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Gift Guide: For Men

gift ideas for men

Why is the opposite sex always so hard to shop for? I'm rounding up gifts that would be good for any guy in your life. Your husband, dad, father-in-law, brother, you name it and there's a gift that they will love in this mix! I've included a lot of different price points, too! 

NFL Shep Shirt// So I might be biased because I actually have this, but it's for pretty much anyone and everyone. You can wear your favorite pullover while rocking your favorite NFL team. I really think this is one of the best gifts you can give- especially for someone who may already seem to have 'everything'. 

Golf Shoe Bag// This is a great gift for an avid golfer. Bonus points if you customize it with his monogram through this Etsy shop

Yeti Coolers// This made my list last year and it is going on the list again because I think this is truly one of the best gifts. My parents have one and they use it so often. This is great for an outdoorsy guy (or just someone who loves to tailgate) because Yeti makes coolers that are easy to transport! 

Finishing Touches// This is such a clever gift set and quite honestly you could make your own in your own way for less!

XBox Controller// I am not a gamer- I don't get it, but so may guys young and old are so into it. A controller is a great way to get everyone involved!

Golf Tees// You can never have enough tees and these are the longer length tees which are usually preferable! 

Weejun Loafers// I am obsessed with these shoes and they are about as classic as you can get. Plus, they are so well made, especially for the price. 

Spicy Honey// If you have not experienced spicy honey, you are missing out. There are several pizza places in Pittsburgh that top their pizza with spicy honey, and while I realize that might sound weird, it is SO good. It's actually a delicious topping on a lot of things! Great stocking stuffer for a self-proclaimed chef!

Steak Knives// I have these and they are super handsome and cut wonderfully. Seriously, if you don't have these, you probably need them. 

Deemer Box// These speakers are encased in an indestructible, rugged Pelican case for a waterproof tight seal. You can store your stuff inside while you jam out! I am thinking this would be great for anyone with a boat or home by the water! This was a collaboration between Zac Brown and Shep and Ian (from Vineyard Vines!). 

Coravin// I want this so badly! This is a great gift for anyone 21+ but especially for the wine enthusiast or someone who has it all. It's a little gadget that inserts a needle into a cork so you are able to pour yourself one glass of wine without actually having to open the bottle and expose the wine to air. No more hesitation when opening a pricey bottle of wine just to have one glass. It's brilliant. 

NYTimes Custom Football Book// This is one I share a lot when I am recommending gifts for guys because it is so unique. It's a leather bound book with your favorite football team on the front as well as his name. Inside are all of the articles about the team throughout the years. 

Scotch// Pair the set of old fashion glasses with his favorite spirit. I know nothing about scotch, however, my dad likes Balvenie doublewood and says it's a reasonably priced, good scotch.  

Monogrammed Old Fashion Glasses// These are a thoughtful but also useful gift. You can't really go wrong! 

Ice Mold// This is a fun stocking stuffer idea. These molds are super popular and make a normal drink look much more 'craft cocktail'. For the tequila guy, there are salt cubes... so cool. 

Carry-On// If you haven't experienced a brilliantly designed carry-on, I promise you it will completely change the way you travel. This bag is meant for men, but I actually filed it away as an option for myself because of all the amazing features. 

Gloves// I think you can always use a nice new pair of gloves. Reason being you either lose one in the pair or they literally wear out after getting so much wear each winter... ahem, that happens here in Pittsburgh. These gloves can pack away in your pocket, they are super lightweight but still very warm. Great for those who are always walking the dog or walking to class. 

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CeeCee from KY said...

I am so on the fence about the Coravin. I nearly bought one of the special cyber Monday ones- I really prefer the gold and black color of those, too! But the owner of the wine shop I frequent said that unless we were buying $100+ bottles regularly, and not finishing them, he just doesn't think it's worth it for the average consumer. I may wait until Amazon Prime when they have the Model One for about $60, because I agree with you it's super cool and I really want one.

Peri said...

I always have a hard time figuring out what to give to my bf, so thi def helps!! Although i am curious what you would suggest in terms of personal care or grooming gifts for men?


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