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Father's Day 2016

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vineyard vines 2016 summer outfit

What I'm Wearing:

What Dad is Wearing: 
Red Pants// Belt (on sale!)// Sunglasses 

I started Summer Wind on a whim the summer after my freshman year of college. That was seven years ago. I was 19 and had no idea as to what I was doing. I had some time on my hands during the summer break and loved reading blogs. So, Summer Wind was born (named after my favorite Frank Sinatra song!). 

In the early days of Summer Wind, blogging was significantly different than it is now. 'Professional' photos were virtually nonexistent and no one really even bothered to style their photos. They were mostly shot on cell phones... namely my Blackberry. Ohhh those were the days. As the blogging industry progressed, so did my blog. I started learning more and started to apply it to Summer Wind. One of the things that changed in the blogging world was that photos taken with a DSLR became a 'necessity'. As a college student, I didn't have a DSLR camera, nor the budget for one. 

Enter my dad. My mom had given him a Nikon for his birthday and my dad generously let me 'borrow' it whenever I wanted. Fast forward to now, I'm pretty familiar with a camera. But you know who is even better? My dad!!

I think many who aren't too familiar with blogging would be surprised about just how much goes on behind the scenes. All of the people involved: designers, photographers, interns, parents, family, friends, lawyers, accountants, other bloggers, etc. The work and effort that goes into just one post may look simple or effortless, but in reality, the amount of time and effort may surprise many.

I know a lot of bloggers hire photographers, have their boyfriends or husbands take their photos, etc. But I'm not sure how many can say that their Dad is their photographer. My dad, the saint of a man that he is, has been taking my blog photos for me for the entirety of Summer Wind. Sure, I have others who step in from time to time, but for the most part, my dad is always by my side-- literally and figuratively. He's the biggest cheerleader and supporter. He is always willing to help me in any way. He even started reading photography blogs and watching YouTube videos because he wanted to help me take better photos. Summer Wind would be nonexistent if it wasn't for my dad! For that (and so much more), I cannot thank him enough. 

Another thing about my dad? He is the best-dressed guy I know. I may be biased, but he is known to always be dressed to the nines. His style is classic, traditional, and preppy. I definitely got my taste and style from him (Mom, too, though!!!). Whenever I get something in the mail, I show him, and when I get his stamp of approval, I know it's a keeper.  

If you've been reading Summer Wind for a while, then you'll know that family is the most important thing to me in my life. I feel so lucky to be able to get to hang out with my dad all the time. I give him recognition in person, but with Father's Day coming up (June 19th), I thought it was about time he came out from behind the camera and I share him on my blog (thanks for the photos, Mom!)! I'm also sharing some 'vintage' photos below! 

I feel so proud to say that my dad is a classic gentleman. He treats everyone with respect. He always stands when we enter or leave a room. He always pulls the car around for us, he gives us his coat, he carries our skis for us, he helps us with our coats, he walks with an umbrella over us... I could keep going... He truly loves my mom, sister, and I unconditionally.

Besides being a perfect gentleman, my dad is an incredible cook with the biggest sweet tooth. He taught my sister and I how to ski, waterski, golf, kick a football (he played football in college!), etc. He's charismatic and well spoken. He has great taste in music. He wears a kilt every Christmas Eve. He's an amazing dancer, he's philanthropic, a perfect parallel-parker, a hard worker, a wonderful paddle tennis player and basketball player, loves scuba diving. The list goes on. Basically, my dad rocks and I am so lucky to have him! 

He and I look alike, and my mom and sister look alike! My favorite memories with my dad are many, but I'll share some fun ones. I loved doing Indian Princesses with him where we would go to campouts and meetings together. My dad always chaperoned on our Friday night ski trips in middle school and high school... it was so much fun! He also coached my middle school basketball team and still loved me even though I was probably the worst basketball player ever. We both love Beto's pizza and we always go there late at night, just before it closes when we are hungry. He's also pretty darn cool. He and my mom came to visit me at JMU for my 21st birthday and I took them to a fraternity band party one night. He hung out with everyone and fit right in!

For the most part, I try to keep my family/friends/etc. off of Summer Wind to respect their privacy. But, for this post, my dad so graciously offered to be a part of it! Vineyard Vines , one of our favorite brands, let him choose a few pieces to style himself. This was totally his pick, with no help from me! He even chose the dress I am wearing! With Father's Day coming up, I thought it'd be fun to share what my dad chose, in hopes it may help you pick something out for your dad! 

My favorite thing to give? A shep shirt. If your dad is always dressed in a suit during the week, a shep shirt is such a welcome gift so he can have a great pullover for nights and weekends! It's a classic that any guy would love! I have a few and they are my go-to during the spring/summer! You also cannot go wrong with a belt. There are even a few on sale-- and a print to fit everyone's personality. 

A big thanks to my dad for having fun with this post and for Vineyard Vines for letting us choose some pieces to style! I am forever glad that I started this blog seven years ago to recap many precious moments in my life. I am so happy we were able to get some great photos together; especially since he is usually behind the lens. I know I'll look back on this post and these photos fondly. Love you, Dad!


Trish said...

I'm sure I'm just one of the many readers who HAD NO IDEA that your dad was responsible for your great photos! What a great post! Kudos to you both!

Trish said...

I'm sure I'm just one of the many readers who HAD NO IDEA that your dad was responsible for your great photos! What a great post! Kudos to you both!

ESL said...

Wow! What a great post Sydney! I love hearing your appreciation for your dad! He sounds like a great guy.

R's Rue said...


Lexy said...

Loved getting a glimpse into your family - you all seem so tight-knit, it's wonderful! And my Dad LIVES in his Shep Shirt -- always a great pick!

Anonymous said...

You and your dad are so cute. I loved this post. My dad loves Vineyard Vines, too.

Renee said...

Love this post, Sydney! My dad takes all of my blog photos too and I always go to him for his stamp of approval on any new outfit!

Renee // Gimme Glamour

Dana said...

Too freakin' cute! I remember when you told me your dad takes your photos and I absolutely loved it! My mom used to take some of my photos and seriously, parents are just the best. I love that you included him in your photos on the blog - really awesome!

Pink Champagne Problems

Alexandra said...

Sydney, I have enjoyed reading your blog for years but this is my first comment. What a lovely post and tribute to your dad. Your parents have raised you to be such a graceful and elegant young woman. They should be proud!

Anonymous said...

Your blog has always been a favorite of mine. I think this post takes the cake for the sweetest blog post I have ever read. It reminds me of me and my dad. Thanks for being so real and sharing a big part of your life with us! Love from Canada.

Unknown said...

Such a sweet post about your dad!!! He's as precious as you are!!

Unknown said...

I enjoyed reading every word of this post!! Family first is a great mantra to live by :)

xx Kathryn

Anonymous said...

this was a great post! what kind of watch does your dad have on it is awsome!

Anonymous said...

this was a great post! what kind of watch does your dad have on it is awesome!


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