Friday, August 14, 2020

The Best Lounge and Everyday Bras

The Best Lounge and Everyday Bras

The Best Lounge and Everyday Bras

I randomly discovered this bra when I was in Target earlier this summer. As soon as I felt it, I wanted to buy it. They were out of my size in the store so I ordered it online and I am obsessed. I have been wearing it non-stop ever since. 

I don't love a lot of padding and this one doesn't have much, but just enough to give you a little coverage and shape. It's also seamless and the fabric feels like butter. The number one reason I love it so much is because it is INSANELY comfortable. I can barely tell I have anything on. 

It's definitely the least sexy bra I have ever seen or worn, but it's just great for every day under a t-shirt or sweater. You can see the photos of mine above- there was no way of making this bra look appealing, haha! But I swear once you put it on your body, it will feel amazing. 

I realized Target offers 4 different bra styles from this brand. I had never heard of it before but now I might be their biggest fan and just ordered a few more in different styles. 

Then, when shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I realized the brand is also included in the sale. Full price the bras on Nordstrom's website are almost double that of Target and to me, they look exactly the same. So, I'm not sure if the brand just made a budget line for Target because I can't find much info on the situation online but I'd much rather the Target price than the Nordstrom price! Even in the Anniversary Sale, the bras are still higher priced than the Target version

So anyway, all that to say, snag the Target bras while you can. They are all priced at just $23 and I find them to be true to size. They have a lot of stretch which is nice and makes things super comfortable and nicely fitted. I am smaller chested, so I don't need a ton of support and none of these have underwire or a ton of support. So, I'm not sure how they'd be with larger chests, but even if you just wear them to lounge in, the comfort is so worth it. They're like butter!

On the brand's own website, they have a ton of different styles, so I am intrigued to try something like this! 

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Early Access

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2020 Early Access
Today marks the day for all Nordstrom cardholders to access the sale early before everyone is able to shop on August 19th! I've already shared with you all:

The items that I have and love 
Favorite Beauty Products
My Favorite Jeans on Sale

So today I thought I would share with you all some past photos of me styling some items that I have and love and share with you all what I ordered. I ordered last Friday and am still waiting on my order to arrive. Since I already had so much from this sale that I got in previous years, you'll see I really didn't snag too much!

Pink Stemless Wine Glasses// At a price of $25 for 6, I can't be too sure these will be great, but I thought it was worth the order to find out! I love colored glassware!

Slippers// So these are made by UGG and I have and love their shearling boots. I have worn them since I was 14 and they're never leaving me because they are so comfortable and cozy and that alone is enough- I don't care how they look!! However, the Uggs I have are made of shearling and these are made of 'ugg pure wool' which is wool that is supposed to feel like shearling. I'll be interested to see how they feel. I loved the look of them and love that they are a slide. I LOVE the LLBean wicked good slippers but really only wear those in the winter so I wanted something with a little less foot coverage for the other seasons. If I end up not loving them, I'll return them and likely buy these.

NeuBrow Serum// This is a favorite brow serum of mine and I just ran out so this is perfect timing.

Pima Cotton Pajama Set (Shorts Set, too!)// I'm a pajama hoarder and I have a lot of different brands that I enjoy. You all know my favorite brand, Lake, but these are up there, too. They are SO soft because they are the same material as Lake: Pima cotton. This is a great price for them as I have rarely seen them priced this low.

Joggers// I definitely don't need another pair of sweats, but I was curious about these because they look a little 'dressier' than typical sweats (only in 2020 would I put the word 'dressier' in front of sweats, hahah!!).

Seamless Sports Bra//I love seamless sports bras so I wanted to try this one out. The price is great!

Bobbi Brown Balm Duo// Had to get this for 'research' into my favorite tinted lip balms, ha!

CZ Stud Earrings// I ordered a backup pair of these because I tend to lose earrings and I love these so much. You save almost $20 by buying them in the sale.

L'Occitane Duo// Have been out of this for a while and hope this would be included in the sale so I could get some more. I tried the Trader Joe's version of this but it fell flat for me. This is the 'good stuff'.

Cozy Sock Set// I really don't get the hype around Barefoot dreams, but I do love cozy socks and needed a few new pairs for this winter.

