Monday, January 4, 2010

Skiing in Style

Despite the large amount of snowfall here in the wonderful city of Pittsburgh, I have had the chance to go skiing once! So sad, I know! So my new years resolution is to try and go much much more, because what better a resolution than one that makes you happy (and it doesn't hurt that it's a calorie burner!). So for all of you ski bums out there, here are a few of my favorite things that I absolutely cannot live without during ski season!
Lucky for me while at home in Pittsburgh, or at school in Virginia, I am less than an hours drive from two decent ski resorts so I am in no need to bring luggage with me!UnderArmour Women's Progear Mock. Greatest spandex for the top half. My sister and I have been wearing it for years whether it be for lacrosse, cheerleading, golfing or any outdoor sport, we rely on this great spandex to keep us warm and dry!
Spyder Spandex. These are not the exact spandex I use but I have a very similar pair from a few years back. They are hands down the best spandex. They are warm, comfortable and easy to move around in.Smart Wool socks. Best socks for sure. They have a cushiony support where needed, along with a warm cozy feel. You may question the slightly high price that is tacked to one pair of these baby's, but believe me, they are worth every penny!For when the boots come off, these boots come on! The traditional L.L. Bean Duck Boot lined with shearling. It keeps your feet warm and dry from the sludgey snow in the parking lots and unlike Ugg boots or other comparable ones, the snow does not do these boots any harm! (just a side note- I am in love with the rubber moc for rainy days! I have adorable rain boots but almost nine times out of ten, I choose the mocs!)

While skiing, overtop of the spandex I add a long sleeve T of some sort; I usually go for my "Life Is Good" skiing t-shirt given to me as a gift, If it is really cold, I add a fleece vest that I got years ago at EMS (Eastern Mountain Sports)..boy do I miss that store! Atop those layers I add the piece de resistance:Patagonia Women's Re-Tool Snap-T Pullover. I cannot say enough good things about this company. I have loved every product I've ever seen! I recently got the Retro-x jacket for Christmas as a casual fleece to wear while at school, and I love it too! The Snap-T really keeps me warm, and it is easy to throw on and off depending on the temperature.

The final piece is my Spyder System Jacket which unfortunately, I cannot find online. A little hint though! The kid's sizes run up to a size 20 which can easily fit a grown adult. I usually wear a size 4 in everything and I got a 16 in my Spyder jacket and it fits perfectly, even over a ton of layers, it saves a lot of money!

Apres Le Ski I opt for a very casual look. It always includes a men's sweater of some sort. They are cozy and oh so warm! I have several vintage wool sweaters that my dad has graciously handed down to me, and they fit very loosely which I like! In the past I have also bought several other men's sweaters. My favorites are from Ralph Lauren and J.Crew.I spotted this lovely, festive sweater on the Ralph Lauren website. A girl can dream, right? Well may all your skiing adventures this winter bring you many laughs, and no broken bones! Have a fantastic day.


Sara Elizabeth said...

I absolutely love my Patagonia re-tool snap-t! Great picks for skiing in style!

Kerry said...

I haven't been skiing lately either! Thanks for all the great suggestions! I LOVE Smart Wool sock and similar to you, I almost always choose my L.L. Bean rubber mocs over my wellies! Have a great Tuesday! xoxox

Blissfully Enamored said...

you have some love waiting on you over at my blog!

Ambs said...

I went snowboarding for the first time this week in Deep Creek MD and boy do I wish I'd had some of those items!

KAC said...

My family and I used to go skiing every winter in VT but I haven't been in a couple years and miss it so much!! This post totally made me miss skiing and now I really want to go...I also got a Patagonia snap-t for christmas and LOVE it!

P*P*P said...

I loveee skiing and I love your ski wear picks! Too cute! :)

Barrett said...

I want to order these boots for my daughters. How do they run? I have a pair of LL Bean rubber mocs that I've had since I was your age... that was a long time ago! :) I wear them all the time.

You remind me of my daughters!

pinkserenity88 said...

I saw several Spyder pieces at Marshalls this weekend and after reading your post went back and bought a backpack for my fiance!I love your Fashion advice!


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