Saturday, April 30, 2016

Saturday Shopping: Outfit Edition

Bow Bag c/o// Skinny Jeans (my absolutey favorite ever)

How about an outfit post for today's Saturday Shopping? I'm about to have a super busy week and a half coming up, so I've really tried to plan ahead with some fresh content for all of you! 

This outfit is so bright and fun and really screams spring! I love a gingham print and the added cherry print makes it extra fun... not to mention the pompoms...LOVE! My mom, sister, and I are all three sharing this bag right now because we love it so much. It holds so much and has the cutest bow detail, but the cross body shoulder strap is the best part! It's so easy to throw-on-and-go! 

You last saw this outfit, here, but you probably wouldn't have guessed it was basically the exact same, would you? I just switched scarveshandbags, and shoes, and it completely changed up the look! 
Since it's the last day in April (seriously where is the time going?!?!?)  I thought I would share some of my favorite pieces to transition into the summer weather... it will be here before you know it and I am so ready! I'm especially loving this little black slipdress which is only $55 and will be perfect for wearing to dinner/bars with friends on the weekends, and these scalloped heels that are an almost perfect dupe of the Loeffler Randall pair (and a fraction of the cost!).  Also, if you have any formal events coming up, this black gown is incredible. I would buy it in a heartbeat if I had an occassion for it! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Monogram Sale

sale on monogrammed items and mark and graham

Just popping in to let you all know about this great sale. You can get up to 50% off on tons of monogrammed items. I am taking advantage by stocking up now to give as gifts to people on my list throughout the year! These are a few of my favorites (the monogrammed plaid throw makes a really nice gift around the holiday season!!). Happy shopping! 

Lately 4/28/16

Wearing: I've been wearing a lot of white and lace lately like the white lace romper you see on me above! I'll be sure to post the outfits soon because they're the perfect summertime look!

Reading: This article from Esquire is such an interesting read. It profiles 4 men at 4 very different bank accounts. It's so interesting to read each one's thoughts and opinions on all of the questions they are asked. It really puts everything in perspective. I thought the most interesting part was the budgeting question.

Loving: These Fromm brushes. I was sent this trio of brushes and was so excited to try them out since I love my Fromm blow dryer so much. If you haven't heard of the brand, I definitely recommend checking it out! These brushes are made to pair with your blow dryer and cut drying time. The 'square' brush is a variation of the standard rounded barrel brush. I find that the square shape is a lot easier to use and produces a great result. I'm not much of a blow-out person, but this actually makes me want to blow out my hair more often! The Glosser paddle is the brush I have been using daily. It easily brushes through my hair and has replaced my drugstore hairbrush. The hot paddle is probably my favorite of all of them. The aluminum ceramic plate in the brush actually heats up while you blow dry. It really cuts down on the frizz for me and the drying time!

Loving II: Staying with the hair category today, I just received these two products from Paul Mitchell: Texturizing Sea Spray and Marula Oil. I haven't tried the sea spray yet, but it smells wonderful... I'll report back, my hair is never good at beach waves, but I'm totally down to try it out! And the Marula oil is heavenly! I have been using the super skinny serum for probably over 15 years and am about to run out, so I'm replacing it with the Marula oil to see how that goes! It smells wonderful-- almost woodsy, but still very light. The bottle says to use a few drops, but since I have so much hair, I use about 2 full dropper's worth. I love that it makes my hair super soft after blow drying!

Wanting: Yurman came out with some new pieces and this gold cuff with lapis ends is absolutely stunning. Add this to the top of my list, please!

Watching: My sister, Callie, is in Banshee, a show on Cinemax (screenshot above!!). The series is filmed in Pittsburgh and Callie got to be an extra on it this summer. It is so cool to see her on TV-- I'm so proud of her! She graduates next week and I can't wait to see all of the amazing things she does as a post-grad!

