Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

I'm not really into Victoria's Secret at all. I don't love the rhinestones and their Pink line drives me nuts. But I will say, I love the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. What a production.... and the costuming?! Amazing. I mean, I even mark my calendar to make sure I don't miss it. 
Well, tonight's the night and I'm so excited to watch (10pm ET). I love all of the gorgeous models...their hair and makeup is flawless. The VS Fashion show was where I gained my love for Cara Delevigne...and her eyebrows. And I'm super excited to see all the musical acts... ahem, TSwift... 

Thinking of the fashion show, it lead me to the Victoria's Secret website. I haven't looked on their site in ages, but boy do they have some cute shoes. I've picked some of my favorites and have highlighted them in the widget above! Will you be tuning in? Happy watching! 



Lauren said...

I love the VS fashion show, I can't wait to watch it tonight!


Kristin Thompson said...

I'm watching it now & I love it! The looks are so pretty! You picked out such cute shoes!


Violet Clouds said...

I love it although I sadly have to wait for it to appear on youtube. I love the drama, glitz and it looks like so much fun!


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