Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A New Electric Toothbrush I Use and Love

I am so excited about today's blog post because I was one of the first people to be able to try a new toothbrush brand, GLEEM. Caring for my teeth and keeping them white has always been very important to me. Fun fact: I have (knock on wood!!!) never had a cavity before! With our upcoming wedding, keeping my smile bright and shiny is one of my focuses. 

I never thought I would use the word 'chic' to describe a toothbrush, but here we are. My GLEEM toothbrush looks SO pretty in my bathroom. But besides looks, GLEEM also delivers on functionality, too, because let's be honest, that's most important.

GLEEM toothbrushes are battery operated so I don't have to worry about another charging cord. The brush has a sonic vibration to brush and polish teeth. It's lightweight and comes with a sleek travel case so you can take it wherever you go. My favorite part, though, is that it pulses every 30-seconds so you can time out 2-minutes for a perfect brush! 

I'm a super aggressive brusher and the GLEEM electric toothbrush is great for me because it helps me lessen the damage to my gums. I'm always worried about gum recession and if you are like me, too, you can use an electric toothbrush to keep your worries at bay.

GLEEM toothbrush is only $25 and you can get your own at GLEEM.com

Thank you to GLEEM for allowing me to be one of the first people to test out this toothbrush. This post is sponsored by GLEEM. All opinions are my own.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, I've tried the Electronic toothbrush and it really works amazing.


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