Watching II: This video. I saw Coldplay in 2009 and to say it was an amazing concert would be an understatement. I love music and love seeing/hearing live music. I think it's amazing how music can cross language barriers, cultural barriers, etc. and bring people together. I also think it's amazing how music can literally tap into your emotions. This video is heartwarming and brought tears to my eyes. I know that when I first heard Fix You, it was emotional for me, too. The music is so powerful and the words are touching. Plus, knowing that Coldplay wrote it for Gwyneth Paltrow when her father died brings even more meaning to the song. When I was at the concert and they played it, it actually gave me goosebumps because the entire crowd sings along (like here at 4:25)and it becomes hauntingly beautiful... it's incredibly uplifting and sad all at the same time. If you have surround sound, I recommend listening to a live version and putting it on really loud. This version is actually really amazing, too, this guy spliced together a bunch of different versions. The Scientist is my second favorite- and I can't forget Viva La Vida (the best version, here.. wait until 4:30!!) because we sing that every Christmas Eve.

Eating: Gaby et Jules salted caramel macarons. I've written this before but they are THE BEST macarons in the entire world. My friends got me a sleeve for my birthday and I ate them all.

Drinking: Paris tea. I went to tea at The Frick last weekend and it was lovely! I have a full post coming up, but the tea I had was wonderful. I love Harney and Sons Paris tea and The Frick's version of Paris was just as delicious.

Listening: Not trying to jump the gun, but I've already started my May playlist! I got really bored of April's playlist as it was definitely not one of my best, so I really wanted to start fresh. You can listen, here. I'll embed it in next week's post once I have added some more songs. My favorite right now is I'm in love by Kygo and Into the Sunset by Mako. Do you have any recommendations?!

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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Preppy Navy + White Printed Pants

preppy vineyard vines outfit ideas

vineyard vines tote and soludos wedges

cashmere sweater, printed pants and vineyard vines tote

classic preppy outfit

vineyard vines and soludos wedges

preppy vineyard vines tote and illesteva sunglasses
Sweater// Shirt// Printed pants (also here, and also available for kids!) c/o
Tote c/o// Sunglasses// Wedges (under $100!)

I absolutely love printed pants. They're so much fun and perfect for the in between weather that has been going on lately! Not only do these have a great print and combine my favorite color combo, navy + white but the fit is near perfect. Seriously, I put them on and they fit me better than pretty much any pant I've ever worn! They're also super comfortable and the quality is great. I am wearing a size 4 for reference, which is my usualy size in pants. 

The weather two weekends ago was still chily, so this layered preppy look was perfect for a day of errands and getting together with some friends. The cable sweater and oxford button down are definitely staples in my wardrobe regardless of season and are great for both men and women. They never go out of style and are so comfortable and practical for everyday wear. 

This tote is just like the classic VV totes, but I love that it is larger. I used to carry the smallest version as a handbag back in high school and early college and then switched to the regular size for college and used it to carry books. This is perfect as a post-grad because it's roomy enough that I can tote everything from groceries to laundry to beach and pool necessities! 

And last but not least, I can not sing enough praises for these wedges. I usually don't love things around my ankle because I think it can sometimes cut off my leg in an awkward spot and make my legs appear larger than they actually are, but I find these ankle ties to be flattering. Not to mention they're as comfortable as wearing flats... and under $100! Thery only offer whole sizes and I'd say I have an average width, which means the size chart directs me to size up to a 9. But I went with an 8 (meaning I sized down) and they fit perfectly (I usually go between and 8 and 8.5 in most shoes). 

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Ladylike Floral Printed Outfit

ladylike floral outfit for spring with luana italy handbag and tom ford sunglasses

cartier tank watch and hermes clic clac and david yurman cable bracelet

floral skirt from H and M

luana italy handbags paley

This is definitely one of my favorite outfits of 2016 thus far.. and it might be one of my least pricey, too! The top and the bottom are well under $100 total! The top itself is adorable. You can't see the back but it is different and sets it apart from other silk tops. 

I just love the floral patterns paired together. It almost looks like a dress but the two different textures from the fabric is what differentiates each piece. This is definitely a great work appropriate outfit but I also love it for parties, showers, and even a cocktail party! The sizing is a little off on these pieces. I am wearing a size 6 in each piece and usually I would wear a small and then a 2 or 4 (max) on bottom. I definitely suggest sizing up at least one size if not two! 

