Friday, August 31, 2018

Travel Guide: Nashville

cheekwood gardens songwriters under the stars
Last weekend I headed to Nashville to visit my college roommate and sorority sister, Lisa! She has lived in Nashville for a year and I was so excited to be able to visit! 

cheekwood gardens

king of pops poptails

cheekwood songwriters under the stars

Our first stop was to Cheekwood Estate and Gardens. This was SO much fun and a must-see in my opinion. We were there for their Songwriter Under the Stars concert on the Swan Lawn. The concert featured songwriters who wrote #1 songs for stars like Rascal Flats and the songwriters perform their own songs. It was really cool to hear them elaborate on the writing process and how the songs came to fruition. I also got to eat Edley's BBQ for dinner which was phenomenal and a must-eat while in Nashville. They had a full bar and we tried the poptails which was a King of Pops popsicle in champagne. YUM! 

Not to mention the grounds are absolutely stunning. I am not sure I have the words to even describe the beauty of everything. There are 55 acres to explore so you will not be bored. Between the florals and landscaping, architecture, and art, everything is just pure perfection! 
the audrey at josephine nashville

pecan sticky buns josephine nashville

Josephine Nashville 12 South

Chicken and Waffles Josephine Nashville
The next morning, we headed to Josephine for brunch. This restaurant had an adorable midcentury modern with a southern twist type of vibe and I loved it! Not only was the interior design beautiful, but so was everything we ate! From the pecan sticky buns to the cocktails and chicken and waffles, my mouth is watering just thinking of it all. 

White's Mercantile Nashville

White's Mercantile Nashville
After brunch, we walked it off by exploring the picturesque 12 South neighboorhood. It reminded me a bit of Pittsburgh's Shadyside. It had lots of cute shops and boutiques along with tons of great restaurants! White's Mercantile was one of my favorite stops! They had everything from cute gifts and accessories to delicious treats and home decor! 

I believe in Nashville wall mural
Top (old, similar)// White Jeans
Bag// Shoes  
I also requested that we stop at the famous Nashville mural to snap some photos. This one is located in the 12 South neighborhood, right next to Draper James

amelia's flower truck

amelia's flower truck

amelia's flower truck
We ended up stumbling upon Amelia's Flower Truck which is about as cute as you can get!! It's an old VW truck converted into a flower stand where you can make your own bouquet! We could not resist- what a cool idea! 

Mas Tacos Nashville
For dinner that night, we indulged on Mas Tacos. We waited in a line out the door and after tasting everything, I can see why! It's a little hole in the wall and you might miss it if you were to drive past! Their street corn was incredible and my favorite taco was their fish! 
Taylow Swift Reputation Tour Nasvhille Nissan Stadium
Dress (old, similar)// Sandals
Later that evening, we headed to the Taylor Swift concert at Nissan Stadium! I kind of knew what to expect since I already saw her in Pittsburgh, BUT she ended up playing a song she wrote for Little Big Town and surprised us with Faith Hill and Tim McGraw! We had SO much fun! 

acme feed and seed Nashville
After the concert, we walked over the pedestrian bridge to Broadway which is a street that boasts a ton of bars and restaurants! All of the bars that we went to had live music which made everything even more fun! Our first stop was to Acme Feed and Seed which I absolutely loved! We had their Mule Kicker cocktail which was like a frozen Moscow Mule! Then we headed to Ole Red which is Blake Shelton's bar! Cort Carpenter was playing on stage and it was so much fun to sing along to all of the songs we knew! 

Bongo Nashville
The next day coffee was MUCH needed. We headed to Bongo which is a cute and casual coffee shop. It had shelves of board games for patrons to play which looked like so much fun! We were famished so we grabbed some food while there, too! I got the BLTA which had brie on it and was soooo delicious!

I had grabbed Henry a little puppy treat while there and just had to include this photo! He is waiting patiently for his delicious treat! 

