Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lately 9/22/2016

Reading: I just got The Couple Next Door and started it this week. I can hardly put it down, it's so good! If you like suspense, this is definitely the book for you.

Wearing: I have a full blog post on this sweater to come, but it might be the coziest thing I've ever owned. It comes in 3 colors, I got it in the heather root shade. It is under $100 (which is a good price for the knit composition because it has 10% alpaca!) and fits roomy, but I still got a small. I want to go back and get the other two colors, I love it that much.

Pittsburgh-ing: A few things about Pittsburgh around the internet this week:
1// Sophia Vergara Talks about Joe Manganiello's Steeler obsession. Pretty freaking cool-- also, he went to my high school! 
2// The Telegraph published an article titled 'How Pittsburgh Became America's Most Unlikely Cultural Capital'. 
3// I don't really watch TV, but NBC just aired a show called This Is Us which is set in Pittsburgh. So therefore, I had to watch it. The show literally opens up with Milo Ventimiglia (you know Jess, from Gilmore Girls?!) practically naked except for a Terrible Towel covering him. Awesome. The first episode was really good and I can't wait to watch the next! 
Wanting: I came across wayyyyy too much this week. I really had to practice self-control! 

Watching: Alanis Morrisette and James Corden rework 'Ironic' in terms of today's pop culture. It's hilarious. 

Eating: I just got a crock pot...which is making me feel really 'adult', so if any of you have any really good recipes, send them my way! 

Smelling: You guys. I got a sample of this in my Nordstrom order and it is the BEST SCENT EVER. Seriously. It's woody and warm but also light and fresh at the same time. Very hard to describe, but this is 100% my scent for 2017. 

Drinking: I love trying out Nespresso pods. I just got the new limited edition tinto de Columbia pods and they're so good! They're a lighter roast so they're perfect for an afternoon cup!

Drinking II: These Barefoot Sprtizers have been a total crowd pleaser as of late. It's definitely something to keep on hand for guests and they're so perfect for tailgates!

I came across this cover of the Chainsmoker's Closer and I love it! This song never gets old and this cover by Walk Off the Earth just makes it all the better! If you didn't know, I am obsessed with the Chainsmokers-- I saw them in concert last year and am SO excited to see them again tomorrow! If you're not familiar with Walk Off the Earth, my favorite song by them is Red Hands. I also had no idea that they do a ton of covers on their YouTube channel and they're all amazing. I really like Let It Go,  Teenage Dirtbag (this brings me back to middle school), and Hello.

Decorating: If you saw last week's post and wanted to place a frame order with Framebridge, you're in luck! They have graciously given me a code for Summer Wind readers to save 15% on your first Framebridge purchase. Use code SUMMERWIND15 at checkout!

Quoting: 'I remember riding in a taxi one afternoon between very tall buildings under a mauve and rosy sky; I began to bawl because I had everything I wanted and knew I would never be so happy again.' - F. Scott Fitzgerald// See more of my favorites here


Just Jess said...

I really need to watch This is Us! As for crockpot recipes I love the Taco Soup recipe on Skinnytaste's blog as well as any recipe for the slow cooker on Real Food Whole Life. Jess at Just Jess

Unknown said...

Hi Sydney!
Seriously love the blog and content! I'm not sure if you know but your shopping widgets almost never load for me, regardless of the device (computer, phone, ipad, etc). I love your style and love checking out your picks of the week, so it's always a disappointment when it doesn't load. It's been occuring for months now.


Amanda @ Anchored to Sunshine said...

The Couple Next Door is the next book on my reading list! I've been hearing amazing things about it so I'm so happy to hear you like it too!

Kayla said...

I recently got a slow cooker too, I love how tender and delicious meats come out, however, the recipes usually make many servings which can be tricky if you're only serving for one or two!

If you like indian... I just made this yesterday and was to die for!

this was also a winner at my house..

these I have not tried but I really want to!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink said...

I got the Madewell cardigan in Heather Fog, but really want the Heather Root. It's such a great sweater!

Ellen | A Pop of Pink

Anonymous said...

Hi Sydney!
Just like Grace Klein pointed out, the widgets haven't been loading for me either! Huge disappointment as I look forward to your weekly picks as well and adore your style!


Anonymous said...

Just a comment to agree with the above about the widgets! They drive me crazy, because I can't see them as they never fully load. Please fix this as I absolutely love seeing your picks, as your style is fabulous.

Summer Wind said...

Thanks to everyone for the sweet comments and the great feedback about the widgets-- I am so sorry they are not working for you... I've sent the issue into my web designer and it will hopefully be fixed ASAP!!! So sorry again and thank you so much for reading :)


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