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People on my Gifting List and What I'm Getting Them

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I love love love giving gifts. It's funny because when you're young, you love getting gifts, but as I get older, I find so much more joy in giving them! 

I work really hard to give gifts that are personal and that show that I know the person well. I'm also one of those people who shops year-round for people! If I see something that I know a certain someone will just love, I get it even if it is in May! 

eBay is a site that I check regularly for special gifts and today I'm partnering with them to share some great gifts that you can find on the site. Did you know that 80% of merchandise sold on eBay is new? Oftentimes, you don't have to bid on items because 89% of merchandise is 'buy it now'. 

Need a little inspiration on what to shop for on eBay? One of my favorites categories is designer pieces! You can find one of my favorite designer pieces (I'm wearing them in the photos above) on eBay: Christian Louboutin Decolette pumps. Think of something that you've had your eye on recently and eBay probably has it!

I wanted to share some more items you can get from eBay that I am thinking of getting for my family. These are all items that are available on eBay

Last year for Christmas, we gave my mom a Canada Goose Trillium Parka. My mom is always cold! She is not one to spend a lot on herself (she's so selfless) so I knew that something that would truly keep her warm would bring her joy. I have the same parka and my mom had always been eyeing it! Well, these parkas were sold out everywhere near Christmastime last year. But, eBay to the rescue because I found one that was new with tags for just $730. That's a savings of $200 off the retail price and they rarely ever go on sale!

It's going to be hard to top last Christmas, but I think I have a really good gift in mind: an iPhone! She has been using my old iPhone 6 for ages. It's slow and she can only talk to people on it while it's on speaker phone. She refuses to get herself a new phone, so this is what I am thinking this year! I'll also have to get her a cute case, too!

My parents are huge coffee drinkers! Since getting the Ninja Hot and Cold brewer, I have raved about this amazing machine! My parents are due for a new coffeemaker and I know that they would just love this machine. I was floored to see it priced brand new for so much less than retail on eBay! 

My sister, Callie.
Callie loves David Yurman (I do, too!). She wears several pieces that she already has daily. So, I'm going to add to her collection with a classic cable bracelet. David Yurman is pricey, but I cannot get over the prices on eBay! My mom has this citrine bracelet that I have always admired and I think it would mean a lot to Callie to have a bracelet that matches hers! I also love the cable bracelets without the stone, like this one and I can't believe it's well under $300! 

My pup, Henry! 
Henry's favorite toy brands like Outward Hound and Nylabone are available brand new on eBay for far less than what you'd pay in a pet store. It makes it so quick and easy for me to order plenty of toys to fill his stocking! He's also a huge fan or Merrick treats (these are his favorite) which are also available on eBay.

What's on My Wishlist from eBay?
Dyson vacuum cleaner, Coravin wine preserver, Van Cleef and Arpels Alhambra jewelry, Mark Cross Grace bag... this is dangerous because this list could go on and on and on all day! 

Stocking stuffers on eBay, too!!
Besides big gifts, I also find really good, meaningful stocking stuffers on eBay like these Veuve Clicquot cocktail napkins this Hanson tee (this is kind of a joke, but Callie and I used to have these tees from the concert that we went to), Australian cattle dog socks, vintage Bethany College postcard (my dad went there and this would be so cute in a frame), and hand-painted Australian cattle dog wine stopper

Have you shopped eBay for gifts before? Thank you to eBay for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!
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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Gift Guide 2018: For Coworkers

Gift Guide 2018: For Coworkers
This was by far the most requested gift guide and also the hardest one to put together. I totally get the frustration in trying to navigate this! 

I also think that this should also be taken with a grain of salt because every coworker relationship is totally different than the next. Are you work besties? Are you on a big team where you need to get everyone the same thing? Do you work with all males and don't know what is appropriate? There are so many different situations so you have to do what feels right for you! 

But, for the most part, I tried to keep most items under $20 and everything is under $30! I also tried to keep it pretty unisex. 