For being so inexpensive, the skirt is nice quality. The fabric has a nice weight to it and the texture definitely adds depth and character. Not to mention the floral pattern is just darling- I'd like to think this sort of print (large flowers) is slightly out of my comfort zone so I happily added it to my closet! 

You've seen the shoes here on Summer Wind probably a dozen times already and we haven't even hit summer yet! They are my go-to neutral sandals. The more I wear them, the more comfortable they become. 

An item you haven't yet seen here on Summer Wind is this gorgeous black handbag from a new-to-me Italian designer, Luana Italy. This bag is such high quality and very well made and the shape is unlike anything else I own. Besides the bag I am wearing, Luana makes many different bags. You can use code SUMMERWIND to get 15% off your purchase and 10% of your purchase will go to charity! 

Lastly, I got a lot of questions about my sunglasses. I lovingly refer to them as my Jackie O sunglasses. They were a little pricey and to be quite honest, the quality isn't there for that high of a price, but finding a 'larger' lens that suited my face was really hard and I ended up loving the way these looked!

Monday, April 25, 2016

Gifts for Mom!

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Just wanted to pop in and share some of these items I have been loving lately that would also make for great Mother's Day Gifts! Enjoy! 

My Favorite Patagonia Pieces

patagonia fleece staples

Spring is in full swing here in Pittsburgh. While it's been very pleasant lately, it's still chilly in the mornings and at night. Patagonia fleeces have always been a wardrobe staple for me. I can remember being little and my sister and I would be in matching fleeces. From lounging to skiing and everything in between, I am huge Patagonia fan (this post is not sponsored). I thought I'd share some of my favorite pieces with you and explain why I love each piece.

Snap-T Mixed Media (sold out, similar, leggings)
Fit: True to Size (I'm wearing a size small) 

I posted this one on Instagram a while ago and got so many comments/questions/e-mails. I got it for Christmas, and unfortunately, it's sold out (literally everywhere). Although I'd keep your eye out come fall/winter this year, I would hope Patagonia will bring it back. It's a really great snap-t because it's not only cozy but the layers make it more of a coat/jacket. I wore it all winter long with athletic clothes. It has a windproof lining that is so key! Every time I wear it, I get stopped and asked where I got Patagonia, bring it back! They do, however, have a similar style with quilting, but I think the functionality is different form the one I am wearing! 

Fit: True to size (I'm wearing a size small) 

I just recently got the better sweater this winter. I have so many of this style of Patagonia fleece pullovers but needed a black one to go with my ski pants. This is hands down my favorite of the Patagonia pieces that I own. The way it is fitted is perfect for layering as well as slimming. I also love that it's warm and cozy but also thin enough to be the perfect layering pieces for skiing. I couldn't recommend this enough. It's just a great basic to have for everyday life! Not to mention, it comes in a bunch of colorways and also comes in a full zip jacket and full zip vest

Fit: True to Size (I'm wearing a size small) 

There are actually three 'layers' to this jacket. The fuzzy fleece outside, then there's a thin layer that protects against the wind, and finally a mesh lining on the inside. I wore this jacket all throughout my sophomore and junior years of college. It was warm enough to be all I needed for the Virginia winter. It is so well made, you can't even tell that I wore it 24/7 for 2 years straight! Since it's not lined with fleece, it's not as cuddly/cozy, so it's definitely more of a jacket than anything else. It's also bulky since it's so fluffy, so it's not something I would suggest layering for skiing. Nowadays as a post-grad, I wear it with workout clothes or casual jeans for running errands. 

Fit: True to Size (I'm wearing a size small) 

This vest is basically the same as the jacket. This is another piece from college but I still get a ton of wear out of it now. I especially like to wear it under my Barbour jacket for added warmth. I also think this looks great with a plaid shirt, skinny jeans, and bean boots in the fall! Just like the jacket, I've worn this about a billion times and it almost shows no sign of wear-- very well made! Some of the vests come with contrasting pockets like mine and some don't have any, like this version. 

Fit: I am wearing a men's XS, for the women's version, it's true to size, but I like to size up one size for a more relaxed/slouchy fit. 

