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Gift Guide 2019: My Wish List

Gift Guide 2019: My Wish List
My personal wish list gift guide is so much fun to put together each year and is always the most requested. While I truly do not need a single thing and I definitely will not be getting all of this, it's fun to share what my list looks like. 

I kept in a few lower-priced items, too, that will also end up in my stocking-stuffer guide, but just so you know, if you the a few of the same items popping up in several of my gift-guides, that is how you know I love them so very much!! An example of this is the teleties hair ties

Hydroflask// This is a little pricey for a water bottle (at least in my opinion) and likely not something I would ever buy for myself. But, I love how much water it holds and how it keeps it chilled. Right now, I use my Lilly Pulitzer swell bottle for Orange Theory and I love it, but it doesn't hold enough water. I have to fill it up at least 3x each during each workout. With the hydro flask, I likely won't need to refill which is the selling point for me. I also LOVE the straw mouth. 

Jasperware Frame// I have so many jasperware pieces but they are all vintage. I love this modern take on the classic Wedgwood jasperware. 

Teleties// These are truly the best coil hair ties EVER. They hold my hair so well and don't crease too much! 

Socks// These are my go-to (inexpensive) socks that I wear when working out. They're soft, cushy, and don't make my feet too hot. A good stocking stuffer, because who likes buying socks, and somehow you always need more (where do all the lost socks go!?!)

Nike Sneakers// I think these look so cool and am intrigued to run in them. They also make them for men. 

Pitcher// The grandmillenial in me wants this pitcher! I love lettuce ware and the white will work with any tablescape. I basically want Tory's entire Dodie Thayer line. 

Grace Bag// Dream. Bag. 

Veja Sneakers// I have wanted these for so long. I have sooooo many white tennis shoes so I have held off. Because I have so many, I don't think I'd buy for myself, but it would be a fun gift to receive. 

Olay Daily Facials// These are what I wash my face with every time. So. Good. A great stocking stuffer and they truly remove all of your makeup so you don't have to double cleanse. I recommend these to absolutely everyone. They are truly the best. 

Leggings// These are my favorites and I hate spending $100+ on leggings so it's a real treat when they're a gift. I also want this tank but couldn't fit it in the collage, haha. It's my favorite workout tank. 

Robe// Want. Want. Want. I am actually surprised I haven't purchased this for myself yet. The pima cotton is the softest fabric and I live in their pajamas. 

Ralph's Plates// How fun are these?! They're little canapĂ© plates that would be so fun to use! 

Candle// This is a fun little stocking stuffer. This candle smells so much more expensive than it really is! It has a firewood scent with a hint of pine. The perfect holiday winter scent. 

Hairbrush// This is something I wouldn't purchase for myself but it's the cutest blush pink travel hairbrush. This brand is a classic and it's a brush that will last you a lifetime (seriously). 

Set of 3 Tortoise Clips// I have these and I want another set. Another good stocking stuffer as they are inexpensive. They are BIG and magically hold all of my hair. I use them when lounging around my house when I want the hair out of my face or when washing my face/putting makeup on. 

Mittens// I want these in the pretty blush pink color, but they would only match with one puffer coat I have, so the black is more practical. But these are inexpensive and double-faced so the inside in cozy soft fleece, too! 

Pearl Clutch// How cute is this clutch? The perfect little clutch for any formal events or even as a bridal clutch!

Faux Fur Hat// This is a little ridiculous, but all I can think about is how warm my head and ears would be while walking Henry. Looks SO soft and warm. 

Suede Boots// I have resisted this style of boot for SO long, but it's time I get a pair. I love the look with a chunky sweater and skinny jeans. The best part about these compared to pricier versions? These are waterproof so you can wear them in the snow! 

Blue Cashmere Sweater// I have this sweater in black and wear it ALL THE TIME. No seriously, I am wearing it as I type this. It's my all-time favorite sweater and it's such a splurge but I love this beautiful blue color. I picture it with white jeans and cute flats or booties for a winter pastel look.

Honorable mentions:
- These pig cocktail napkins  (it's a long story)
- Want to try Equilibria 
The New Yorker Crossbody   (it's outrageously expensive but wow)
- Fleece Booties. These look soooo warm and cozy.
- A down robe!??!? OMG.
- Augustinus Bader Rich Cream

Oftentimes people like to give gift cards. If a family member asks me what brands I like, I often can't think of things off the top of my head, so I thought I'd make a list for you guys so you have a list in your mind in case anyone asks you, too! I feel like these are all very 'safe' and guaranteed to be used in full quickly!
- Starbucks
- Lululemon
- Trader Joe's
- Homegoods
- Nordstrom
- Sephora 

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