All-in-all, I had such a blast and really recommend Nashville. Whether you're going with a boyfriend/husband, or family, or girlfriends, there is something for everyone. I also loved the neighborhoods and the gorgeous downtown city! It was clean and everyone we encountered was so nice and friendly! Plus, there are so many great spots to eat, it is a foodie's dream come true! Cannot wait to go back!!!

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Lately 8/30/2018

Shop the Pieces:
Wearing: Abercrombie is my JAM and I think their fall selection is the best I've seen yet. I placed a huge order of all the things I loved and was so surprised to see the quality! They have definitely upped their quality lately and I've been super impressed! Their sales are really good- right now, everything is 40% off all weekend!!! So you can score these pieces at crazy good prices. Above are some of the items I tried on as soon as I got my order this week and loved. I did notice that they have started to streamline their sizing better. Oftentimes, I would size up in their pieces but now, I find that sizing up usually makes things too big on me! I have a try-on of these outfits on instastories right now!
josephine nashville
Drinking: While in Nashville I had the most amazing cocktail. It had lemon, lime, carpano bianco, gin, lambrusco, and basil. It was so light and refreshing!!! 

Reading: One of my favorite YA authors just released her newest book in the Thousandth Floor series, called The Towering Sky. I'm so excited to read it!!! 

Sale-ing: Oh gosh there are so many good sales going on right now for Labor Day weekend. Right now, Sephora is offering 15% off your purchase for VIB members. I wrote about my favorite things, here!  Ulta is also offering 20% off your purchase using code 679729. I'll have a post up tomorrow on the best of the Labor Day sales!

 Is anyone else SO excited for the This Is Us premiere on September 25th?! I am! Not only is it a great show, but I am excited because the fall premieres always signal a new cozy season! 

Listening: At the Taylor Swift concert in Nashville, there were a few things different about her Reputation tour concert than that one that I attended in Pittsburgh. The first being Faith Hill and Tim McGraw made a special guest appearance and the other was that Taylor played a song called 'Better Man' which she wrote for Little Big Town. I'm not much of a country music person but I just love this song!!  

Loving: Have you guys seen this incredible pullover?! I am SO OBSESSED. I can't decide what color to get. I am thinking the olive green because I don't have a pullover in that color but I also love the contrast on the white one, the coziness of the red buffalo check and then the pretty mauve shade. AH! 

Wanting: This is aggressive considering it's not even September yet, but I have been absolutely loving the SAM brand puffer coats. Living in Pittsburgh, one of the things I don't mind splurging on is a really nice, warm, coat. I love the red color of this one! See more of my favorites in the widget above!

Pittsburgh-ing: My Pittsburgh Guide is updated! I hadn't updated it in a while and it's all up to date, so check it out if you are a Pittsburgher or making a trip! 

Smelling: This cedar and juniper candle smells incredible. It has a bit of a cozy fall vibe and the copper canister is adorable. I love fall scents, but at the same time, some of them are AWFUL (sometimes when I am smelling fall candles, I literally gag), so I'm always happy to share one that doesn't smell 'cheap' or 'fake'. I can't stand vanilla-y sweet candles or fake pumpkin scents.

Traveling: Next up is Charleston in a few weeks! Can't wait! My Nashville travel guide will be live next week. 

Quoting: 'The quieter you become, the more you can hear.' // See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Perfect LBD for Fall

little black dress for fall

Perfect LBD for Fall

Perfect LBD for Fall

Perfect LBD for Fall

Perfect little black dress for fall

Ferragamo Vara Bag// Shoes (similar)
Lip Color: Pencil (pillow talk)// Balm (berry)

Today I'm partnering with Nordstrom to share a gorgeous little black dress that you can wear now and well into fall. I am such a sucker for a good LBD. I have way too many (but can you really ever have enough LBDs?!). 

This one is classic with the crew neckline and short sleeves, but it's the asymmetrical skirt that adds some interest to the entire look. I think it looks so chic and while it's still classic, it is a little more 'updated' than a standard LBD! 