I have snap-t's in a bevy of colors, prints, and sizes. I actually prefer the way the men's snap-t's fit rather than the women's. They're boxier which makes for an all around cozier fit. The one you see above is super thick and heavy (there is a lightweight option which is a much better option if you are in a warmer climate). I actually can only wear this from around late November through March and then it's far too heavy. It's so thick and bulky that it's actually uncomfortable to layer under jackets... I wear this on its own and it is plenty! I have a lightweight women's version and love that for more year-round wear. This style also comes in a vest! Besides the synchilla version, there is a re-tool version. The re-tool has a kangaroo pouch and the fleece is a different texture. I prefer the synchilla, personally, and don't own any of the re-tool products! 

Shop the post:

The leggings I am wearing are pretty much the best leggings ever. They fit true to size (I'm wearing a size 6 which is my normal size in this brand). I first got them this winter and then have since bought two more pairs because they're that amazing... worth every penny! 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Tory Burch Sale

Tory Burch 2016 Sale

The Tory Burch sale ends on Monday at 11:59pm, so I thought I'd drop in and let you all know a few of my favorites from the sale. I typically only shop Tory Burch during the great sales because you can really get a good price on a lot of the items! You can get up to 30% off during this sale using the code BLOOM

The best part of the sale? Usually, there are some major exclusions, but the beauty items and even the Dodie Thayer housewares are included! I absolutely love the Dodie Thayer items! 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Shopping

You guys. I really think the J.Crew I used to know and love is BACK! I got their catalog this week and usually, I disregard it because they never have much that catches my eye. I still pop into the store every once in a while because they have some good basics, but I decided to sit on the patio and look through the catalog and boy am I glad I did! 

From stripes to madras plaid (can you believe it?! It's been years since I've been table to find a retailer with madras!), they have all of the great preppy staples that they used to carry back in 2008ish! I just placed a big order and am hopeful that the quality and fit will be great. Can't wait to style some great traditionally preppy outfits. I hope there is more great stuff to come this summer! Scroll through the above widget to check out my favorite picks. 

Other than J.Crew, here are some other items I have been loving lately. These navy bow flats are incredible, I ordered a pair for myself! They only come in half sizes, though, so fingers crossed that they fit! Have a great weekend everyone! 

Friday, April 22, 2016

Pom Pom Printed Shorts on the Patio

monogrammed champagne flute and pom pom shorts


On Sunday, my parents had my extended family over to celebrate my birthday. In our family, we always get extended family together on the Sunday after a birthday to celebrate-- it's kind of like a tradition and we have been doing it forever. So I popped the bubbly and poured it into my new monogrammed champagne flutes which are the best. I actually dropped one and it didn't break, which is a miracle! Champagne and monograms make the perfect pair in my book! 

Each year, I get to request what kind of cake I get. My aunt Robin is an excellent baker, so sometimes, I'll request her to bake me something. For a few years, she was making me chocolate and banana cream pie. It was increible and the pie literally weighed a ton. Since it was black and yellow in color (chocolate and banana) we nicknamed it 'Yinzer Pie' because Pittsburgh sports teams are black and yellow. 

This year, however, I decided I wanted white cake with white icing from Giant Eagle. This is another very Pittsburgh thing of me to request. Giant Eagle is a major grocery store chain in Pittsburgh and no matter how many bakeries I go to and how many other cakes I taste, I'll always love Giant Eagle's white cake with white icing the most. I always say that for my wedding I want a Giant Eagle sheet cake and everyone laughs thinking I am kidding (but I'm really not joking!!). 

So we celebrated that evening with Giant Eagle cake and since it was so gorgeous, we got to celebrate on the back patio! This was the first time we were able to do so. My parents have the prettiest set up in our backyard. It's two level and the bottom level is where we eat and then there is also a fire pit area. The top level is a lounge area with furniture and a trellace overhead. It's so inviting and relaxing. Hanging out back there is one of my favorite parts of the summer!

It was super casual so I wore these uber comfortable pom pom shorts and a simple tank! I actually didn't realize this when I was ordering them, but they are made from the iconic Catalina cloth. Looking at a photo of them, they look so crisp (kind of like a chino short) and when I got them I couldn't believe how soft and flexible they were! They look like a dressier short, but they feel like you are wearing yoga shorts-- they're a jersey cotton with a touch of spandex. To say that these have been my go-to shorts have been an understatement, they are beyond comfortable. Not to mention the little pom poms are as cute as can be and really set them apart from other printed shorts I have. I think these will be great to have when traveling, too, becuase they don't wrinkle and never require an iron! 

