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The Best Beauty Treatments and Places in Pittsburgh

The Best Beauty Treatments and Places in Pittsburgh
I get a TON of questions about where I go for beauty services in Pittsburgh and I totally understand why. This not only applies for Pittsburgh but whatever city you are in, it's really tough to find great salons and even harder to find amazing, trustworthy people who do their jobs exceptionally. After living in Pittsburgh for about 4.5 years as a post-grad, I've finally found the best places and best people for everything I like to have done! I'm sharing this so there's one post that I can direct you to when you ask!

What: Mani/Pedi
Where: Envy Nails, Mt. Lebanon 
Who: Kevin, but they're all great
When: Twice a month
Why: I've been going to this salon for what feels like forever. It's clean, pretty interior, everyone is friendly, there are a million polish choices and they are always able to fit me in. I like to make an appointment at least 24 hours in advance as it can get booked, but I'm often able to just walk in, too. I get a gel mani and regular pedi when I go and have never been disappointed! I usually don't request anyone because they all do a great job, but I particularly like Kevin!

What: Highlights/Hair Cut 
Where: Maxmanni, Near Robinson Mall
Who: Abby
When: Every 4-6 weeks
Why: I just started going to this Aveda salon in early 2016. I see Abby every 5-6 weeks for highlights and will get a trim about twice a year. Robinson is a little out of the way for me, but since it's right off of the parkway, it's pretty easy to get to and is so worth the trip. Not only is the salon clean, pretty, and pleasant, but Abby is THE BEST. I wouldn't trust anyone else. She's so much fun and always does exactly what I want while also letting me know her professional opinion. I truly could not recommend her or the salon more. You can read the full post about my hair, here, as well as my Max Manni visit, here.

What: Facials/Peels
Where: The Skin Center Medical Spa, Shadyside 
Who: Taylor 
When: Every 4-6 weeks
Why: I just started seeing Taylor at the Skin Center in late 2016 for facial peels and a dermasweep facial (which is microdermabrasion). The Skin Center has 9 locations, but the Shadyside location is the most convenient for me. It's right off of Walnut Street and they have their own parking. I had never been to a medical spa before, but LOVE it. They have doctors and nurses on staff and specialize in everything from facials to liposuction. It feels calming and looks beautiful inside like a spa, but is also kind of like a doctor's office with treatment rooms. I started to do peels and microdermabrasion because I want to prevent wrinkles and cure my acne and Taylor (who's so cute, fun, and knowledgeable) suggested I try these services out. I go about once a month and love it. It's like a massage for your face. The actual peel part kind of stings a little (but not bad at all) and then my skin peels about 2-3 days afterward (which sounds gross, but it's really not bad at all and doesn't hinder me from applying makeup or going about my daily routine). It definitely keeps my acne at bay and is also great for anti-aging purposes or any skin discoloration! I am loving the results and definitely recommend it if you are dealing with troubled skin or even just want a fresh glow.

What: Eyelash Extensions
Where: Fluhme Glambar, Warrendale Village
Who: Brittany 
When: Twice a month
Why: I've been going to Brittany at Fluhme for a year now. She is seriously the best. I wrote a post (about a year ago) talking all about the experience. At first, I was hesitant about eyelash extensions because they sound ridiculous and high-maintenance. I had no idea they'd make such a dramatic difference. I'm also really anti-anything that looks fake or 'plastic' if that makes sense. I totally thought eyelash extensions would fall into this category, but I was SO wrong. It should tell you something if I've been going religiously for the past year. It's honestly a time commitment and it's a financial commitment but in my eyes (hahaha) it's worth both the time and money. I have naturally full eyelashes, but they kind of just stick straight out without any curl. With extensions, my eyes look much more awake and really open up my eyes. They're also the best because I haven't had to put on mascara in a year (I'm not kidding). Fluhme is really beautiful and clean inside (fancy, almost!) and I love the people who work there. There's a Fluhme that opened up closer to where I live, but I continue to go to the one farther away because of Brittany. Seeing her every two weeks for a year, she has become a friend to me and is wonderful! At Fluhme, they also do blowouts, makeup application, manis/pedis, and more, but I've only ever done lashes! 


Gold Clutter said...

I'll have to go to Pittsburgh.

Alexa said...

I've been wondering about chemical peels. I will have to check out the medical spa you mentioned. It looks like there is one right near my house!

Daneen said...

I've gone to Fluhme for eyelash extensions as well! Absolutely love ❤️ the Glambar!! My next venture is going to be the microblading!!


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