I also love the stretchy fabric. It's still thick and high quality but it doesn't wrinkle! Great for packing in your suitcase or if you sit at a desk for long periods of time. It runs true to size and has a nice bit of stretch, so if you are between sizes, size down! 

Because of the short sleeves (rather than sleeveless), this is such a great option for early fall. Later on, when it gets cooler, you can add a sweater or tights! 

A few more LBDs that I love for fall: this pearl neckline, this classic sheath, and this fit and flare. Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Wedding Registry Ideas

So the title must have really thrown you for a loop, right? No, I'm not getting married (one day!). However, over the last 2 or so years, SO many of you have requested that I share what I would register for if I was engaged. It's such a fun topic- creating tablescapes and stocking a kitchen are some of my favorite topics!

To be honest, I've held off on writing this for so long because it's kind of odd to write about this because I'm not getting married, but it's also fun to think about! 

I always joke that when I do end up creating a wedding registry that I won't need to register for anything because I already have everything.

But since I do already have everything, I thought I would share what I think the necessities really are. This list doesn't have to be for your wedding registry! This is a great list if you were like me: living on your own without roommates and wanted to invest in things you know you'll use for years to come! 

Pots and Pans// Well this is a big DUH! But what I mean is that I think investing in really high-quality pots and pans are so worth it. All-Clad is my go-to brand that is reasonably priced and works incredibly. Their nonstick surfaces are so good. I'd suggest registering for a set so you have everything. I got a big set and am so glad that I did because I really do use everything. 

Knives// This was one of those things that I had been holding off on. I had average knives and they were fine but I kept having to replace them. I finally caved when there was a Wustoff set on sale and oh my goodness, nice knives are a game changer! Seriously- I didn't realize how much I actually needed them. They cut everything so much better. It's just easier and they're pretty, too! 

Steak Knives// My mom got me these knives and not only do they work wonderfully but they are so beautiful. Laguiole also makes cheese knives, spreaders, etc. I actually ended up finding some of the other Laguiole items at Homegoods, so keep an eye out! 

Fine China// I am pretty traditional so I am very into china, crystal, and silver. I got Wedgwood china when I moved into my apartment. It's more on the casual side, though, so it's very easily used every day. I got a set of 12 of everything: dinner plates, bread and butter plates, cups and saucers, etc. I see no reason as to why you should only use your china on special occasions. I say use it daily! It's beautiful and there is no sense having it just sit in a cabinet collecting dust! If you don't think you would use it, though, then there is no reason in registering for it! Brands to look for: Wedgwood, Herend, Lenox, Villeroy and Bach, etc. I think the one misconception about fine china is that it looks fancy. You can get fancy china, sure, but they also have casual patterns, too. I actually got Villeroy and Bach plain white lunch plates. They are beautiful bone china, but they are unassuming and great for everyday use! I typically eat lunch off of these plates and even eat dinner off of them since they are small and help with portion control. 

Everday Plates// Besides china, I think you should also have a few sets of casual plates. I got the Aerin scalloped plates. They are neutral and simple so they work with a multitude of tablescapes. I'd suggest going with something simple and neutral so you can utilize them in every setting! Also- try to pick a price range that is on the less pricey side. Plates that you are going to use every single day are much more likely to break, so get a set that won't break the bank when replacing a plate here and there! Anthropologie is a great place for 'everyday plates'! I also love Spode

Crystal// I love crystal. I really like the brand Schott Zwiesel for everyday use. I have these glasses and they are great for everything from sparkling water or even red wine! They are what I drink my water out of every day at home. I also have basic Riedel stemmed wine glasses for both white and red wine. I have Waterford cut crystal goblets that can hold both red or white wine. I have champagne flutes in both simple Riedel and Waterford cut crystal. I use all of these glasses often. I mostly use the Riedel casually, but use the Waterford for when I am having many guests over. If you don't think you'll use all of your glasses or don't have the space to store them, they make these amazing storage cases where you can hide them away safely and pull them out when you need to! Something I don't have that I think I would register for are water goblets. Even if you don't want to register for china, it's always nice to have a surplus of glasses. Think of all the times you have 10+ people over!

