Wednesday, June 29, 2011

L.L. Bean Picks during a Sale!

I am a frequent L.L. Bean customer because one, their products are extremely high quality for the price you pay and two, they are made to last. L.L. Bean is currently having a sale, so if you are shopping their sale, I thought I'd point out several great deals. Above is the Adirondack Barn Jacket. I own it in Loden (the olive green color). The coat actually used to be my mother's in the 80's and has since passed it down to me. It has held up so great and is the perfect coat for fall. However, if you are looking for something to wear as a dressy coat, this is not it. It is very roomy and the fabric and shape of the jacket make for an extremely casual coat. For $45 you really can't beat the price either!
This is my picture from one of my Christmas posts. The green fleece in the middle is my Trail Model Fleece Pullover. I absolutely love it. It is so perfect for everything. They don't have a monogramming option which is really very silly, so I just took it to my monogrammer and had them stitch a hot pink monogram on the left chest and it looks great! At $40, I thought it was a great price, but $30 now, even better!
These are my Deerfield Rustic boots. If you've been reading my blog since Christmastime, you probably have noticed them in many of my OOTD's. I love these boots. Seriously they are extremely high-quality. I really shopped around before I decided on these and at the time, they were $150, which was a great price compared to other brands of leather boots such as Steve Madden. Now at $99, they're practically irresistible!
Sleeveless Oxford Shirt. The model doesn't do the shirt justice. It is well fitted, flattering and high-quality oxford cloth. I have it in several colors and wear it numerous times during the summer months. Definitely worth every penny of the $35 price tag.

Have you shopped the L.L. Bean sale? Like me, do you love/own any of these items? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bosom Buddy Bags

"Handags as extraordinary as the women who carry them"

 Bosom Buddy Bags may be my cutest internet stumble ever. I came upon them because I was typing into Facebook monogramming companies, and a little boutique popped up. I clicked around on the boutique's Facebook page and low and behold I saw the cutest bags I have ever seen...
Palm Beach Collection, Spring 2011
I knew I had to find out more so I could alert the preppy kingdom of their existence. After contacting Karin Chriss, who is "a nationally recognized, award-winning interior designer with a passion for antiques and an unparalleled reputation for finding and collecting unique and tastefully whimsical accessories" (excerpt taken from the Bosom Buddy website) I learned a lot more about Bosom Buddy. The bags are hand woven in Indonesia, Bali to be specific. The bags are made out of Ata Grass and the pretty brown color of the bags are made from smoking each bag over a fire. 
Karin Chriss, Andrea Stieff and Lizzie Stieff Leonard are the three ladies behind Bosom Buddy Bags (and let me tell you, I think they might just be genius).
"It all began 6 years ago when Andrea thought how much fun it would be to adorn a basic straw bag with one of her trademark floral designs.. long time friend Karin came into the studio, got inspired and promptly covered every bag in sight with stunning and unique trims, buttons and ribbons.. the rest is history!"- Excerpt from Bosom Buddy website
The ladies of Bosom Buddy Bags were so generous and sent me TWO of their beautiful bags. When I got the package, I felt like it was Christmas all over again.
High Baby Bali
First on the menu is the High Baby Bali, HBB for short. This bag is a show-stopper. Completely unforgettable, and I guarantee that people will be stopping you every second and asking you where your beautiful handbag is from. Seriously, just ask my mother, who just happened to borrow the bag the day after I got it in the mail and took it to a club dinner party. She said she got comments and questions about the HBB all night. 
At 6"x5"x3" it makes for the perfect sized evening bag. I especially like the structure of the bag because it makes it easy to just lift open the "lid" and you can see everything that is in the bag. It is the perfect size for your camera, lipstick and cellphone.
This would make the absolute perfect gift for so many occasions. I'm thinking for the bride-to-be you could get it in her wedding colors-- it would be a hit and the perfect accessory to take on her honeymoon. This would also be a great gift for a high school graduate. You could get their school colors and their mascot-- perfect for football games in the fall--she is sure to be the envy of everyone! Also, this would be perfect as a little girl's first handbag. It's fun and whimsical!
I paired the HBB style bag with a linen, little black dress and layered pearls, added a headband and some heels and I was ready for a night out. I chose to dress this bag up, however, it would be perfect for being the showpiece of an outfit. I'm thinking a white eyelet dress, or a black tank and white shorts would look just as good as the little black dress!
Above is the Large Oval Bali (isn't it just perfect?!). At 13"x10"x4", this bag is similar to a tote-sized bag. I love the giant grosgrain ribbon and bow and especially love the gold starfish. Each bag is lined and something that I specially love about the LOB is that the lining has a drawstring closure. A lot of straw bags are not lined at all, let alone have a way to secure your items. This bag is more for everyday use and let me tell you, it holds a lot!
A magazine, water bottle, my wallet, my wristlet-sized pouch and my sunglasses case all fit in the handbag effortlessly. I love the thing straps and the way that they sit on my shoulder--they're not always falling off of my shoulder like a lot of my tote  bags do.
Again, this bag is the star-of-the--show. Add it to a simple outfit and this bag does all of the talking. I think this would make a great beach or pool bag. While it wouldn't fit a towel, it would definitely fit sunscreens, waters, sunglasses, books, magazines, etc. This would make a great gift for anyone... OK, well maybe not for the guys...I think it would be fun to give your bridesmaids this bag as a memento from your wedding, or give it to the hostess that is having you at your beach house for the weekend (add a bottle of wine to the bag and you'll be sure to be invited back again).
From Christmas, to summertime, Bosom Buddy has it covered. They have 13 different styles of bags to choose from, and each bag has grosgrain ribbon in solids or stripes adorned with a gorgeous adornment. They have gold, silver, and tortoiseshell adornments in all different shapes and sizes. !
These bags are as high-quality as they come. They are so well made and are truly pieces of art. Usually straw or grass bags are flimsy and known to fall apart after a year or so, but I can give you my word that these bags are structured and will last. The craftsmanship is really spectacular and that is really hard to find in a handbag these days!  
If you'd like to know where you can buy one of these beauties, then click here for an alphabetical listing! To place your order online, click here. Special thanks to the ladies of Bosom Buddy Bags for the two gorgeous bags! 
Have you heard of Bosom Buddy Bags? After reading this are you now adding this to your "must haves"? What are your favorite Bosom Buddy Bag combinations? Have a fabulous day!

