Monday, March 30, 2020

Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization

I so enjoy organization. It's weird, I know, but it feels so good to know everything has a place and is in order. I figured I would share with you all little bits from our master bathroom. 

This is a space I don't love because we have done absolutely nothing in there yet. It's all basically builder-grade and just boring. The size is nice as is the amount of storage, though. I am currently trying to decide if we want to paint or wallpaper the bathroom. I really want to wallpaper it but I am concerned about how well the wallpaper will hold up since we use the shower daily. So we'll see! 

While you all have some extra time at home to organize, I thought I would share my two bathroom drawers filled with beauty and skincare and how I organize them! 

I also wanted to share the little decor pieces that I use on my bathroom counter. They are not meant for the bathroom, but I think that's what adds a little charm to a bathroom. Whether you use a mint julep cup to hold your toothbrush or a silver platter to hold your perfumes, you can't really go wrong! 

I usually find these little trinkets at Homegoods or antique shops/consignment shops, etc. but you can also find some great things on Etsy

Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization

Bathroom Organization

As for products, I sort them by size and frequency of use. The items I use every day are in the front and then lesser-used products (like face masks) are in the back. There are so many drawer organizers that The Container store offers.  I use them to contain smaller items so they don't shift around too much when pulling the drawer out. Besides The Container Store, Amazon is another great resource. This is a modular 10-piece set for under $20! 

I also lined the drawers with pretty striped paper that I re-used from a Tuckernuck package. They have the most beautiful pale blue striped paper that they package their items with and this is a great way to make use out of it! I get so happy seeing the stripes at the bottom of my drawers! 

The steps I follow to organize a drawer or cabinet are:

- Take everything out and clean the drawers. 

- Wipe down bottles and tubs to make sure there are no residues on anything. 

- Organize everything in categories and then toss anything that you don't want. 

- Place items in organizers and then place inside drawers or cabinets. 

- Replenish containers that have things like cotton swabs, face wipes, etc. 

- Fill in around the organizers as needed. 

That's it! If the thought or organizing is overwhelming, I totally get it. Start small. Literally, do one drawer per day. In a week or two, all of the drawers and cabinets in your home will be organized! 


dogwoods said...

I have wallpaper in all of my bathrooms...both in WI and FL...never had a problem...just FYI

Andra said...

I love your method and the striped paper reuse - how clever.


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