Mug// This one is hilarious and I think no matter what line of work you are in, you can relate to this mug!

Carry-on Cocktail Kit// I think in a lot of situations, alcohol can be an inappropriate gift to give... but on the flipside there are so many appropriate times to give coworkers/bosses alcohol, too... like a nice bottle of champagne or bourbon. However, this is an alcohol-free way of giving someone something fun. I think this would be especially fun for those who work in a job that requires everyone to travel a lot!

Custom Notecards// You can get these for both men and women as well as for those you may manage or your bosses above you. They're very 'safe yet thoughtful and personal. 

Custom Tumbler// These come in a bunch of different colors and different designs/fonts so they can be for men and women! At just $16, this is a really nice, personal gift. 

Fillit Pocket// This is my obsession. I have it on my computer at all times. It holds an external hard drive so you can be easily mobile. You can fill it with whatever, really. It's great for getting work done on planes!

Trinket Dish// Seriously, Anthropologie has a trinket dish for absolutely anyone's interests. These are great for women because how annoyed have you gotten typing on your computer with bracelets. This gives your bracelets a pretty home while you are at your desk. There are so many under $20 and you can even wait until Anthro has a 20% off sale (happens somewhat frequently). This one is great for New Yorkers, this one perfect for initials. Love zebras? Here you go. I'm quite partial to this dog!

Phone Stand// This is inexpensive, useful, and sleek! Honorable mention for this adorable elephant phone stand that also functions as a pencil cup. 

Charging Cord// This is a 3-pack of 10-foot charging cords. I have them and they're great. They could be paired with the phone stand (above) and it would be a great 'phone' themed gift! Just wrap in cellophane and top with a bow. 

Cubicle Coat Hooks// This one is great because it has 3 hooks so you can hang your bag, umbrella, and coat. 

Luggage Tag// This is another good one for those who have jobs that require a lot of travel. Great for both men and women.

Minimergency Kit// This is such a great little kit to have on hand at your desk. It's adorable, too! You can also find them for men, here.

Message Board// This is pretty clever! This clips on to the right side of your monitor and you can write on it, post sticky notes, and it can hold your phone.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Classic Holiday Outfit Idea for Work Parties

Classic Holiday Outfit Idea for Work Parties

Classic Holiday Outfit Idea for Work Parties

Classic Holiday Outfit Idea for Work Parties

Classic Holiday Outfit Idea for Work Parties

Classic Holiday Outfit Idea for Work Parties
Lip Color (in berry)

With Thanksgiving less than a week away, we will soon be entering Holiday party territory! I think one of the hardest things to dress for is a work holiday party- especially if you are in a more conservative industry/office environment. 

It can be hard to dress festively while still looking 'work appropriate' but you can definitely do it! The Tweed Coat and Red Dress are beautiful! Not only that, but the tweed coat looks equally fabulous when paired with jeans and because of the fabric composition of the red dress, you could wear it year round. 

As a total side note, how is everyone doing with their holiday shopping? I'm almost entirely finished. to finish before December 1st was my goal so I was able to leisurely wrap everything as well as really enjoy the season and not stress about the gifts. 

And speaking of gifts, for those of you that need to get your coworkers a gift, I have a coworker gift guide coming up, so keep your eyes peeled! And speaking of dresses (am I getting annoying yet, ha) I have a holiday dress guide coming up very soon, too!

Thursday, November 15, 2018


What. A. Week. Can I have a glass of wine, yet?! I am honestly proud of myself because I got so much work done! This time of year is just nuts for bloggers because of the holiday season (it follows a somewhat similar schedule to retail). Because of that, Thanksgiving can be a time filled with pressure and that is not what Thanksgiving is about! Soooo, I work ahead as much as I possibly can which means working 10-12 hour days (not complaining!). So I'm able to spend the time with the people I love (my sister is coming into town tomorrow for 10 days!!) and not behind my computer screen. I am thankful to have such a flexible schedule.

