Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Home Items On Sale

We are creeping up on Memorial Day Weekend and the sales are rolling right in. There are tons, but I wanted to highlight a bunch of home items. I am constantly asked about what to add to a registry or even just what some of my go-to home basics are like glassware, etc. 

I linked to exactly what we registered for, here. I did a comprehensive post about items, here. So today's post is going to just highlight many home items that I personally love that are on sale and that are an integral part of our daily life at home. Everything I am including is ON SALE... I will add more as more sales pop up throughout the rest of this week and weekend so keep checking back!

Wusthof Knife Set// This is 16 pieces for Under $300 which is CRAZY. We have a larger set and use it every single day. If you don't have nice knives, I highly recommend taking the plunge. They are a game-changer in slicing and dicing. I was skeptical before spending on knives but I bought the Wusthof brand a few years ago and have never looked back. They make cutting even stupid simple things like bread or vegetables SO smooth and easy. You can see the knife set and dutch oven in the photo at the top of this post!

Staub Dutch Oven// I have never cooked in this but my fiancé uses it at least once a week. It's great for sauces, soups, and really pretty much anything. I, however, did the research as these aren't cheap and the Staub one is apparently a little better than the Le Creuset brand because of the little nubs on the underneath part of the lid... it apparently draws up the condensation and the nubs drip it back into whatever you are cooking. Either way, this is a great kitchen item and I have been reaping the benefits of delicious meals made by my fiancé in this! 

All-Clad Pots and Pans// This brand is high quality and will last you forever. There are tons of different ones on sale. They're pricey so any savings can be a big help. I use my pans from cooking everything from eggs to salmon! 

Waterford Crystal Stemless Wine Glasses// These are gorgeous and high-quality... they are heavy duty and hold wine beautifully. We have these in a different pattern and use them all the time not only for wine but they're perfect for cocktails, too. My fiancé loves them so much he uses them as his daily water glass. I put them in the dishwasher and they've always held up perfectly. 

Linen Napkins// These are such nice quality. Thick and durable, they wash well, too. Some sets of 4 are under $30. 

Wine Cooler// We have this exact one. It was out of stock when I wrote this post and is now back! This one is on sale for $35. 

Initial Old Fashioned Glasses// One of my girlfriend's got us these glasses and we love them and use them all of the time. They're pretty large so they're nice for molded ice cubes (like spheres, etc.) to hold spirits like bourbon.

Printed Tablecloth// For under $50 this tablecloth is great. It has an India Amory vibe. Although the quality is less than IM (I have one of her's and it's very high quality), it still achieves that same look for almost a third of the price.

Rattan Placemats// We use these all the time. I love their casual look and that they are neutral. They are sturdy and just add a nice texture to a tablescape.

Scalloped Salad Plates// We have both the dinner plates and salad plates but we use the salad plates more as they are good for everyday portion control when it is just the two of us! They're beautiful, heavy, and don't chip easily and hold up well in the dishwasher. 

Bath Towels// We use these in the guest bathroom and they're SO nice. So soft and really thick and high quality. Use code ATHOME. We also have Weezie towels that we use in our master and we love those, too. Similar in quality to these but I've never seen them go on sale. Also, most of our bedding is also included in the sale!

Orrefors Bowl// I LOVE Orrefors. It's similar to Waterford in that it is cut crystal but the designs are a bit more contemporary. I have a vintage design but this is similar in size and everything. It's 50% off and honestly, I might buy one or two to give as Christmas gifts/housewarming gifts/etc.

Spode Pasta Bowls// These are definitely our most-used dishes. We don't use them just for pasta but for literally everything. They work SO nicely for chopped salads or even things like chili. They're shallow so it's like a cross between a plate and a bowl.

Chaise Lounge Chair// We refer to these as our chairs and we each have one and we only sit on 'ours', ha! But seriously these are the MOST comfortable chairs you will ever find. Ever. The price is insanely low for a chair like this. It's solid, high quality, and wears well. These are big so keep that in mind, but you'll never find anything better. The price fluctuates quite a lot on these so keep your eye out as I'm thinking maybe they'll dip even lower in the next few days? No idea, but that's my guess. 

Alpaca Blanket// This is the blanket on the chaise in the photo above. I've featured it a lot but it really is a fantastic blanket. I feel SO spoiled when I curl up in it every morning with my coffee. It's pricey so getting it on sale is key. 

Crystal Ice Bucket// Besides an ice bucket, I use this as a vase or to display items or even use as a silverware roll holder if I'm hosting a larger gathering. It's just beautiful but also inexpensive! 

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