Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lucky Lips

This Christmas my lips got lucky. I got three new lip products that I am absolutely loving. 
Left to Right: Dior Addict Lipstick in 612 Spotlight, Tarte Lip Surgence in Flashy, Kiehl's Lip Gloss in Earth Day.
I am by no means really into beauty products. I have a strict regimen of make-up and swear by certain products. I really don't ever even try new products because I am so set in my ways. However, it is fun to receive these kinds of things as gifts because they are fun to try-- and I do tend to branch out in my lip selections from time to time. Anyways, I love each of these. 
  • I am obsessed with the Dior Addict-- It may be my new go-to lip product (I was really into lip stains before). This is glossy and adds just enough color. The guy at Dior told me that 612 Spotlight is one of the most popular shades-- It's a little deeper than a nude with just enough sparkle metallic in it to make it shine. Plus, I love that it goes on so smoothly, more like gloss than lipstick.
  • Tarte Lip Surgence is almost similar to a lip stain but much more smooth-- definitely need a mirror to apply it. "Flashy" is the color I got and it is definitely a pink. Not sure if I would have chosen this color for myself but I don't hate it. 
  • I've been a long time fan of Kiehl's products. I usually use the lip balm and had never tried the lip gloss until I received it in my stocking from Santa. It's a very light, sheer gloss. "Earth Day" is a nice neutral shade. cCm got "black raspberry" and it's a bit of a deeper sheer gloss and I love it as well. You can't go wrong with Kiehl's. 
 Top to bottom: Dior, Tarte, Kiehl's
I felt like a YouTube beauty guru snapping this pic ha! Did you get any new lip products that you are loving? Have you tried any of these lip products? Have a fabulous day!


Michelle said...

oooh I need these!

Grace said...

Kiehl's is always great! And I've always wanted to try Dior lipstick.

Portuguese Prepster said...

I am always buying new make-up-it's a problem! love the Dior lipstick.

Sarah said...

I absolutely love the Dior Addict lipsticks. They're so amazing, and I swear by them! Glad to know someone else loves them other than my mom. Haha.

Haus and Home said...

I got the YSL #4 "Sweet Honey" Lipstick and I never buy lipstick. Found the color from a random blog and it looked cool and nude, I love the flavor of it and it goes on so smooth.
I also googled Kyle Richards lipgloss since I loved one of hers on the show and bought the Loreal Infalliable Sunset lipgloss that she uses.

MHM1314 said...

I am absolutely obsessed with the Tarte lipstains... I have it in two colors and am dying for a third. so creamy but stays so long

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I keep wanting to try the Dior one! I'm pretty picky when it comes to my lips.


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