Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Simplest of Outfits

This has to be pretty much the most basic/simple outfit ever.  It's one I find myself constantly reaching for during the fall and wintertime when flats just aren't an option anymore and socks are most definitely necessary. I actually took these photos last weekend when it was unseasonably warm... and now it's in the teens...brrrrrr. Add a cashmere scarf or fur vest and a giant coat and we're in business for today.

I posted about these boots on Monday, but they have to be the most comfortable and warm booties ever... not to mention, they are under $100 and so well made. It makes stepping outside a little less frigid... just a little. 

And lastly, the entire reason I am posting this outfit: the denim. I was texting one of my best friends about these jeans the other day.. and was trying to explain it to her. I told her 'you know how you think something is really good, but then you find something even better and are blown away. Like you think you just ate the best meal of your life, but then you have an even better one?'.... As she was cracking up, I continued to tell her that these jeans were my soul mate. How I thought that other jeans were amazing, but nothing compares to these... basically, these are the jeans I am marrying. 

Ok, I will stop before I sound like I should be locked up, but really, these jeans are awesome. I featured them in a different wash here and here. Honestly, I used to be really into 'designer' denim in high school, then I grew out of that phase come college. But let me tell you, once I tried out the Halle style denim, I was hooked. It's a little pricier than some denim brands at around $150-$200, but I really think these not only fit like a glove, but I actually think they make me look thinner! Plus, they're uber comfortable-- practically like I am wearing leggings. This style comes in a bunch of different washes, too. They are a skinny fit. The perfect amount of skinny to tuck into a boot, but also not too skinny that it is hard to get in and out of them. Ok, I'll stop gushing now. Do you have a favorite pair of brand of denim? Have a fabulous day! 



Unknown said...

In my book sometimes simple outfits are better! I have been looking for a great pair of jeans I will deffinitely be trying out this brand!
xo, Kyla

Kristen said...

Thanks for sharing! My favorite jeans for years have been J Brand's "811", and for black jeans, I love Paige's "Verdugo" in Black Dahlia. I haven't worn True Religion in a long time but you've inspired me try them again!! xoxo

Dana said...

Simple outfits are always the best outfits. Love this one, Sydney!

I've always been a fan of 7 For All Mankind denim and J.Brand - they seem to have the best washes and fit for me! But I always love my trusty Levi boyfriend jeans - they never fail me!

Pink Champagne Problems

Lauren said...

I love simple outfits like this, they always look so classic!


Christine said...

I love this look, so simple and so chic! It's one of my favorites and easy to pull together.

Anonymous said...

What wash is this?? I love it!

Unknown said...

The booties are now on sale! Love the outfit, so simple yet cute!



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