Saturday, May 31, 2014

Saturday Shopping

Here are some favorites from this week! Happy shopping! Have a fabulous day!



I have a big work month coming up-- I have to work every weekend in June which is usually when I work on my blog, answer e-mails and gather inspiration. But I refuse to let my blog suffer, so I am asking you all for help and for your patience if it takes me a bit longer to respond to e-mails. 
What are some post topics/ideas that you'd love the see on Summer Wind for the next month? 
What do you currently like/dislike about Summer Wind? I am always trying to improve by posting relevant and interesting posts and I want to curate as much content as possible whenever I have downtime! Thanks for the help :) Have a fabulous day! 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Boden Sale!

I always forget about Boden and then every time the catalog arrives in my mailbox, I am reminded that they have some pretty cute pieces! Some of their items can be matronly, but for the most part they offer some great weekend and workwear! 

This weekend Boden is offering 30% their dresses. This came at the exact right time because I am in need of some new dresses to take me from work to cocktails! I also noticed some of their winter items on sale, like this sweater that I was dying for this winter but never went ahead and purchased. It will be great to have next year and for a great price! 

Going Pro

Alright, need some tech advice... who has a GoPro and loves it (or hate it)?! cCm and I want one but I want to make sure this produces good quality footage and is easy to use! At only $200, I think this would also make a really great Father's Day gift (coming up on Sunday June 15th!!). 

I really want to document my family, friends, vacations and even think I will get back into the whole YouTube thing (okk... the YouTube thing is a stretch). Let me know!! Have a fabulous day! 


Be Nice to Everyone!

So I had to post this story, because it's semi hilarious, semi terrible. 

The other day I had to leave work early to return a rental car and pick up my car which was getting fixed. The company that I was driving to was pretty far away from my office and in an area I am not familiar with. My GPS took me all over the place to get to my final destination. 

Anyways, it was around 3:30 in the afternoon, it was pretty traffic-y and I was stuck behind a school bus. 

If you picture the back of a school bus, it has a large window in the middle and then two on each side of the large window. Through the windows, I could see a bunch of the children. Since we were sitting in traffic I was looking at the back of the bus and this cute little boy who couldn't have been more than 7 smiled and waved. I thought it was too cute so I smiled and waved back! 

But then... his face turned sour and he gave me the middle finger!!!! I'm no prude, but I mean this child was young... even at 24, I would never give someone the middle finger!  Of course, I did not really react, although, I imagine my face showed a bit of shock. As we kept slowly winding through traffic he kept giving me a mean face and a middle finger. 

Obviously, I didn't take it to heart and just completely ignored the young child... I didn't want to fuel his fire! While I'm hoping he has no idea what his gesture meant, I could tell he knew it wasn't nice. 

I'm not a parent, nor here to judge, but a 7 year old giving strangers the middle finger is alarming! When I told my friends about it, they were laughing hysterically (and I can imagine anyone I know IRL that is reading this is cracking up about this picturing my reaction). I mean, it's funny when I look back at it, but if only this child's parents knew what he was doing! I'm not naive and realized it's 2014 and children are exposed to a lot more than even when I was young (#tbt to 1997, when I was 7), but really?! 

Just had to share this. If I had the child's address, I'd ship him my book in the above photo! Have a fabulous day and don't give anyone the middle finger this weekend ;) 


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Beach Ready

Last weekend I went through all of my bathing suits and did a major purge. I had bathing suits from early high school!! I didn't realize how much of a bathing suit hoarder I was ;) So I thought I had a ton of bathing suits, but after the purge, I realized I was in need of some updates. I searched high and low for some cute options. See above for some of my favorites! I am also loving this towel-- it's on my lust list for sure! Where do you shop for bathing suits? I forgot how hard it is to find cute (modest) ones! Have a fabulous day! 

Last Weekend Recap

We're almost to another weekend! How about that for a short week ?! I had such a fun Memorial Day weekend, I feel compelled to recap the fun times! My weekend started off sunbathing at my bff, Eugenia's pool. You may remember her from her room tour when I visited her in NYC! She was home from the weekend so it was so much fun to catch up with her, her mom and her brother's girlfriend! Her dad even brought us out some bubbly to celebrate the start of summer! She's back in the big apple now and I already miss her!! 

My bff Amanda (in the middle) hosted a BBQ at her house and it was amazing. I will be sharing a new drink recipe later this week that I made at her party! Amanda also just started a blog, so you will have to check it out! She is a great cook and shares some delicious recipes (they're also gluten free!). 

I spent copious hours at the club. So much fun catching up with 'summer friends'. This is definitely my favorite piece of Lilly Pulitzer that I own. It's so old but I just can't get enough of the vibrant print (Boca Blue Postcard is the name, I think)!

This was right before we headed to dinner at Nicky's Thai Kitchen with really good family friends. I had been wanting to try Nicky's Thai Kitchen because I love pad thai and it gets great reviews. We waited for a long time and the service was subpar but the food was fantastic! I'll definitely give it another go.  

