So far I like it. It's a lightweight gel that you can easily apply all over your face! Use code SYDNEY for 20% off! 

Pittsburgh-ing: The Gobblerito is back, I repeat, the Gobblerito is back!!!! For those of you that know, you know. For those of you that don't, you need to run not walk to Mad Mex and try out a Gobblerito- it is pure heaven. 

Traveling: Charleston and then Charlotte this weekend! Next up? Niagara-On-The-Lake! We are going to celebrate my mom's birthday. I have never been but I'm excited- I have heard that it is beautiful, especially this time of year! If you have any recommendations on what we should do, where we should eat, etc. let me know in the comments below! 

Quoting: 'Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles. It takes away today's peace.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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