Monday, August 12, 2019

July Favorites

Nars Palette// This has been a VIP in my makeup routine lately. It comes with a bronzer, blush, and highlighter. I love all three of the colors so much and the highlighter is easily the best I have ever used. 

Charlotte Tilbury Unisex Glow// You all probably know by now that this is one of my favorite makeup products ever. You can read my full post about why I love it, here! 

10 Grove Linens// We have been sleeping in our new bed for over 3 months now and we are so in love with the 10 Grove linens we got. They are SO insanely soft and luxurious. Splurging on linens is one of the best things you can do because I truly look forward to getting into bed each night! 

Mi Golondrina// I absolutely love this Dallas-based brand. They create the most beautiful clothing with incredible stitching. They are splurge pieces but surely something someone will stop you and ask where you got it! I have a dress from the Mark D. Sikes collaboration that they did last year and I have worn it SO much this month. It's so easy to throw on and go. 

SPF 50// I don't know what kind of sorcery is in this product but this is the best sunscreen I have found for those moments when you forget to reapply. My fiancĂ© is very fair skinned and burns easily, he puts this on in the morning before he goes golfing and his face is totally fine after 18 holes. I used it at the beach a few weeks ago and was out in the sun a bit and never got any color on my face. SO impressed. 

Mules// These mules were sent to me and oh my goodness do I love them! They are such nice quality for the price and the color is the most beautiful burnt pink... they almost skew nude! They are something I am going to wear all fall! 

Ruffled swimsuit// This is my favorite suit of the summer. I love the mix of prints, it is high quality and well-made which really shows because it is so flattering. It makes me feel cute! 

Leatherology Phone Case// I had this case on my old phone. I got a new phone in November and just got a cheap case on Amazon. I finally decided to get a nice case for my new phone and ended up with the same exact one because I love it so much. It's beautiful blush leather and you can get your initials stamped into the leather! 

Coco and Sandalwood Bath and Shower Gel// I randomly came across this and I LOVE this scent. It's a bit manly and has a fall/cozy feel to it!

Top Products According to Analytics
So a ton of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale products were in the top products, so I'm leaving those out since so many of those items are sold out or no longer on sale!

Ruffled swimsuit// You can read more about this suit above! I love that it made my favorites list as well as all of yours! 

Blue and White Chinoiserie Pajamas// Love love love these pajamas! These are what I will likely wear on the morning of our wedding! 

White Shirt// I briefly posted about this shirt on my instagram stories and it ended up being one of the top-selling items! To give you an idea of how I use analytics to decide what type of content I post, I posted last Friday's post about this shirt because it was such a popular item! It's a great product and definitely deserved its own blog post!

Mockneck shirt// I LOVE this shirt so much. I have it and it's stunning. So Jackie O and classic. 

Newton Chaise// These are the chairs that I have in our living room! We have two and they are so well made and high quality for the price. We got the blue ticking strip and it's a great neutral. Plus, they are SO insanely comfortable.

Striped Shift Dress// This dress has UPF 50 and makes for a great swimsuit coverup but also just a 'regular' dress. The fabric is soft and stretchy like a bathing suit or pair of leggings and it really does block the sun! Not to mention, it's so cute. 

Blue and White Tumblers// If you have not seen these, yet, take a look because they are just darling! We have so many Tervis tumblers and they are so great for everyday use. 

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