Monday, June 27, 2011

True Wind Giveaway Winner

Congratulations to the True Wind ditty bag winner:
Thank you to all who entered!!! Be on the lookout for more giveaways to come!

Jack Rogers Ibiza Jelly

I may just be currently obsessing over Jack Rogers' Ibiza jelly in pink. Perfect for the pool, the beach, or even at the lake. I can most definitely picture my toes in these pretty little flip flops! 


Inspired by the JR Ibiza and as if you didn't already have enough pink in your life already... I couldn't help but create a Polyvore of several different summer appropriate outfits with all shades of pink for all types of events!

What's your favorite shade of pink? Do you own the Jack Roger Ibiza's? If so, do you love them? How do they hold up with wear around water?! Have a fabulous day!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Red, White and Blue

Fourth of July is just 10 days away, do you know what you're wearing yet?! I absolutely love the 4th and all of the celebration that comes along with it. The best part? Wearing our nations colors of course!
 This Forever 21 romper is extremely inexpensive! At $11.50 you can afford to wear this one day and never wear it again if you don't want to! This would be a great swim-suit cover-up or perfect for an extremely hot day!
I am obsessed with hair bows, and have become obsessed with Etsy because they have so many inexpensive and creative hair bows to choose from. This hair bow is only $4.75 from the Etsy boutique called A and J Accessories! Not into hair bows or don't have a mini to dress? Buy one as a gift for a little one that you know, at $4.75 it is inexpensive but is sure to brighten anyone's day!
This hair bow from a different seller is adorable as well! This would look so cute with a white shift dress and navy Jack Rogers. Or even a white polo, red grosgrain belt, and navy shorts! Better yet, it's under $4!
 Not into sporting your patriotic colors? Try baking with them! Martha Stewart has a ton of great recipes for the 4th on her website. I love the traditional flag sheet cake. So simple to make and feeds many!
I love, love, love sparklers, especially the idea of handing them out at your wedding...Oh wait... this post is about the 4th of July... Well, they're great for the 4th as well! Make sure you stock up and light them post-fireworks!
Did you get invited to a party and need a hostess gift? This neoprene wine koozie is the perfect thing! Grab your favorite bottle of pinot or chardonnay and add this koozie and you are all set to impress!

Preppy Feet


So you already have happy feet, so get preppy feet! The red and white striped espadrille flats are Kate Spade Lido for $98. Don't want to splurge? Try the Tinley Road Emylinn espadrille flat for only $29.50!
This Williams Sonoma apron will  make anyone want to cook! This makes for another great hostess gift idea or perfect for you to sport while making dinner!
 Last, but not least, True Winds' Skipper tote just happens to be red, white and blue! You know what tote I'll be sporting on the 4th, that's for sure! Don't forget to enter the True Wind giveaway... it ends this Sunday at midnight!
Do you have your red, white, and blue all picked out for the 4th? If not, you have 10 days, so start shopping! Have a fabulous day!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Wants

I am currently in the vacation-mode mindset. With vacation just a month away, I stock up on lots of new goodies for my trip! Here is what I'm loving!