Glasses// Besides crystal, you'll probably want to have some more casual glasses. I have a bunch of high ball glasses which are great because they serve so many different purposes. You can serve cocktails, water, etc. in these glasses! You'll also probably want a set of rocks glasses for cocktails or juice... I have Waterford crystal for these, but also have more casual ones like this! Depending on what you or your guests drink, you might also want specialty glasses such as beer, martini, or margarita glasses! I love martinis, so I have these martini glasses. You might also want casual wine/champagne flutes that you can toss in the dishwasher, like these

Silverware// I have old school silverware, and that is what I use daily. My mom, on the other hand, uses regular utensils for everyday use. I actually don't have non-silver utensils, so I'd register for that (love these)! I just personally love the elegance and how ornate silver is! 

Coffeemaker// To me, this is an absolute necessity. I wrote a blog post about it, here! Coffee machine goals is the Miele built-in machine!! 

Espresso maker// Another absolute necessity for me! I have the Nespresso and love it. I love the idea of a fancier espresso machine, but since it's time-consuming, I'm not so sure how much use I'd get out of a fancier one.

Bowls// For soups, salads, mixing, serving, etc. There are so many bowls, it's honestly a little ridiculous. I also have a crystal bowl similar to this one, that I use for serving fruit but it's also great just as a decoration! And lastly, I love a rimmed bowl that's great for things like pasta. I have these Spode bowls that I use all the time! 

Serving platters// I have so many of these. They have so many uses. Whether you are using it for a meat and cheese board, serving a roast chicken, or just hanging one on your wall! I got a stunning Herend serving platter at their warehouse sale and it might be my most favorite of them all! 

You might also want:
- Storage Canisters (I get mine at Homegoods)
- Measuring items (cups, spoons, etc.)
- Mixer... My sister and mom both have Kitchenaid mixers and love them! I can't imagine myself ever using a mixer, though! I don't think I have ever baked anything in my entire life except for break and bake cookies and boxed brownies, ha! 
- Blender. I have this one and love it, but honestly rarely use it. I've heard a lot of people swear by the Ninja blender and Vitamix
- Basics: colander, cutting boards, etc. 
- Decor: Vases, napkin rings, Candlesticks,  Picture frames, cashmere throws 
- Barware: cocktail shaker, copper mugs, pitchers, muddler, ice bucket, coasters, etc.
- Bakeware: again, no recommendations on this one, this is out of my league.  


Sheets// I like to have 4 sets of sheets on hand at all times. All of my sheets are white. Depending on how many bedrooms you have, etc. you might want more or less. Right now I have one bed and I still have 4 sets. It's nice because I don't have to wash a set immediately and also great for emergencies... for example, Henry threw up in my bed a few weeks ago (poor guy) and I was so glad to have fresh sheets ready to change immediately! I like a high thread count, but the higher thread count, the more wrinkles, so I like to choose something in the middle- the ones I linked are 464! 

Pillows// Pillows are expensive and I think they make a huge difference in the way you sleep. I recently updated my pillows and it's life changing!


Steamer// Best. Steamer. Ever. I have tried so many different ones and this one is truly the best. It's small and compact so you can travel with it but also is powerful enough to replace the need for a larger floor steamer! 

Iron// I have and love this iron but mostly use my steamer. This iron is great for when you need to iron something like a dress shirt that needs to look really crisp. I also think an iron works better than a steamer on bed linens! 

Vacuum// I have this one and for the price, it works wonderfully. My mom has this Dyson vacuum and says it is the best vacuum ever. I am waiting for my current vacuum to die and when it does, I'll switch to Dyson!