I also spent time at my friend Amanda's pool which is conveniently attached to a bar area with sand and fire pits. It definitely makes you feel like you are on vacation! I wore my fun Lilly Pulitzer shorts from Country Squire Haberdashery for the occasion! I still think it's so neat that they glow in the dark! 
Needless to say, I really jumpstarted my tan! What did you do for Memorial Day Weekend?  Have a fabulous day! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Breton Stripe Shirt: Minquiers 10 vs. Meridien II

In my mind, there are very few items of clothing more chic that a Breton striped shirt. A simple classic piece, you really can't go wrong. It's unisex and flatters most figures. Throw it on over a bathing suit in July, or over a chambray shirt in November. It's virtually seasonless. 

It's also one of those rare pieces that never ever goes out of style. Ever. Case in point? My dad rocking a breton stripe shirt in the very early '90's (he's pictured with my great grandfather and uncle) and then again in the early 2000's. He still has this shirt and wears it even now! 

If you don't own a breton stripe shirt, originally made for the French Navy in the 1800's, then you definitely should consider it. Saint James is the classic when it comes down to it. The shirt is a tad on the pricey end for a t-shirt, but it is a quality piece that will no doubt last for years. Before you drop $100 on a striped tee, here's how you can decide between the two classics: Minquiers 10 or the Meridien II... or maybe just get both ;).

Minquiers 10
This shirt is made of soft combed cotton. Pretty much has the feel of soft jersey cotton. The neck is a rounded neck. 

Meridien II
This is the same straight fit as the Minquiers 10 but instead of combed cotton, it is made of carded cotton. This is personally my favorite between the two. The carded cotton is a much thicker, sturdy material. In the description, both the Minquiers 10 and the Meridien II have round necks, but to me, it seems like the Meridien II has more of a boatneck. 

Sizing runs big, so you can either buy your normal size and wear it as a more boyfriend fit, or you can size down for a slimmer fit. The shirt is meant to be boxy and almost shapeless. I actually prefer wearing it bigger. 

Scroll through to see a bunch of different Breton shirts at different price points. I've even included one that you can have monogrammed

In general, I have a blue striped shirt hoarding problem. 50% of my closet is made up of them. I can't seem to get enough. I thought this illustration that I found on Pinterest would resonate with some of you, too ;). Do you have a Breton stripe shirt? Have a fabulous day! 
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vineyard Vine Shell Clip Maxi

I've written about my love for maxi dresses before, so I absolutely had to show off this beautiful maxi dress that Vineyard Vines sent me! Navy blue shells over a white cotton dress, perfect.  I threw this on to wander the city with cCm and it was perfect for the beautiful warm day. I love that the top is structured but the bottom is flow-y. This is the absolute perfect beach dress. Have a fabulous day! 


Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Normally I have a planned post Monday-Friday, however, today, I just wanted to pop in and say hello. I have been having so much fun on this three day weekend and I am really enjoying this extra day off. I have been taking the time to spend it with friends and family and have really focused on unplugging. 

With all of the celebrations and the excitement that comes with the start of summer, I wanted to take a moment to remember all of the men and women who have lost their lives for our country. We are so lucky to live in this amazing country with citizens who are brave enough to keep us safe. If you want to read up on Memorial Day, there is a great article form the History Channel. Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!


Friday, May 23, 2014

Mixed Bag

Talk about a perfect little red, white and blue to start off your Memorial Day weekend, am I right? 

In other sale news, Lilly Pulitzer is having fun gift with purchase offers. Two comments on this sale: #1, I want that paddle board and #2, I want to spend $3000 on Lilly Pulitzer.

If I was spending to get the paddle board, scroll through to see my picks ;) Ohh a girl can dream. 

original photo via
A home decor favorite, Serena and Lily, is having a great sale... 20% off of everything. Use code SUMMER20. 

My decor is navy and white, so here are some of my favorites. 
My bff Lauren just gifted me this book. She knows me too well! I had no idea it even existed, so I thought I'd share it with you all-- makes for a great pop of color for the coffee table. 
I've been styling and restyling my bookshelves. What do you think thus far? I am interior decorator challenged so tips and tricks would be appreciated! 

My fave Tory Burch bag is on sale (wooooo). 
What are your plans for this long weekend? I plan on fully ditching my to-do list, putting my phone on do-not-disturb mode and really soaking it up! Some friends are coming into town and the club opens! I am ready to kick back with the latest issue of Town and Country, sunbathe and have a few g&t's.... maybe an Instagram or two ;) Have a fabulous weekend!!! 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Jack Purcells

Shirt/ Shorts/ Shoes/ Sunglasses
Remember this post I did way back in 2009 about Jack Purcell's? My love has not waned.  Jack Purcell's are hands down my go-to shoes of choice for the weekend (besides Jacks). They pretty much go with and everything in the casual category. I also love that they dress down dresses and skirts. 
If you're wondering who Jack Purcell is, I'm sure you're not alone. He was a Canadian badminton player in the 1930's. Do you rock JP's? I love that they are unisex, I think guys look great in them! If you are looking to order, note that they run big. I went a half size down! Have a fabulous day! 

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