Airbrush Leggings// These are great leggings. Love the look of them, they are comfortable, good for both lounge and working out, and wash well. 

I share these every year as they have a different wash or distressing so they look slightly different each year. But the fit is the same. They're roomy, boyfriend-style denim with a tiny bit of stretch. They're flattering and a great lounge pair of jeans. 

These are one of my favorites as they are super stretchy and comfortable. They're very casual and look great with chunky sweaters and button-downs. 

Cashmere Cardigan (from past sales) but I love this one and this one. I wear this SO often in the colder months. I wear it over leggings, dressed up with heels and leather leggings, and even over pajamas. It's a wardrobe VIP of mine and I feel so happy whenever I put it on. Vince is typically high quality and has pieces that last for ages.  

I wrote a whole blog post about these jeans and this outfit that you can read, here

This is included in the sale seemingly every year. It's such a classic. I have two: one in black and one in gray. I wear it most as a layer when skiing and also with leggings. But it also looks great with skinny jeans and Bean Boots during the fall. This is also great with a puffer vest overtop. 

I could write a book about how much I love these faux diamond stud earrings. They look beautiful and at under $30 make a cute gift. I ordered another pair in case I lose these. It's almost $20 savings so it is really worth it to buy in the sale!

'Bad' Deals and Some Thoughts:
Pave Diamond Stacking Ring. It only has .13 carats of diamonds. Not that the carat weight is bad- I'm sure it is beautifully dainty, however, the price can be beaten so many other places!

This camel coat is good looking, however, with 44% polyester, it's a lot of synthetic material for the price! I personally prefer a wool/nylon blend if anything when it comes to a nice, high quality, warm winter coat.

- I absolutely love the look of this sweater. Since it is Vince you think they wouldn't use polyester or such an odd blend of fibers. I actually added this to my cart because I assumed it would be a wool/cashmere blend. I looked back at the details for the price and immediately took it out of my cart. Even at the sale price of $199, I think it's not a good deal. I was surprised to see this from a brand like Vince that usually steers clear of synthetics in their higher-end sweaters. This is another sweater from Vince that is the same example. Just gorgeous but an odd mix of fibers.

J.Crew Cardigan. This cardigan is cute and classic but since J.Crew is on sale constantly at such steep discounts, I bet in a few weeks, this cardigan will be on even better sale on J.Crew's site.

This sweater is mostly all acrylic. Nope!

- Love love love the look of this beautiful blue coat. But it is 45% polyester and unlined. At almost $200, the quality is not worth the price. If it were lined and more wool or nylon, I'd totally pay the price tag OR if this coat was lower-priced, around $150 or less but the quality it is, I'd also buy it.

- I have these faux leather leggings and I don't really love them. They are super hyped up by so many people so I think it might just be a personal preference. I just think they look like athletic leggings and not actual leather leggings that you can wear with nicer outfits.

- This is my favorite Barbour jacket from the sale. I'm always asked about the Barbour jackets and this time I was left underwhelmed compared to year's past.

- Didn't love too many pairs of shoes. My top favorites were these booties and these mules.

More Sale Items I Have My Eye On:


We got back from the lake on Sunday night so this week has been a lot of catch up with work and stuff around the house. We went to Costco to stock our refrigerator because we didn't even have eggs! Costco is one of my favorite places. I know that's about as lame as it gets but they have so many neat things!! This trip was a flop, though, as they didn't have that many 'cool' things. I can't wait until they have soups again- that is one of my favorite things to buy!

I had the best time at the lake. The change of scenery alone was wonderful. We just hung out around the house, lounged on the dock, went for boat rides, and took the jetski out. I read a few books, we watched a few movies. A lot of delicious meals were cooked and Henry had an absolute ball.

Henry went to the groomer this week because he gets MESSY at the lake. I wanted to get him in on Monday, but our groomer has been so booked this summer, it's crazy!

I have felt energized this week and feel a bit of creativity creeping in that I haven't felt in a while and I'm excited about lots of fall content to come!

