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Friday, March 27, 2015

Visiting DC

I popped down to DC for the weekend for one of my sorority sister's bridal showers. I am so excited for her wedding in May! Alyssa and James are the cutest couple and so perfect for eachother! 

When I got down there on Friday night, I met up with my 'big' sister in my sorority. She is such a good friend and I am so thankful to have her in my life! We always have a blast when we are together! We went bowling at Pinstripes in Georgetown. It's essentially a bar and bowling alley all in one. I'm the worst bowler ever, but it was still tons of fun! 

Then Saturday was the shower! Alyssa's shower was lovely and it was so great to see some sorority sisters I hadn't seen in a while and I love watching the bride open gifts. 

Then, later that day, we hopped over the Alexandria, VA to explore Old Town for some shopping and a late dinner. If you've never been to Alexandria, you must put it on your list because it is the cutest. I don't visit that area enough when I am in town! We checked out Red Rocks for dinner which was a delicious, casual Neapolitan pizza restaurant. Then the next morning, I had to head out early but had a delicious breakfast at Earl's with my old roomie/sorority sister, Lisa. YUM! Needless to say it was a weekend packed with lots of cocktails and food. My kind of weekend, that's for sure! Have a fabulous day! 


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tee// Denim// Trench
Flats// Sunglasses// Bag
Turquoise Necklace// Watch// White Bracelet 

If you couldn't tell, I have an obsession with these jeans. I probably wear them at least 3 times a week. They are so comfortable, they almost feel like I'm wearing sweatpants. Also, this trench is invaluable during the fall and spring months. I was so happy to pull it out once it got above 45 degrees. I wear this casually like the above outfit, but I also frequently wear it to work with dresses and skirts. This trench is amazing quality and definitely a great 'look for less' compared to the classic Burberry trench. 

I wore this super relaxed outfit on Sunday. My family and I went to one of my new favorite restaurants, Mambo Italia on Sunday evening. My sister, Callie, was home for Spring break so it was so much fun to have the family back together. We always make sure to have dinner together on is one of my favorite family traditions and I really value the time we spend all together. Have a fabulous day! 


Patricia Altschul's South Carolina Estate

I am embarrassed to admit that I watch the show Southern Charm on Bravo. It's a reality show that follows around residents of Charleston, SC... it's a train wreck, really, but I like tuning in. 
Anyways, my favorite part is when they feature Patricia Altschul, the mother of one of the main characters of the show. Her estate is incredible and pretty much exactly what I'd want my home to look like if I lived in the south. Not to mention the decor. It's elegant, tastefully fussy with many classic touches. Ohhhhh it's so perfect. 

all photos via
The bathroom is my favorite. I love all of the bright blue and white. I mean who doesn't want huge windows and a fireplace in their master bath? Have a fabulous day! 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I've written about this before, but I've once again developed a severe bout of wanderlust. I've gone crazy pinning far off places onto my Wanderlust board. So many places in this world to see and so few vacation days! 

Let's day dream for a moment... fill in the blank in the comments:
If I could travel anywhere, the first place I would go would be to ____________

I'm so interested to hear where your top places to see are... or let me know what far off places you've traveled and why you recommend them! Here are my favorites below:

I would start off Geneva, Switzerland. Then I would travel the hour drive to Chamonix, France (Mont Blanc!) to ski. Fun fact about Mont Blanc... it was host to the first winter olympics in 1924! 

Since this is a winter/ski trip, I would then road trip from Chamonix to Milan (only 3 hours!) and then take another 3 hour trip up to St. Moritz, Switzerland. I'm not dying to get to Milan, but it's kind of on the way, so why not!

If we are talking non-ski vacation, I would like to vacation to:

Then I'd like to travel throughout England... especially the countryside and hit Paris to explore and dine at Ralph's

So stunning... and then I'd like to hop on a plane and head over to Saint Tropez and road trip through the Cote d'Azur (aka French Riviera)... hit spots like Cannes, Antibes, Nice, etc. 

And I'd definitely pit stop in Monaco to stay a night at the Hotel de Paris 

Then I'd end in Italy in Sanremo or other sections of Liguria (aka Italian Riviera). I mean can you even believe these views! 

Where would you go? Have a fabulous day!