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Hermes Oran and Oasis Sandal Review

Hermes Oran Review

hermes oasis review

hermes oasis review

french sole alibi sandals

hermes oran review

hermes oran review

hermes oran review
This was originally posted in 2019 so I am updating it for April 2023!

I have had the Hermes Oasis sandals for about 6 or 7 years now. I have them in rose gold. I've worn them countless times so they definitely have a low cost-per-wear by now. 

I was wearing these Hermes Oran look-alikes for many years so much so that I ended up throwing my pair away because I had worn them into the ground! I decided I would treat myself to the actual Hermes ones for my birthday this year so now I can review both the Oasis and the Oran

Did you know that the Oran was inveted in 1997 so it hasn't been around for as long as you might think! 

How much do they cost? 
Of course, it’s worth noting that the Hermes Oran and Oasis Sandals are a luxury item, and they come with a price tag to match. It varies depending on what materials are used but the Oasis (one with the heel) starts at $750 and the Oran is $660. However, if you’re looking to invest in a high-quality summer staple that you’ll wear for years to come, the Hermes Oran and Oasis Sandals are a solid choice. In 4 years, the starting price point of these shoes has only changed by $10. It is pretty crazy to see  a small price increase. When you look at other luxury brands, over the last 4 years, the price increases have been dramatic for many products and far outpace inflation rates. 

What is the difference between the Oran and the Oasis?
The Oran is flat whereas the Oasis has a 2" heel. 

Do you prefer one over the other?
I think it depends on how much walking I plan to do that day. Overall, I find the Oran to be more comfortable. I think the Oasis runs really narrow and I do not have wide feet! 

Are they worth it?
This is always asked whenever I review a designer item. I totally understand why. Designer items are pricey and you want to make sure you are getting your money's worth. But I personally think this question is just so subjective. For example, my mom would not think that these sandals are 'worth it', but she could think of a million other ways to spend that money on something that she thinks is 'worth it'.

With that said, I think out of all my designer items, the Hermes Oasis sandals have not held up as well as other designer shoes that I own at this price point. Granted, I wear the Hermes Oasis sandals a lot, and I am rough with my designer items. I never hesitate to wear an item in fear of 'messing it up'. I always think if you spend that kind of money, you should most definitely be getting a lot of use out of it! But, truly, they have worn quickly over the past several years that I have had them. I'm not 100% sure I would rebuy the Oasis style in the future. 

I can't comment too much on the Oran sandals just yet as I have only had them for a few months. They feel more substantial than the Oasis sandals but I'm wondering if that is just because my Oasis are pretty banged up at this point. 

Do you prefer one over the other?
Probably the Oran because it's just easier to wear. The Oasis feel a bit narrow and that has me choose other sandals from time to time. 

How is the sizing?
They run true to size. I wear a size 39 which is what I typically wear in designer shoe brands. I find the Oasis to run narrow. They are not narrow in the 'H' part of the leather, but rather at the heel. So maybe I should have gotten a size up!

Because I felt that way about the Oasis, I got a size 39.5 in the Orans, which is what I wear in Gucci. Other European shoe brands, I wear a size 39. I am glad I went up a half size!

Can you walk far/for a long time in them?
I would not go sightseeing in them or walk several thousand steps in them, though. I never think slide (no matter the price or designer) is great for a lot of walking. They don't have a ton of padding or arch support. I would choose sneakers for more walking.

Are they comfortable?
I find the Oasis be pretty comfortable. Because the heel area is narrow I find that to be a little annoying. 

The Orans are super comfortable. 

Do you need to break them in?
Yes, they are stiff when you first get them but over time the leather wears in and they get better. I found this to be true for both styles. 

Does your foot slide out of them?
Not at all. 

Can you order online? Where can I buy them?
Yep! You can get them on Hermes's website but you can also purchase used from places like The Real Real and eBay. 

Are they durable? Can they be worn as an everyday sandal?
You could definitely wear either as an everyday sandal and that is exactly how I wear mine.

Can you get them wet?
I have worn them in lighter rain before and it's never been an issue. I have worn them to the beach before, too. They're mean to be a casual summer sandal so they can take a bit of wear and tear but I wouldn't deliberately get them wet/dunk them in water or anything like that. They are leather, after all. 
What are your feelings about similar-looking options?
Love finding looks for less! I think everyone should be able to buy items that they love and also work within their budget. In my opinion, French Sole makes a high-quality pair of sandals that is the perfect look for less. I wore these for 4+ years nonstop each summer and for the price, they held up better than expected and were also incredibly comfortable once broken in. They run true to size. 

You can see the compairson photos I took of them side by side! The left are the Sandals Look For Less and the right are the oran.

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