Saturday, October 5, 2019

Saturday Shopping

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! This weekend's weather feels like fall and it has me so happy! It's actually a bit chilly! We had drinks on a family friend's rooftop downtown last night and went out to dinner. Today we are taking it slow this morning and then getting ready for a wedding!

One of our family friends is getting married! My dad is still best friends with his high school friends so we have all grown up together and this is the first wedding of all of the kids! It will be so much fun to celebrate the great couple and all be together and having a blast on the dance floor! 

My sister is also in town for the weekend which is exciting. We went to Orangetheory together yesterday. It was my sister's first time and she really liked it! Scroll through the widget above to see things I have loved from this weekend. 

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