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The Best of 2016: Makeup

Yesterday I shared my favorite lip colors of 2016, and today I'm talking makeup! Everything from concealers to bronzers, highlighters to mascaras and everything in between. I mentioned yesterday that I'll be sharing my favorite drugstore products in a later post... so keep an eye out for that!

Overall, I tend to have very sensitive skin, so I pay attention to the brands and ingredients of everything I use. Certain brands, like Tarte and Bare Minerals are the best for me because they are made for sensitive skin (non-comedogenic). I would love to hear your favorite products in the comments-- I'm always looking to try new things!

Concealer and Foundation
the best foundations and concealers

Tarte Creaseless Concealer// This has been a favorite for more than 3 years. It is in my daily arsenal of products. I love the Tarte brand because it is 'good' for your skin. It's very pigmented and thick. The small tube lasts forever because you don't have to use much at all. I use it to cover any blemishes because it covers up pretty much anything and everything. I'm considering switching to the It Cosmetics brand because it's comparable in formula, but has an added anti-aging component! 

Nars Creamy Concealer// This is another product that I've been using for a long time! I have a comparable product in the upcoming drugstore best of 2016, but I have this in custard and vanilla and both are amazing. The formula is smooth and not too thick, but not too thin either! I use the shade vanilla in the winter when I am paler and also use it to highlight. 

Naked Skin Concealer// This is one of my most recent beauty purchases. I had heard such good things about the Naked Skin line, so I wanted to try this! The formula has a much lower viscosity than the two concealers I reviewed above. It's easy to use on large areas and blends really nicely. A little goes a long way with this product! 

Stroke of Light// This is a highlighter, but it is really similar to coverup, you can really use it as both if you're on the paler side. The formula is similar to that of the Naked Skin concealer and it is very easy to blend! It's my favorite liquid highlighter (that doesn't have shimmer) that I have come across!

YSL Touche Eclat Neutralizer// I had this for a while and didn't use it because it's literally green. I watched a few YouTube videos on how to apply, but it's intimidating. However, it really does work now that I have given it a fair chance. The green neutralizes any red on your face, so it's great for blemishes/zits/etc. It's really easy to apply and the green really does blend with your concealer and your skin! 

Bare Pro and Brush// This is the BEST powder ever. It's great on its own, but I personally love it to set concealer/foundation. I don't wear foundation during the week unless I have something important, but I wear this powder day-in-and-out because it's comfortable and light but still covers up enough! I'm not normally into brushes, but this brush really is amazing, I definitely recommend getting the brush, too. 

Tarte Pressed Powder// This is one of my absolute favorite products. Callie taught me about the makeup technique called 'baking' last year. So after watching a few YouTube videos, I wandered into Sephora looking for a great powder. This one has no shimmer, is super matte, is pressed so there is very little mess and is super fine so it won't sink into your pores or wrinkles... it just blends beautifully and gives you a cohesive finish. 

Chanel Foundation// This is hands-down the best ever. I think it will make the list every year because it's just that good. It's pricey, but well worth every cent. It's not cakey, it's nice and light, but still totally full coverage. I don't use this daily, but only when wanting to look #flawless.

the best highlighters and bronzers

Laura Gellar Gilded Honey// Definitely one of the best products ever. This is one of those can't-live-without products that you never even knew you needed! It's a shimmery highlighter with a nice warm glow. A little goes a long way (so this should last forever). I like to use it in the corners of my eyes, on my cheek bones, on my brow bone and on my nose. It just gives you a really nice warm glow without being too noticeable or shimmery/sparkly. 

Chanel Blush// I have had this forever and love it. It's not very pigmented so you can't really mess this up. It's also very matte, which works for me really well since I'm a little more on the oilier side. 

Mac Blush// I have so many of these shades, but the key is to get them in either the matte or sheer tone. They blend really well and the sheer tone shades are especially easy to apply. It says that they're not very pigmented, but I think that they are. A little goes a long way and gives a nice glow. 

Bare Minerals Pressed Bronzer// I just started using this one and I think it's one of my favorite bronzers yet. Like most of the products I've shared, a little goes a long way. It's very pigmented and the hue is deep, so you really need to be careful when applying. However, this is a true bronze color that makes you look like you just stepped off the plane from the Bahamas. My second favorite is Benefit's Hoola (this one is more foolproof and not as deep). 

Bare Minerals Powder Duo// This is my backup translucent powder to my favorite Tarte version. I keep this in my makeup bag at all times, too, because I really like it, especially the shimmery side. I use the shimmery side the same way I use the gilded honey as described above and I use the matte version as I do the Tarte powder. The one pro that this has against the Tarte powder is that it is much less messy.

Hourglass Ambient Light Palette// LOVE this product. I got this a year or so ago and it lasts forever. This is another one of those things you didn't know you needed until you had it. It's really expensive, but worth it, in my opinion. The powders are fine, with no sparkle but have a subtle shimmer. The three colors were created to work well in certain lighting situations. I personally use the middle shade the most (as a highlighter) but love layering the other colors over bronzer and blush, too. 

Bare Minerals Palette// I've used this palette all year long and thing it's amazing. If you only had to have one item off of the powder list, this would be it. It has your bronzer, highlighter and blush all in one palette. The shades are universally flattering and are easy to apply and blend. I also just love Bare Minerals in general because the products are 'good' for your face! 

the best eye makeup

Lash Domination Liner// I don't wear eyeliner often, but when I do, I go for this liquid liner. It's bold, easy to apply, and can be removed with a swipe of a makeup wipe. 

Watt's Up Highlighter// Another highlighter... yes, I love them. This is a creamy version that packs a shimmer. I find it best to use during the winter months when your skin can be really dry and powder only makes it worse. 

De-Slick Spray// This spray is applied when you're done doing your makeup. You spray it all over your face and it sets your makeup as well as keeps your shine under control. I have been using this for years and truly think it does a great job! 

Stretchex Mascara// I've been wearing lash extensions for the entirety of 2016, so I don't have too many great recommendations in the way of mascara. However, I really love Stretchex for my bottom lashes. The brush is tiny and can get to every bottom lash and has a nice, deep black shade. Callie actually loves this mascara, too, and she doesn't have extensions!

Anastasia Brow Pen// I am pretty sure I have tried every Anastasia product under the sun. They're all great, but I really love this brow pen the most. It's really easy to apply and is foolproof. Second runner up is this Bobbi Brown gel.


Nikoline said...

I have a sensitive skin too, so I will definitely check out some of those products! :)


Lauren said...

That YSl touch up pen is a favorite of mine and I love Urban Decay and Benefit! I am definitely going to have to check out some of these!



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