If you need more blue outfit inspiration, be sure to check out my friend Danielle's seersucker dress outfit

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Lately 4/21/16

Sweater ($22)// Pants ($27)
Shoes// Tote// Sunglasses (25% off!)

Wearing: The outfit above, that you last saw here, is currently available online! Not to mention the pieces are on major sale! The quality is great and the fit is true to size. I'm in a small in the sweater and a 4 in the pants! If you are looking for a super similar, inexpensive sweater, I am loving this one ($28), too! 

Eating: I was sent the sweetest little treat this week- Sugarfina gummies. If you are unfamiliar with Sugarfina, they are a luxury candy boutique in Beverly Hills. I am obsessed with gummy candy (I seriously bought 5 pounds of Haribo gummy bears a few weeks ago hahah) and these are so yummy. The packaging is so darling which I think makes it a perfect gift for anyone that may be hard to shop for! It would even be a perfect favor for a party or shower; just tie with a pretty little bow! I am dying to try the champagne bears

Drinking: Slurpee apparently released a diet coke with cherry slurpee and I totally want to try it. I'm going to have to track down a 7-11 where I can get one!! 

Watching: I just came across The Sixties on Netflix. It's a miniseries by CNN and I watched every episode within a week! Each episode deals with a different topic. My favorite was one about the significance of TV in the 1960's. It discussed how almost every American had a TV by the 1960's and how it changed the landscape of news reporting, pop culture, etc. It was super interesting and goes much deeper into these topics than anything you would have learned in a basic high school or college history class. The TV episode was specifically interesting to me because I saw a parallel in regards to TV in the 1960's and Social Media in the past 10 years or so. It will be interesting to see how people report the social media culture in the early 2000's fifty years from now, don't you think?! 

I have always been convinced that I was born in the wrong decade and this totally furthered my feeling on that. I definitely was meant to be alive back then... Bewitched was popular on TV (my favorite), Mod style was 'in', and great music was all the rage (think The Who and Jefferson Airplane.. two of my favorites!). Also, I watched the episode about the 'British Invasion' which talked all about the Beatles and other British bands that came to America around that time; and I realized Harry Styles looks SO much like Mick Jagger-- crazy!!

I'm now onto The Seventies. I wish they had The Forties and The Fifties-- those are the two I'd be most interested in!  

Pittsburgh-ing: Some girlfriends and I got together for Happy Hour on Monday night. Since it was such a lovely evening, we chose to go to Hotel Indigo in Pittsburgh's East End. It is a new hotel and has a cute little outdoor patio off the main restaurant. During happy hour, the drinks and starters are half off. Everything was delicious-- and even better, Chandon was $5.50 a glass. Talk about a great spot! 

Wanting: In the next 5 weeks, I have graduations, graduation parties, travel, weddings, showers, bachelorette parties, and birthday parties. Overscheduled is an understatement. So I've really been keeping an eye out for a lot of dressier items... I also have something super time consuming coming up in early May which is only adding to the craziness-- more on that to come ;) 

Loving: Laura Geller Illuminator. This looks super gold in the container, so I was a bit hesitant to use it as a highlighter, but it is SO wonderful. It's super easy to apply and it's not very pigmented, so you can't really 'mess up' and it always looks very natural I specifically love it on my brow bone, in the corners of my eyes, and high on my cheek bones.

Listening: I'm already bored of my April Playlist, but I am obsessed with the Lumineers new album. Gale Song is my favorite... I had no idea they used it in the Hunger Games. I linked to YouTube, but the recording on Spotify is better if you have access to that! I've probably played the album like 100 times through already!!

Reading: I finally finished Modern Romance by comedian, Aziz Ansari. I don't normally read comedic books or anthropological books for that matter and this book combined the two. I actually didn't find it that funny, but it was super easy to read because it was written almost like a casual conversation. It had a lot of science and data backing up the studies, though which was super insightful and interesting. I definitely recommend it for anyone looking for a quick, light read. 
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