Tomorrow, I'm having 15 people to my apartment because it is light up night downtown (it's definitely going to be a tight squeeze in 850 sq. feet)! I'm hosting for drinks and heavy apps, so it will be lots of fun (I am going to share the entire hosting process on my instastory if you want to follow along!). Afterward, we will go see the lights and then probably out for drinks and food! Meaning- I am spending a large chunk of tonight DEEP cleaning absolutely everything and tomorrow stocking the refrigerator. I love hosting people and living downtown during this time of year is really fun and special.

My mom is also hosting family (and friend) dinners every night starting Saturday-Tuesday. I'm excited not to have to do any grocery shopping next week, ha! And excited for an excuse to wear a cute, festive outfit each evening! My mom, sister, and I are also getting mani/pedi's next week- one of our favorite things to do together! And then, next Friday it is my high school's 10-year reunion. Lots and lots of fun ahead.

It is crazy to me that Thanksgiving is just one week away. The holiday season is really upon us and I'm so excited to be in celebration mode!

Wearing: This sweatshirt is on sale for just $24. I've been behind my computer a ton lately, so I'm constantly in comfortable clothes like this sweatshirt.

Recommending: To hear of the fires out in California is heart-breaking I can't even imagine the devastation and so close to the holidays, too. This is a reputable article that includes ways we can all help those affected. I made a donation to the Humane  Society of Ventura County to help the animals displaced in the fires as well as a donation to the American Red Cross (you can specifically choose the California wildfires when you donate).

Eating: Oh my goodness, if you are a Trader Joe fan like me, you need to get their apple blossoms which are like mini, individual apple pies (in the dessert freezer section). You heat them up in the microwave and they are SO good. 

Drinking: I shared this on Instastories the other night, but I really like Tom Gore's Cabernet Sauvignon. It's really inexpensive and easy to drink but it tastes like it is much pricier! 

Sale-ing: The Sephora sale starts tomorrow for all of you who are Beauty Insider members! You can see my post with my favorites, here.

Sale-ing II: Club Monaco is offering an extra 30% off sale items (no code needed). This is the time when I tend to shop Club Monaco. Their pieces are super high quality but also have a high price tag so it is really nice when you can score pieces on major sale! 

 I spent the weekend mostly working but did end up getting sucked into The Bodyguard on Netflix. It's a BBC series with only 6 episodes. I finished the entire series within 3 days. It's SO good. It's like Homeland in England and has an interesting twist in the last episode. Definitely worth the watch and easy to binge! 

Listening: I'm pretty old-school when it comes to Christmas music, however, I just love Leslie Odom Jr.'s Christmas album! My two favorites are 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' and 'The Christmas Song'. His voice is so calming and soothing. 

Loving: Did you guys see this floating around the internet/social media? I thought it was hilarious so I texted my mom and her responses had me crying laughing. I have zero skill when it comes to cooking and also don't really have much interest in cooking or baking. So clearly this question did not phase my mom at all, ha!!! 

Wanting: I haven't really been wanting but I have been scouting gifts for everyone on my list and to share with all of you. So here are some things lately! And if you haven't yet seen, I've already published a few gift guides and there are many more to come! Gift Guides live right now: PajamasThe best at SephoraStocking Stuffers. Coming soon: holiday dresses, gifts for the pup, gifts for the coworker, under $100... and more! 

Pittsburgh-ing: Light Up Night is tomorrow night. Who else is excited? You can see all of the events and a map of events, here

Smelling: Did you guys hear that Aldi is now selling candles that are basically $7 versions of $65 Jo Malone candles? I don't shop at Aldi often, but I'm going to check it out! I love Jo Malone candles and apparently these smell exactly the same. I'll report back! 

Traveling: My next trip is to New York City with my family in two weeks! Right after that, I am headed straight from New York to Florida! 

Quoting: 'Your life isn't yours if you constantly care what others think.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

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