Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wedding Wednesday: Our Save the Dates

dixie design save the dates
dixie design save the dates
The sweet Mrs. box gifted from the lovely Palm Beach Lately gals

dixie design save the dates

You saw last in this post that we are using Dixie Design for our wedding invitations. We also used them for our save the dates. I actually wasn't planning on sending out save the dates.

You might remember from this post that we are having a smaller wedding.  Our finalized guest list ended up at 110. With very few exceptions, we know those invited very well (which was our point in keeping things small). Because we know them very well, we have made everyone aware of our date since we got engaged! I just felt like save the dates were another thing to add to a seemingly endless to-do list and weren't really 'necessary'... kind of like engagement photos- just not necessary. But here we are, we did both engagement photos and now we have sent out save the dates, ha!

I will say that in hindsight, I am pleased we did both engagement photos and save the dates. The process in creating them was quick and seamless and wasn't as involved as I thought it was going to be. Dixie Design took control of all of it and all we had to do was stuff, stamp, and drop in the mail which took all of 15 minutes. So if you are hesitant like me, it's way less effort than you think and it's nice to have incredible resources like Dixie Design that handle it all for you!

My fiancé was the main force behind the save the dates- he really loved the idea! Here's the backstory of the watercolor on the front...

A year or two ago, my friend Aly shared an Instagram page with me called Plainly Worded. The artist's name is Jane and she does custom artwork. My friend Aly hired Jane to paint 3 meaningful things. I loved this idea so I had Jane do a painting of Mac (our family dog that passed away in February 2018) and my parent's house. I gifted my parents both but also kept the print versions for myself (she gives you the original and a beautiful print). 

Fast forward to this spring and as I was putting the framed prints up in our house, I realized the space I was hanging them needed a third to complete the wall space So I had Jane paint the view from Pittsburgh's Mt. Washington. This is the view of the Pittsburgh skyline from where we got engaged in December 2018. 

Now all three are hanging on the side of our refrigerator cabinet and look so perfect there. I love that all 3 are so meaningful and were custom painted by Jane. She is so talented. So when we (kind of last-minute) decided to send out save the dates, I didn't really know what I wanted. I wasn't really into a photo save the date and I was trying to think of something meaningful, and here comes my brilliant friend Aly reminding me of the painting of where we got engaged! Brilliant! 

So that's how we ended up using Jane's beautiful painting of Pittsburgh's Mt. Washington. It's not only meaningful because we got engaged on Mt. Washington but since we are also getting married in Pittsburgh, it's just very fitting. Otherwise, we kept things very simple and classic. The invitation and everything else will be more formal so this was a nice way to keep things simple and meaningful. I removed the date and website password for privacy reasons.

I loved what Dixie Design did, though. I just sent them the artwork with no 'idea' of how to make it work and they took care of the rest. There were literally no changes that needed to be made when they presented me with the first design- it was that good. When we received the actual save the dates in the mail, I was speechless. They are even better in person than I could have imagined. My fiancĂ© loved them, too, and so much so that he suggested we frame it (which I love)!

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