Towels// Really nice towels are such a great feeling. Find a brand you love and stick to it so your entire collection coordinates well together. I only use white towels because they're easy to just bleach if they get dirty. It's a great time to pitch some of your older, well-worn towels and go for something fresh and new... maybe some with your new married monogram! 

Best Advice 

My biggest tip is to register for what you'll truly use. For example, I think fine china is important, but my sister is more casual and probably wouldn't register for that! There are so many articles with advice on what to register for. I see so many lists with random things like a waffle iron, fondue set, candles, etc. I personally would not register for things like that because I know they don't fit within my lifestyle. Think about what you actually need and also what you have the storage space for.

You also want to think about the future. Maybe you live in a small apartment right now and the thought of having 12 of everything is ridiculous. But if you think you'll be living in a home and will eventually want to entertain, then you'll be glad you got a full set! 

It's also important to keep your registry simple. Have things at all different price points, but don't overload it. If you register for a smaller list, you're more likely to get exactly what you want. I also never understand registering for things like this silicone jar opener- basically things under $5. Things like that might be fun to give to your spouse in their Christmas stocking for your first married holiday together, but it just doesn't make sense to register for stuff like that! I once saw a couple register for a $5 toilet bowl scrub brush... buy that yourself! 

If you are going to register at a place like Amazon, you should also register somewhere else that has an actual store that you can walk into. For example, my grammie wouldn't know how to shop on Amazon, so being able to walk into a store such as Williams-Sonoma (can you tell I am WS obsessed?!) would be easier for her!

Things I Would Register For:
These are random things that are on my current wish list so if I were getting married these would be the things I'd register for!

If you have made it this far, bravo and thanks for sticking with me! If you are or have been a bride, what were things that you wish you would have registered for or things you did register for and didn't actually need? Let us know in the comments so all the brides that read here can gain insight! 

Friday, August 24, 2018

The Best Sales Happening Right Now

I had another post scheduled for today but switched it to next week because there are some crazy sales going on right now that I really wanted to share with all of you. I'm actually really surprised about these sales because they usually happen next weekend for Labor Day!

With these sales, if you have a gift box like me or if you like to do your holiday shopping over the next few months, these sales are great times to find really nice items for low prices.
This sale just started today. If you are a Rouge member, you can shop 20% off your purchase (some exclusions) with code YESROUGE. Then, starting August 30th, VIB members will receive access to the sale and get 15% off their purchase with code YESVIB. Beauty insider members will also have access at that time and get 10% off their purchase with code YESINSIDER. I'm a VIB Member, and I don't think 15% off sounds like much, but considering I usually buy it at full price, I'll take it! Here's a link to my everyday makeup favorites- most can be found at Sephora! If you're just buying one thing, I recommend the Dior Lip Glow. It's one of my holy-grail makeup products. It's just like lip balm but with the best everyday color. My two favorite shades are berry and pink. I've also been using these facial radiance pads every night and love them! Now is also the time to stock up on gift sets- they're great to have on hand during the holidays (I have this set on hand, always)! 
The Private Sale is happening right now! Up to 70% off. Prices are marked and no code is needed.  I don't normally go crazy about the TB sales, but this one is good. The prices are really low and the selection is huge! I love love love this navy cashmere sweater!
Free shipping and 20% off everything (no code needed)! I'm terrible when it comes to 'going out' tops, but this one is gorgeous! Also be sure to check out their home section- this is where you can find great stocking stuffers or items for a gift box/drawer to keep on hand. I usually have a few mugs in my box because pop in a Starbucks card and it's an easy gift for pretty much anyone! This little ring dish is another good thing to have on hand (only $12) if you are of the age where everyone is getting engaged. I love to give my newly engaged friends something like that! 
Their Labor Day sale starts today! You can take an extra 20% off sale items with code SENDOFF20. If you see something you love, snag it now because sizes are always selling out quickly!

