Thursday, December 12, 2013

Opera Gloves

Sophistication and elegance are the words that immediately come to mind when I think of opera gloves. It's one of those things that never goes out of style. Although, I don't see opera glove clad women very often, I think you can always get away with wearing them. 
I love the show Scandal on ABC starring Kerry Washington who plays Olivia Pope. My friend Eugenia had told me that Kerry spoke at her graduation and starred in the show and that I should watch it-- I took her advice and here I am now, obsessed. I actually aspire to be Olivia. Her work ethic is incredible, she gets all the boys, she loves her wine and her clothes.... ohhh her clothes. They are simply to die for. 

Olivia Pope is bringing back the opera gloves, my friends and I'm hopping on board. 

We're all in luck because Mark and Graham has gorgeous Italian leather opera gloves... and they're monogrammed, too! I would go for the classic black first... but I'd want a pop of color as well. 

Opera gloves are perfect for wearing with three quarter length sleeves but also look stunning with furs and capes. 

These are most definitely on my Christmas wishlist and would make a perfect Christmas gift for any gal on your list (make sure to order before December 18th to receive before Christmas). 

I've also picked out some capes that I love. I have a great houdstooth one (that I think would look fab with the red opera gloves) but I'm always looking for another one ;) Have a fabulous day! 



preppylove said...

Ah YES Olivia Pope is perfection. Scandal is the greatest and I totally aspire to be Olivia too. And her opera gloves are fabulous!

My Life as A Plate said...

These gloves are so amazing. They look professional yet trendy. Perfect for work attire and going out. I need them.

Lauren said...

I love how opera gloves look. I had to wear a pair for my deb ball a few year ago and fell in love with the style! You are right Olivia Pope has it going on in all aspects of life, love that show!


Christine @ Suburban Charm said...

Love opera gloves...I have a pair that was my grandmother's and I got to wear them to a white tie ball in Philadelphia many years incredibly classy and chic! Would love a more casual pair...the M&G ones look perfect!

Anonymous said...

the look is so trendy...this look is perfect for work amita@glamplaza

Anonymous said...

the look is so trendy on the same time perfect for work amita@glamplaza

Anonymous said...

the look is so trendy and perfect for work at the same time amita@glamplaza


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