Just Madras Kyle Pink Seersucker Skirt-- I am in LOVE with this style of skirt! It's so simple, and comfortable and still looks gorgeous!
 I've never ordered from Victoria's Secret before but this bathing suit is colorful and on sale!
Obsessed with this one! Love the navy, orange, and white color combo! Do you think the boat and the body come with it or is that extra?! 
For starters, this bag is called the "Tomlin"... Mike Tomlin just happens to be the head coach of the Steelers, so naturally, I had to like it. Second of all, I LOVE canvas with leather accents, and a bonus? The monogram of course! This is the perfect bag for a weekend getaway or even a week-long getaway! For a weekend you could pack most everything and for a week-long I would pack my straighter, curling iron, hair dryer, toiletries, etc. For easy access and to have it all in once place. 
What are you shopping for for your vacation? Have a fabulous day!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What Condensation?

Hot weather, cold drink... only one problem: all of the condensation getting all over you, your hands and your furniture.Well that's what a koozie is for! This is just a glimpse into my koozie collection-- I think I probably have around 30 koozies from various events and companies. My only issue is choosing which one I want to use. I literally keep one in every tote bag, handbag, car, room in the house-- basically anywhere I am, there is always a koozie... or a few. The one one the very left that is purple is actually a koozie meant for a wine glass. I got it for my 21st birthday! It's called a Woozie. Definitely is a great gift, especially for a 21st birthday-- another plus is that there are all different colors and designs to choose from and it's monogrammable!
Coasters are another necessity. I am really OCD when it comes to coasters. My parents always brought my sister and I up to set our drink down on a coaster whenever the surface could potentially be ruined by condensation. I even carried that rule when I went to school and had coasters in my dorm room! The dorm furniture didn't matter but it was a habit that I stuck to! Not to mention there are so many great coaster options. During the summer months, we have these amazing coasters that are porous and actually soak up the condensation from a glass instead of just collect onto the coaster. They are perfect and no condensation ever gets onto the table!

Koozies and coasters are also great because there are so many options and both are monogrammable and have the ability to be personalized! I actually made the coaster pictured above in a high school class! I wish I could go back and make some more but I remember needing some sort of machine! 
Are you a koozie and coaster fanatic like me? Have a fabulous day!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

New Look, Old Wardrobe

You don't have to go out and buy a new wardrobe to create a new look. If you're looking to revamp your summer style, try pairing classic pieces with pops of color.
Nautical Stripes, Bright Shorts

I took a classic/nautical striped shirt in several different styles and paired it with vibrant chino shorts. I also added classic shoes for a put-together look. I love the nautical striped look, but I usually pair it with either white shorts or pants or navy shorts. This is a fun and new way to pair your nautical stripes and sport a whole new look!
How do you change up your classic wardrobe? Don't forget to enter the True Wind giveaway that ends this Sunday!! We've paired up to giveaway a pretty ditty bag!  Have a fabulous day!

Monday, June 20, 2011

True Wind Review & Giveaway

I am so excited to be featuring True Wind on my blog. What better a time to introduce True Wind than this week because tomorrow marks the first day of summer! This is truly a fantastic company that makes all of their products in the U.S.A. True Wind makes bags from sailcloth. If you aren't familiar with sail cloth, sail boats used to have sails that were made from cotton. The cotton sails were quickly and easily worn down from the weather. So, Ted Hood created a material called Dacron which is made of man-made polyester fiber and has become known as the "classic" sailcloth material. True Wind uses Dacron custom-woven  by Hood Sailmakers and the fabric is imported from Ireland. This fabric is very durable from water and sun wear and tear. This is the only company that uses brand new dacron material for their bags. The use of this material makes the bag ultra durable and has the ability to hold very bold colors and creates a very crisp, white color.
Loving my new Skipper Tote!
I have seen several sailcloth companies that use recycled sailcloth and while I most definitely think that they're being eco-friendly, the fact that True Wind uses brand new, custom-woven fabric makes their bags last longer and their bags are just have an overall better quality. In fact, each bag comes with a lifetime warranty!

Skipper Tote in Red with Navy Stripes 
Something that I just love about True Wind is that it is a woman owned business. Meredith Marquis, the owner of True Wind, was kind enough to send me the Skipper Tote.