25% off orders of $125, 30% off orders of $250 or more using code AUGUST. Now is the time to grab a cashmere cable knit if you have had your eye on one but don't want to pay full price! Fit tip: if you wear a size small, check out the boy's size large. It's almost an identical fit to a woman's small and a lot less pricey! 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Lately 8/23/2018

After this, we only have one more lately post until September. WHAT! August might have been the quickest month ever. I was sick all last week so this week feels like a breath of fresh air! Here's to getting things done!

This week, I went to Cincinnati with Olay for a quick 24-hour trip. That is where Procter and Gamble are headquartered! It was so eye-opening and fun to learn more about their products and to check out the Olay labs! I love Olay even more now- it's incredible all of the research, science and hard work that goes into every single product! I'm an Olay fan for life now!

Wearing: This dress is super boho- especially for me, but I have loved wearing it in the heat. It's so lightweight and easy-breezy. I toss it on whenever I run out to grab lunch or dinner or even just run errands! It's really short, so if you are any taller than me (5'6"), it might be too short!

Eating: I saw this Ramen at Trader Joe's and bought one. I love ramen. In college people complained about eating Ramen, but I loved it. I'd eat it daily if it were even remotely healthy! Trader Joe's version is better for you in that there aren't any 'weird' ingredients. The taste was good- a little too mushroomy for me (I hate mushrooms, so take that criticism with a grain of salt) but still good. I'd buy it again!

Reading: I just finished Ghosted by Rose Walsh and it was so good! A great summer read that leaves you hanging on every page!
Sale-ing: You guys, the Lilly Pulitzer sale is coming SO SOON! Is anyone else so excited?! I wore so much Lilly this summer so I am ready to see what makes the sale!

Sale-ing II: Tuckernuck's Labor Day sale is starting this Friday and they let me in on the discount code early! You can take an extra 20% off sale items with code SENDOFF20. If you see something you love, snag it now before it's announced on their website and things start selling out! There were so many things just added to the sale and I dug through all of it to find the best!

 I had a lot of couch time last week, so I started watching Sharp Objects (HBO) again. I still don't love it, but here I am, all caught up. It's SO creepy. I also watched I, Tonya (story of Tonya Harding) and I thought the storyline was really interesting but I found myself bored throughout the movie because it seemed to drag on. I also mentioned that I had been watching The Bold Type but I gave up on it already. I started The Sopranos- I'm super late to the game but I know everyone raves about it. I'm only 2 episodes in and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Clearly, I am in need of some good show recommendations. I feel like I have watched them all. 

Listening: I've been playing Chance's new songs on repeat- specifically 65th and Ingleside! So fun and catchy! 

Loving: HM is always hit or miss for me but sometimes I find some real gems. Right now I think they have so many great pieces for fall and their prices are always great. I ordered this dress, this sweater, and this blouse. I think the blouse looks like gorgeous wallpaper!!

Loving II: I posted about these mules a few 'Lately's ago and got them in the sand color. They are SO cute! I love that they are a fall shoe but the beautiful light suede makes them appropriate for right now, too! 

 Did you know that Lou and Grey is now available at Nordstrom? The brand has such great basics and loungewear. I can always count on Lou and Grey to have the softest fabrics! I'm also loving this Lilly cardigan? The soft pink shade is gorgeous but the little details are what make it so different! 

Pittsburgh-ing: Have you all heard about Scoobi? It's a scooter rental service! It's kind of like the bikes all over Pittsburgh. You just use the app and find a scooter around Pittsburgh and hop on. I want to try it out! I rode a scooter for the first time on Nantucket and it was so much fun!  

Traveling: Tomorrow I head to Nashville to visit my sorority sister, Lisa! I lived with Lisa during our junior year in our sorority house and then we moved into a townhouse together for our senior year! I haven't seen her in too long! She recently moved to Nashville and just got engaged so our trip is long overdue! She is going to show me around the city and on Saturday night we are going to the Taylor Swift concert! So excited!

