Thursday, March 1, 2018

Lately 3/1/2018

Rabbit, rabbit! Happy March, everyone! Can you believe the first day of spring is less than 3 weeks away? And, daylight savings is less than 2 weeks away (seriously thank heavens!!!!!). 

Weather-wise this week was pretty darn good and had me in a pretty good mood. The weekend is looking a little dismal in terms of weather, but the hints of spring have kept me going! This was such a busy week, busier than I have had in a long while. It was a bit of added stress and anxiety which I haven't felt for a short while and I feel like Monday was my worst day, but here we are, chugging right along!! 

I'm currently planning a trip for next week to Charleston with Katie and then my sister, Callie, is going to meet me there for the weekend and then I'll go back to Charlotte with her! I am so excited. I haven't seen Callie since Christmastime and haven't seen Katie since September! 

Loving: So we are starting this week off with what I am loving and that is Henry's cute little Scout Bag. I have so many Scout bags because they were so great in college for storage and now I keep a few in my trunk and closet for when I need bags to haul a lot of stuff! I have one Scout Bag that I love so much and I have been using for Henry's 'stuff' (ex. wipes, a towel, a portion of food, treats, etc. for when we are on-the-go) but it's really big. It's kind of unnecessary for me to be carrying around such a big bag, so I found this bag labeled as a 'gift bag'. It's the same material as any other Scout bag, but it's just cute and little... but the best part is that the straps can fit over your shoulder. I love this because it can be wiped clean and they have an embroidery option! It is the perfect size to fit a few portions of food, water, wipes, treats, one or two toys, and a travel bowl or two.

Loving II: Speaking of Henry, I never thought I would be 'that person' but here I am... I made him an Instagram (@summerwindpup)! It's kind of silly, but I just love taking cute photos of him and I didn't want to bore those of you that follow me on Instagram and aren't interested in dogs/Henry. So I figured I could share his cuteness there without being a pain! Follow along if you'd like... this is something I am just doing for fun. I'm not really trying to gain followers or anything like that and I'm not going to treat it as I do my Summer Wind account. It'll be casual! You can find his account here if you'd like to follow along
Wearing: I am so in love with this basket beach bag I got for my Caribbean trip but I'm equally as smitten with this silk scarf. I've been tying it on my Goyard tote and it gives it such a nice pop for spring! 
Sale-ing: As you all probably know, the Shopbop sale is going on right now! I shared my favorites from the sale, here. You can also view my favorites in the widget above. My advice for the sale is to go for the bigger ticket items becuase then you get more of a discount!

 I started Sneaky Pete on Amazon recently. I shared more about it, here, but it's a great binge-worthy series! 

Wanting: I actually just ordered this bra because it was on sale. It has so many amazing reviews, so I figured, why not. To preface, I'm not really a bra person. When I can get away with it, I won't wear one and when I do wear one, it has minimal padding and is just plain and comfortable (I'm pretty flat chested). This bra is SO good. It's pretty with the little bit of lace and it's just an all-around great everyday bra. Besides wanting another one, you can scroll through the widget above to see some other things I am loving!
Pittsburgh-ing: I finally made it to the Fairmont's Fl. 2 late last week. My friend Aly and I just went for cocktails and a cheese plate, but it was absolutely lovely! We loved the atmosphere so much. It had an upscale 1960's vibe... a place where TWA pilots might have been hanging out alongside Sinatra or a member of the rat pack. It would make for a great place to celebrate an occasion or for a first or second date! I hope to be back for dinner soon as everything smelled absolutely amazing! 

Smelling: I wrote about this Caress body wash in yesterday's post, but you all need it. It smells SO GOOD. 

Traveling: Charleston then Charlotte next week! 

Quoting: 'A good laugh and a long sleep are the 2 best cures for anything.'// See more of my favorites, here. 

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