Me with my monogrammed Skipper Tote!
I have a serious tote bag addiction. You name the company, and I own their version of a tote bag and I can honestly say that this is one of the best made and highest quality tote bags I have ever seen. The colors in this picture do not even do the bag justice - they are even brighter and more rich in person. The 4th of July is only 2 weeks away and I can't think of a more perfect housewarming or hostess gift than the Skipper Tote (red, white, and blue!) True Wind offers many color options including another one of my favorite color combinations:
 Skipper Tote in Navy with Pink Stripes (picture taken from the True Wind Website)
I love that this tote bag is so versatile. The handles are the perfect length, I can wear the bag over my shoulder comfortably, but can also carry it by hand. 
 I love the front pocket-- I keep my cell phone in there for easy access. There is a zipper closure on the top and a roomy, zippered pocket inside as well. I plan on using this as a pocketbook for every day use but also plan on using it when at my lake house to tote drinks, sunscreen, and other boating necessities from our house down to our dock and onto the boat because of the water resistant and durability of the fabric. 
 Love the monogramming!
I think Mac wants his own Skipper Tote!
I even think this would be great as a baby bag to carry around bottles, and other baby necessities. In the fall, I plan on using this bag to tote around my books and it will even fit my laptop.
The stripes are so bold!
True Wind not only makes totes but they have several other designs such as the Navigator Duffel.  This duffel is so perfect for weekend getaways or even as a big bag to tote to the beach with all of your beach necessities. 
Navigator Duffel in Royal with Yellow Stripes (picture taken from the True Wind Website)
I love this color combination. It's very nautical and even reminiscent of signal flags! It's also nice and bright and has plenty of zippered pockets. True Wind also makes a Ditty Bag. This would be a great toiletry bag for travel but I am also thinking this would be a great make-up case. 
Ditty Bag in Lime (picture taken from the True Wind Website)
How fabulous is this bright lime color? Well lucky for all of you, True Wind is giving away a Ditty Bag to one reader! Even better is that they will monogram the Ditty Bag for the winner! They are able to monogram any of their bags and have 5 different monogramming styles to choose from. My favorite style is:
 Style 1, which is very classic and the one that is on my Skipper Tote. I can tell you that the winner will be floored at the luxurious quality of the bag. I had the privilege of working with Meredith on this giveaway and first-hand, I can tell you that the customer service is fantastic. She was a joy to work with and I cannot say enough great things about this company. 

So how do you win a True Wind Ditty Bag? You have several ways of entering!
1 Entry (mandatory): Go to the True Wind website and leave a comment on this Summer Wind post with your favorite bag and color combination. You also must be a follower of Summer Wind on Facebook, however, if you do not have an account, you can still enter by e-mailing me at with your favorite True Wind bag. 
1 Extra Entry: "Like" True Wind on Facebook 
1 Extra Entry: Tweet about this giveaway 
1 Extra Entry: Blog about this giveaway and in the comments, leave a link to the post
 **Please leave each entry in a SEPARATE comment!Good luck to all and thank you to True Wind for the wonderful giveaway opportunity! Have a fabulous day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happpy Father's Day, wCm!!!!

Love You, Daddy!

Friday, June 17, 2011

"It Had to Be You"

Yes, the title is referring to Frank Sinatra's It Had to Be You. Not only do I love the song but it is played in one of my favorite films of all time: When Harry Met Sally.I have said that I love WHMS several other times on this blog and after watching it last night, I just had to do a post on Sally Albight's (Meg Ryan)clothing because it is so timeless and classic.
Sally Allbright

If you are familiar with the film, in the beginning during their drive to NYC, Sally is dressed in khaki shorts, a yellow oxford button down and a navy cardigan. This movie was made in 1989, 22 years ago and this look is still perfect for 2011.
Cute, put-together, comfortable and very preppy. Love this look!
Towards the beginning of the film, she wears a tweed jacket with a white blouse and maroon bow around her neck. While this look is a bit dated, I still love the basic concept. In 2011 you could do a tweed blazer, a white button down, and a maroon bow headband with black pants and heeled loafers for a conservative and dressier or more business-like look.

When Harry Met Sally

These are some more of Sally Albright's outfits in the movie. I love that she wears basics and doesn't try to add anything extra. It just looks so clean and doesn't take away from Meg Ryan's natural beauty.
She makes a simple black skirt, red turtleneck, black tights, and black flats look so chic and put-together. During the winter months, this would be such an easy ensemble to throw together.

"I love that you get cold when it's 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich. I love that you get a little crinkle above your nose when you're looking at me like I'm nuts. I love that after I spend the day with you, I can still smell your perfume on my clothes. And I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night. And it's not because I'm lonely, and it's not because it's New Year's Eve. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible".- Harry Burns, When Harry Met Sally
Do you love this movie? Have you ever admired the classic clothing in WHMS? What are your favorite movies? Have a fabulous weekend... I'm seeing Taylor Swift tomorrow and couldn't be more excited!!

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