Quoting: 'It is better, I think, to grab at the stars than to sit flustered because you know you cannot reach them' - R.A. Salvatore// See more of my favorites, here. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Enjoy the Small Things

This post is going to be a little different than usual. In fact, it reminds me a lot of the 'good old days' of blogging. If you started reading blogs 'back in the day' then you remember they were more of a personal diary rather than all of these crazy styled shoots you see everywhere (guilty!) and crazy luxurious travels (also sometimes guilty). 

I have made a very sincere effort to include more iPhone photos in my posts and not only just shoot with my iPhone but more 'real life' moments that are not perfect or styled... but they're me and my life! That's why I started blogging in the first place and why I fell in love with reading blogs. 

So here's to trying out an 'old model' blog post (something I might have posted 8 years ago)- let me know what you think in the comments. If you're not loving it, I'll leave them out, but I personally would love to share these types of posts here and there! Your feedback is always appreciated! 

Today's post is about this past weekend. I'm beating a dead horse with this, but I was really sick all last week and just started to come around on Friday. I had 8pm dinner date reservations at one of the nicest restaurants in Pittsburgh for restaurant week. I had been so excited for the night. 

I knew I could have pushed myself to go to dinner, but I also knew I wouldn't truly be able to enjoy it. I wasn't feeling getting all dressed up and I definitely didn't even want a glass of wine.

So I decided to cancel the reservations, ordered pizza, and watched a movie. I was asleep by 9:30. the next day, I slept until 10am. Best sleep ever. I then lounged in my pajamas with cups of coffee almost all morning and into the afternoon. 

Then, after a long nap, I got a much-needed mani/pedi!  Afterward, we went to Grandpa Joe's which is a magical place. It's a candy shop that has small boxes that you can fill up with allll of the candy you could imagine. The best part is that it's only $5! That's what you see in the photo at the top! 

Followed by dinner at Jade Grill which is a great restaurant in Mt. Lebanon. Their lo mein is the best I've ever had. We then capped off the night with Betsy's ice cream which is right next door. It's a cute little shop with great ice cream- I especially love their Pittsburgh pride flavor. 

I was planning on just going home and going to bed (it was only 8:30) but it was such a nice night so we took Henry for a walk along the riverwalk. I rarely walk Henry at night because I don't like walking him alone at night by myself so this was something different and he loved a night walk! The Pirates were having a firework night so we waited along the river for the fireworks. The weather was so perfect- not really cool but there was a hint of fall in the air. I sat along the riverwalk and just soaked in the city. For me, it's always go, go go. I always have plans and rarely stop to look around. It reminded me of how much I love my city! We stayed for all of 2 fireworks before we had to leave! Like Mac, Henry HATED the fireworks. Oh my goodness the fear in his eyes was SO real. I felt so bad so we rushed him back to my apartment. 

Sunday rolled around and I finally felt almost 100% better! All that rest really did work. We walked to the Strip District. It felt like fall and I loved being able to wear a jacket! 

Sunglasses// Lip Color (it's actually a balm and the best balm EVER)

Sneakers (everything else is old lululemon and no longer in stock)

Henry loves the Strip and I'm always glad when I'm able to bring him along. We stopped at La Prima Espresso which is my favorite coffee spot in Pittsburgh. It feels like you're in Italy! Then we walked over to Smallman Galley to check out brunch at Home! I had a short rib omelet that was SO good. If you are in Pittsburgh you must go! 

I have to brag a little (although I am so biased). Henry is SO well behaved. There are always so many people in the Strip and Henry walks right by my side. He always listens to commands and he just sat nicely and patiently for a solid 10 minutes while I drank my coffee. I'm not really sure how I got so lucky with him. 
Then we enjoyed laying in the sun (although it doesn't look like it in this photo) at the club and I ended the evening by having dinner with my parents.

I had zero plans this past weekend, which is a real rarity for me. It was the most refreshing and relaxing weekend I have had in a while. So fulfilling! Have you had a weekend like that lately?!

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