Thursday, March 19, 2020


Not too much to report considering I haven't left my house all week like the rest of you! I've been doing some great at-home workouts and I'm really hoping to be able to stick to that throughout the remainder of 'the unknown'. I am hoping to go for a run today. Yes, you heard that right, go for a run. I'm also confused because I don't run and 'go for a run' is not normally within my vocabulary. However, I think it's necessary for me to burn off some steam that's not coming off in my in-house workouts. I considered ordering a treadmill on Amazon, but it'd get used for however long we are stuck inside and then never again so I just don't think it is worth it! I never thought I would say this but I miss the rower at Orange Theory, haha!!!

We got two new pieces of furniture recently so today we are finally going to HANG THE TV in our living room. If you've been reading for a few months then you might know how excited that makes me and in light of the times, this has been a bright light!! Since we were able to get a new piece for the living room, we were able to move the old piece to our finished basement so we can start setting up the basement, too. We also got a piece of furniture for our dining room which is just beautiful and now I need to figure out what I am going to do on the wall above the piece. We are all going to decide together because that's a blog post coming soon, ha!!

With some added time in my schedule, I'm going to polish all of our silver which has also weirdly always given me joy.

I hope you all are making the best of your time at home. I shared a quick list of movies this past Saturday, so if you are looking for something light and uplifting, this is a good list to start with!

Wearing: These Jeans are seriously my very favorite. I cannot stop wearing them and raving about them. They are so comfortable and flattering and under $100. 

Eating: I know my fiancĂ© is super pumped about this one... Chik Fil A is selling their sauces in large at-home formats!

Sale-ing: So it is basically like Black Friday around the online shopping world. There are sales galore and I'm fully going to take advantage because the second we can all go out and enjoy normalcy again, I am going to be excited to get dressed. Yesterday I shared a great sale from Nordstrom, so check that out and I will be sifting through tons of other sales to bring you some extra posts here and there!

Sale-ing II: These wine glasses are currently on major sale. We have them and I love the look of them, plus they hold a lot of wine, ha! 

 Orange Theory is releasing a new 30-minute workout per day on their site. I am SO grateful for this. 

Listening: Chris Martin posted a live 'concert' on the Coldplay Facebook page. I saw someone repost it on Facebook. I love Coldplay and think Chris Martin's voice is mesmerizing. It was beautiful and his presence was so comforting. He briefly played Viva La Vida- it's a Christmas tradition that we have with our extended family to sing it each year. As I heard it, I started sobbing just thinking back to all of us being together on Christmas Eve and the joy we all had. There will be a day again soon that we can all be together and I know we will belt out Viva La Vida with all that we have!!!

Loving: This blue and white scarf! It is so elegant. Sarah Flint sent me the brown version and it's just stunning in person. 

 Loving so much online right now and cannot wait to be able to wear spring clothes. We are set to have warm weather today and tomorrow and that makes me so happy! 

Pittsburgh-ing: The latest Pittsburgh restaurant opening and closings. Well... they're all closed right now, but you get what I mean!
Quoting: See more of my favorites, here. 

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Thanks for the Chris Martin tip. It made my day.


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