I also feel like I'm at the point where I am SO OVER casual clothes. Don't get me wrong, I like sweatpants and pajamas and all of that. I have a great collection of lounge clothes, but I just want to wear cute polished outfits. So, I think I will make it a goal for myself for the month of September to get dressed in a cute outfit daily.

Wearing: I wore this Lilly Dress so much at the lake. It was so easy to just toss on since it gets so hot there during the afternoons and yet it looked so put-together. It's BEYOND comfortable so I couldn't love this dress more. 

Eating: My sister made street corn salad at our lake house one night and it was SO good. So my fiancĂ© made it for us this week and it was incredible. We used this recipe and omitted the vegetable oil and avocado. 
Drinking: We got into High Noons at the lake. They are vodka and seltzer in a can... unlike White Claws, they are not malt liquor but instead actually vodka.  

Reading: I read two books that I did not like while I was at the lake and I thought I would share those with you so you might want to avoid them. The first is All We Ever Wanted and the second is One Day In December. Both storylines were long and drawn out and I didn't find the writing in either particularly well done. I was so bummed. I LOVED The Nightingale so I've been searching so much for something super similar. 

Sale: I'm double posting today. As you all know, today is the official day where all Nordstrom cardholders can finally shop the Anniversary sale! So check my second blog post if that's something you are interested in! 

 Guys, I have no shows to watch. I have tried to get into so many different things and just can't. But, I'm re-watching The OC which I have shared on here like 10 times already, and really love it. It's a great and easy show to watch in the evening! 

Loving: I am just smitten over this tablecloth that I ordered on major sale from Amanda Lindroth. If you haven't checked out the brand, they make the most beautiful linens and homegoods. And, the sweet Diane Hill, a London-based artist sent me the most beautiful phone case that features her artwork. The case is truly stunning and I love the colors so much. This would make such a nice gift for the fellow Chinoiserie lover! 

Wanting: I've gone full-on fall-mode in my clothing searches. I can't wait for slightly cooler days and wearing sweatshirts to walk Henry!

Smelling: Did you catch this week's post about my favorite candles?! I finally smelled the leaves candle this week and I did not like it! It smelled way too strong and just smelled like apples and cinnamon which I don't love. I was bummed! 
Quoting: See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Best Coffee Mug

I love coffee mugs. An odd sentence, isn't it? But I really do. If I see a cute one, I can't help myself!! The problem is that the cutest ones are not always the most practical and I have learned over the years, that they end up just being a waste of cupboard space. 

So, this year, I went through all of my mugs and started to get rid of the ones I truly don't use and really tried to decide which ones I love the most and then order more of those. 

My perfect mug has to be able to hold a lot of coffee. I like 16oz of coffee and rather than have two cups of 8oz, I drink the 16oz immediately. This is probably my #1 requirement and I have to say that it's HARD to find a 16oz coffee mug. 

It also *must* be dishwasher and microwave friendly. I have no time to be handwashing my daily coffee mugs and I need to be able to pop it into the microwave if it needs to be zapped. I have found so many cute ones but if they have the beautiful gold detailing, it is not microwave or dishwasher-friendly. 

It has to be lightweight. I loved that Anthropologie initial mug- so cute, right? Well, it's CLUNKY and the handle is not great either. The heavier the mug, the more I feel like I am going to slosh coffee everywhere. 

The rim of the cup has to be thin. I love those 'character' mugs during the holidays- you know the Santa face and all of that? Darling. But oh my goodness, the rim on that is SO thick and hard to drink from. 

Ok, by now, you all probably think I am nuts, but let me tell you, I found the GOAT of coffee mugs. I actually can't believe I haven't done this post sooner because I've had the mug for years. 

Here is why I love it:

- Dishwasher and microwave safe. This has gone into the dishwasher a thousand times and has been microwaved and the cup looks as good as new. 

- It's made of bone china so it has a thin rim to drink from and is very lightweight. Because it is bone china, it feels very elegant and not at all clunky. It has not chipped at all. 

- It is 16oz!!! It holds a LOT of coffee and that alone brings me so much joy. 

- As much as I love colorful, fun mugs, this one is plain white and so it really goes with all of our dishes, which is nice.

Click here for our bedroom details, home office, and review on our coffee maker.

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